Kaala Teeka 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Naina says Pavitra come out they have gone. They will come again. She looks behind bushes. Pavitra is not there. Naina says where has she gone? I hid because of fear. Did they take her? Sorry mama I lost you. Kali said to her never give. Naina recalls that. Kali said always believe in yourself. Naina says Pavitra..
The thugs brings Pavitra. Pavitra says I have to go to mama. He says shut ip and locks her. They calls the dealer. There are many other little girls there as well. Pavitra looks at them.
Naina is looking for Pavitra everywhere. Niana says please show me a way God. She sees footsteps. She says these are of Pavitra’s foot prints. That means I will find her. She comes out and sees a tempo. Naina says its the same one in which we were kidnapped. The kidnappers are calling dealers. She sneaks near the tempo.
The thugs says to his man give kids food. He is busy on call. Naina comes near it and peeks in. The thugs give them food. Pavitra says I wanna go to mama. He says shut up and eat. We will leave from here in 10 minutes.
Naina says I have only ten minutes to save Pavitra. Where should I go? She recalls Kali told her a story that two sparrows had more power than one and they fled with the net. Naina says we are six kids and they are three men. We don’t have to be scared of them.
Naina sees one of them talking and places cactus behind him. He sits on it and screams. The other one said what happened? He is crying. He gets up and shows him the cactus. All the thugs laugh at him. He says don’t laugh. He forces the other one to sit on it as well. They slap each other and start fighting. Naian sneaks in. Naina comes in and says pavitra. Pavitra hugs her. Naina says did anyone hit you? Pavitra says no. Niana says I am here. One kid says how will we run from here? Naina says they are three and we are six. We can run from here. They run out. The thugs come towards them but they stumble over the rope kids places there. they all run from there.
A kid says you are so strong. how did you manage this? Naina says if anyone does this with my sister he will face this. Pavitra says my didi loves me. A kid says our village is there. Where will you two go? Naina says mithla. They show them the way that goes towards Mithla. Pavitra says I really miss mama. Naina says I miss her too. When I do anything I recalls what mama taught me and it gives me power. Lets go home. Mama would be glad to see us.

Scene 2
Chulbuli gets the call and says we can’t take the dead bodies. We can’t do funeral yet. Let naina and pavitra be here. They say no we are sending the bodies.
Naina and Pavitra sees a tea spot. Naina says our house is 10 minutes from here. Pavitra says I am tired. Naina says be strong. When we go home our mama and papa will hug her. Naina and Pavitra are walking towards home. They see water pump and fetch water from it and drink it.
Naina and Pavitra come home. Pavitra’s diary falls out. She picks it up. Naina sees ambulance bringing dead bodies. she is dazed. Pavitra says mama gave me this diary. I can’t lose it. Naina is dazed. she sees them taking dead bodies inside. They both start crying.
Naina and Pavitra come home and keep crying. Raju says chulbuli the kid are. Chulbuli says where did you go? Are you okay? Chulbuli says everything has bruned in this house. everyone has left us. Your dadi, dad, manji ma, gauri, Naina says but ma? Chulbuli says we can’t find her. Naina says she was in out house. Chulbuli says lets go check there. They come to out house. Pavitra is crying hard. They both look everywhere. Chulbuli says no one is here. Naina sees Kali and says mama.. Kali is beneath a lot of furniture.

Scene 3
Kali is shifted to hospital. Doctor says she is going in coma. She might not live. Naina and Pavitra are crying. Naina comes near Kali and says mama you can’t leave us alone please. You have to open your eyes for us. Naina says please mama open your eyes. Kali opens her eyes.

Precap-Kali says to the kids its about time I should go. Naina says don’t say that. Kali says always keep in mind that God will always help you. The kids holds kali’s hand. Kali closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. so sad all of them are dead just to see what envy and jealously can do to a person gauri listen to two women gossiping about pavitra being yug’s daughter and all hell break loose i wanted her to live and be scared for the rest of her life to live with remorse at what she did now two children have become orphans and girls at that too they have to fend for themselves in this cruel world so sad

  2. s**t and more s**t these serials only depicting evil and its triumps. noting gd happens in any of these serials. if dey get 1 day of happiness dey get 100 days of sorrows. makes u feel tjat there’s no hope. missin r d days wen u could sit and watch a gd serial like ek muthi asman,saloni,kasamse, bano mein tere,choti bahu to name a few well written love prevail serials. fed up of all these deaths snd chsngin of d whole concepts of d original serial

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