Kaala Teeka 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yug has revolver in hand, he moves towards Nandu’s room. Someone hits his head with a vase. Its Gauri. Yug faints. Gauri takes the revolver from him and says I know what were you going to do. But I won’t let you do that. Devri comes to the house as well. He comes to Nandu’s couch. Kali is asleep on the bed. Devri takes out his sword. Nandu says in sleep brother come back I wait for you. Devri stops. Naina cries kali and Nanddu wake up. Nandu sees Devri and hugs him. He says brother where were you? I knew you would come back. Deva says Devri he is your enemy. Devri says only one of us can live Nandy. He shoves Nandu on couch and stabs.. Kali screams noo.. Devri stabs his ownself. Nandu screams brother.. Kali is dazed.

Devri is admitted to hospital. Nandu says I won’t let anything happen to you brother. He says amma I want my brother back I cant see him like this. Doctor says his condition is crtical. There is a 10 to 15% chance of survival. Nandu says that can’t happen. Kali says nandu lets go out and let them operate.
Kali gives her ramji locket to Nandu. She says Nandu ram ji will make him okay. Naina is crying. Jamna says you and manjiri should go home. I will take care of Nandu.
Kali and Manjiri come home.

Yug gets up. Gauri asks are you okay? Yug grasps her hand and says what happened between Kali and Nandu? Gauir says they celebrated their wedding night. Yug goes out in anger.
Manjiri tells Leela doctor said Devri is critical. Kali says I feel so bad for Nandu. Leela says go feed Naina. Yug comes there. Yug says listen one thing. Do you wanna be nandu’s wife or naina’s mother? Give naina to me. Yug says no. Lela says Yug leave naian. She will live with Kali this is everyone’s decision. Yug says your decision? My decision is that naina’s my daughter and I can’t see her with a stranger. So I leave this house. Chaudhary family better live with their new daughter and son in law. Naina is my daughter and will live with me. He snatches NAian and points a pistol at his head. Yug says I will kill myself if anyone tries to stop me. Kali says Yug I beg you don’t take naina from me. Yug says how about when I was begging from you? You made that mental my daughter’s father? You will live apart from Naian. Kali says Yug please stop. He leaves and locks the gate from outside. Yug sits ion his car. Kali says please Yug stop. Yug leaves.
Yug is in the car. Manjiri and Kali are following him. Kali says Manji ma please drive fast.
Devri opens his eyes in the hospital.
Kali says this is not Yug’s car. We are following the wrong car.
leela slaps Gauri. Leela says this is the reason why you never got place in Yug’s heart. I asked you so many times to stop doing this. Gauri says I learned this from you but Yug considers you his grandma. you played equal politics to me. Kali promised me Naina will be hers and Yug will be mine and if Yug isn’t mine I will ruin everything my name is Gauri Jha. I won’t leave you people.

Kali says how will we know now where is Yug’s car. Yug says you will never get Naina back Kali. Kali says Manji ma stop here. She sees a small temple and says please God give me my Naina back.
Yug can’t control his car. He hits a tree. His head falls on the steering.
Kali is worried. Yug holds his head. He looks at Naina. The car is locked. He can’t open it. The smoke is getting in the car. Yug screams for help. Manjiri and Kali reach there. They try to unlock the car. Kali says Yug try to come out. Yug and Kali both are trying. Kali breaks the window. She takes Naina out. Yug is in the car. He faints. Kali sees that naina has an injury on her head.
Kali and Manjiri take Naina and Yug to the hospital. Kali says Naina you are my brave daughter I know you wouldn’t give up. She says please save my Naina doctor. He says don’t worry. Nandu says Yug shouldn’t have done this. What happened to Naina? Tell me. Kali says to Manjiri if anything happens to my daughter I wont forgive Yug.
Manjiri says nothing will happen to our Naina. doctor comes and says injury is serious we have to operate. Kali says but she is so young. DOctor says please sign the papers. Manjiri says control yourself Kali. Kali signs the papers. Kali says this is all Yug’s mistake.
Doctors operate Naina.

Precap- Kali says in temple I am a mother today. Please save my daughter God. Doctor comes out. Kali says if anything happens to Niana I will kill myself. Doctor says to Kali we tried our best but operation wasn’t successful.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. End this serial….boring…yug, u have becom so harsh!!!Nothing is going well in this serial….nothing!!

  2. Angelk1

    I think this is devri plan

    1. Donnie

      Yep I think so too

  3. I think debris will end up saving naina n gives his life

  4. Not good or interesting serial anymore. Please change back to how it was in the beginning.

  5. Without Kayu love this serial is useless.

  6. Madhushree mandal

    [https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wk5hJrZ2-M] is good,have a look at it!
    Kali is now married with nandu so kayu love story is ended forever so better to accept this truth & now also if kayu love remains as it is then kali will become a betrayal of nandu like yug is betrayal of kali. And it will be wrong. Nandu is a good and innocent person and kali is also a honest girl and they both deserves each other. They are perfect match.

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