Kaala Teeka 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kali calls Yug. He picks up. Kali says come to old house of Vishwa. Yug says what re you doing there? Kali says please. Gauri takes his keys. Yug says Kali needs me. Gauri says I am your wife. Yug says I am going there for my friend. Gauri says stop this pretending. Yug says you are over reacting. Gauri says yes I am and because of you. Your are just a husband by name. You never gave me right of being a wife. Yug says I told you before I am trying. Gauri tries to slit her wrist. He says what is this. Gauri says you made me do this. Her wrist is cut a little. Yug dresses it he says relax I am not going. Rest here now. He picks his phone and texts Kali Gauri isn’t letting him come.

Nandu is in jungle. He says I will prove Kali today my brother is a good man.
Prohit finds other key. Manjirir Kali and Prohit are on their way. Manjiri says Gauri didn’t let Yug come. Kali says we have to think about Nandu first.
Nandu slips in the jungle. He says this looks like kali kofa. Nandu goes in. DEvri is there. Nandu says why is it so dark here? WHat are you doing here brother? Everyone speaks ill of you. I want to prove them you are a good person. Please come back with me. I wanna show them you won’t harm Naina.
They arrive at jungle. Nandu hugs Devri and says I know brother you would listen to me. I really love you. Devri squeezes nandu. Nandu says brother you are hurting me. I am suffocating. Nandu faints. Devri says I love you too but I love my mission more. For that I can do anything.
Kali is looking for Nandu. She says prohit ji this is the kofa. But how will we go in? Prohit says this big stone. Manjiri says this means devri isn’t here. A bird comes towards them. Kali sees nandu’s locket. Prohit says this means Nandu came here and he couldn’t find kofa so many he went home. Manjiri says we should go back.
Yug sneaks out of room. He says I hope Kali is okay.
Kali comes shouting Nandu’s name. A bird comes in with a pouch in its beak. There is nandu’s kurta in it. Yug reads the letter If you wanna see Nandu alive come here with Naina.
Jamna says kali please save my nandu. I know this devri. He can do anything. Yug says we can’t sacrifice our daughter for him. I won’t let naina go anywhere. Nandu is his brother, he won’t do anything to nandu.

Devri says to Nandu eat the food. Don’t be stubborn. Nandu says I won’t. He throws it away. Devri is about to slap him. Nandu says hit me. You showed your blood. Devri says shut up.

Kali says I am going. Yug says where are you going? Kali picks up Naina and ties her with herself. Kali says I have to go save my daughter and husband both.

Scene 2
In jungle, Kali says to Prohit and Manjrii you two should go home. I will bring Nandu and Naina home. Manjiri says but.. Kali says I have to Parvati and Savitri both. You should go.
Nandu is chained. Devri says I have always been worried for you Nandu but sometimes you have to sacrifice relations. Once I succeed in what I want I will be so powerful. Kali says how will I go inside this kofa. She touches the rock and it slides. Devri ses her. He is dazed. kali steps in. Kali sees Nandu chained. Devri says you brought naina here for me? Right? I see hatred in your eyes for me. and it makes me feel so good. Not just child, I am working on your inborn child too. I have started attacking him too. Kali says you won devri. I am exchanging my child. What will you get? DEvri says you wont get it. Give naina to me. I will eave your husband. Nandu will start walking towards you. You will walk with naina towards me.
Nandu runs towards Kali, Kali says lets run if you and naina are together Devri can’t do anything. Devri runs towards him. Kali points a trishun at him. A lightening strikes devri. Devri says you can’t get out of my place. He throws a fire ball towards them. Kali and nandu save themselves. Kali destroys it with trishun.
Suddenly earth starts shaking and stones fall on Kali.

Precap-Kali is in temple. She says in this battle. Devri has to lose. Kali attacks devri inside the river with her trishun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wat nonsence

    1. I agree

  2. I hate dis seriel ….pahle to apne aap ko ram ar sita kaha fir dusri shadi …kahin ram ar sita ne dusri shadi ki h ….i hate nandu ……kali ne kaise dusri shadi kr li ????yog ar kali ki jodi is gud n i hate nandu as well as writer blind belief ke against me dikha rahein hn ya support me???? Black magic v le aaye …..irritating

  3. A large agreed from me too just crap

  4. I still have hope kali and yug will be together again

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