kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 40)

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hey guys. Extremely sorry for not posting couldn’t get ideas and had exams so pls forgive me. And without any further delay let’s begin….
Declared that yug and kaali will marry.

Episode – 40
Gauri goes to her room. Aisha follows her.
AISHA- Gauri I need to talk to u.
GAURI- Yes tell me.
AISHA- I am so sorry u loved yug but I seriously didn’t know at that time what to do so pls forgive me…

GAURI- No need to ask sorry infact I was at fault. I don’t love yug it was just my obsession for him, it was known as junoon. I am the worst girl I insulted my own sister infront of everybody by calling her my KAALA TEEKA I slapped manji maa just because of my evilness. There is no need to ask sorry.
And she starts to cry. Aisha consoles her.
GAURI- I came to know what is love by aman. He is just extraordinary there are no words to describe, I seriously love him from the core of my hear. Whenever I see him an unknown smile appears in my face.
AISHA- Ok don’t get too senti i’ll talk to papa.

GAURI- Aisha till when will u be the love angel or love cupid always making our love story but when will urs start.
AISHA- No idea but I am happy playing the love cupid. K I have lots of work to do so bye and don’t forget to wipe ur tears.
Aisha leaves gauri smiles and manjiri enters.
MANJIRI- I heard everything.
GAURI- Manji ma pls forgive me.
MANJIRI- If u want to get forgiven give me a hug.

Gauri runs and hugs her.
MANJIRI- Ok enough of this family drama get ready tomorrow is kali’s engagement.
Manjiri leaves.

The next day preparations are on swing. It’s evening time and the engagement function starts. All have a gala time. Yug and kali exchange rings. All clap. Gauri and aisha dance on radha song from student of the year. Everybody enjoy. Gauri makes an announcement.
GAURI- Hello everybody today my sissy got engaged and I am on cloud9 so enough of my bak bak I am here to make an important announcement. Today i’ll introduce my lover my hero my prince charming aman mathur.

Aman enters[consider aman as jay soni ] All look on. Gauri introduces aman to everybody.
VISHWA- My princess made a great choice of aman.
GAURI- Thank u papa.
And this goody atmosphere continues….

PRECAP : Kayu’s, Neesha’s and Amga’s marriage special……


Guys pls comment and pls forgive me….

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    It’s ok. Nice one! Kaash serial kaala teeka mein v thik ayasa hi hota.☺

    1. I too feel the same because serial is getting worse day by day

  2. superb dear and sorry for late comment i m having test so busy with my studies waiting for next 🙂 🙂

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