Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 9th April 2019 Written *Last* Episode Update: Archie and Veer’s long journey ends

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The Episode starts with Veer and Archie taking idol to place in the temple. Thakur says I have pledged to help you in getting the idol here, I will go to my village now, I have to do Abhiram’s final rites, I got punished, I will surrender to police. Veer says we will always be thankful to you. Thakur says no, I should be thankful to you, I did so bad with you, even then you have me a chance to do something good in life, you trusted me, I will be always thankful. He leaves. Yashpal is unconscious. Thakur gets shocked seeing Brahmanand driving the police vehicle. He asks driver to take u turn fast and follow Brahmanand. He follows Brahmanand. He hides his face and asks driver to not take their car close. He calls Archie. Archie and everyone are praying. Archie doesn’t answer. Thakur calls Veer.

Thakur sees Brahmanand reaching the temple. Brahmanand goes. Thakur tries to wake up Yashpal. Everyone does a puja and smiles. Thakur calls Archie again. Vandana says its me, tell me what is it. Thakur says I have seen Brahmanand. She gets shocked and tells this to Akshay and Kashinath. They alert the guards. Brahmanand takes a disguise and sees the idol. He gets angry seeing everyone. He says this idol is mine, I will kill you all. He starts killing people. Vandana comes there and stabs him. He screams and turns to her. He hits her. She screams. Akshay runs to her. Everyone gets shocked. Vandana asks Veer not to leave the puja. She says its imp to complete this puja. Everyone cries for Vandana. People beat Brahmanand. Akshay says we are here, you do the puja. Vandana says don’t worry for me, I m fine. Veer and Archie continue the puja. They complete the puja and come to Vandana. They see Vandana dead. They all cry for Vandana. Veer hugs Archie. People take out dead Brahmanand. Akshay thinks the royal family got free of the 150 year old curse in this way.

The royal family surrenders to police. They get forgiven because of Yashpal’s statement. Veer meets his family and goes to the rehabilitation centre to get treated for his split personality. Archie hugs Veer. She cries. After two years, Veer gets completely fine, and meets his family. He hugs Archie and Rajmata. They take him home. After five years, Akshay tells the tale to Vandana, Archie and Pavitra’s children. He says this happened because humans want to become powerful, when there is evil, there is always good, Brahmanand was evil, but his younger brother was good, royal family did mistake to hide the idol, so they got curse, when they did Shuddikaran and kept the idol in temple, everything got fine.

Archie says there is much work, its Veer’s 35th birthday, Akshay you keep telling stories to everyone, come and help me. Veer celebrates his birthday. He says no heir lived over 30 years of age before, today I m celebrating my 35th birthday, I wish they all were alive today. Archie says we shouldn’t think of the past and think of future. Rajmata blesses Veer. Archie asks Veer to cut the cake fast. She says Yashpal didn’t come yet, police has a habit to come late, I will call him. She calls Yashpal. He says sorry, I have got a big case, I m checking even old files, I will come tomorrow to wish Veer. She says fine. She tells Veer that Yashpal can’t come. Veer cuts the cake. Yashpal gets a case. He calls Archie and says I got a man’s suicide case, he committed suicide on the day of Vandana and Yash’s marriage. Archie asks how is this related to us. He says there is the pic of the dead person, and that’s Akshay. She asks what, Akshay is with us. She turns and doesn’t see Akshay. She says I will ask Akshay, where did he go.

She goes to Akshay and sees him going with Neeraj. She says Yashpal called and said about the 10 year old suicide case, it has your pic, listen to me. Akshay and Neeraj turn to her. They turn into Kaal Bhairav and Shuvaan. Archie says Kaal Bhairav stayed with us as Akshay and helped us, Lord came to help us when we prayed with a true heart. She prays. Vandana’s daughter shouts, I m Lali’s heir, I will get the powers and rule on this world. Archie and Pavitra’s sons fall back and look at her.

The shows ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Patriciagraciela

    Thank you very much for all the summaries of the chapters, it helped me a lot to follow the story. Greetings from Argentina

  2. Such a lovely show, this was. Following from very first episode… The climax really gave me goosebumps knowing that it was the lord himself who came to help the family ? I’m also a Kaal bhairav devotee..

    Please do bring back next season very soon.. Jai Kaal bhairav ki ????

  3. I liked this soo much… Will miss this…

  4. Hello friends Patriciagraciela, Shraddh (a ?) and Sireesha
    I am glad that u all liked this show like me. Very well made show – always kept us on the edge. Climax was superb. I have seen season1 also – I liked that better. Climax of S1 was also great. If u want to see it, I am sure written update will be available on TU and video on hotstar.
    Friends I will mention another serial based on Indian mythology, which I liked very much and is available on hotstar and TU. Story is totally fictitious – only they have taken little portion of amrit manthan. It came on Life ok channel. That serial is Mahakumbh. Lead actor is Gautam Rhode. Other cast is also wonderful. Starting few and last few episodes are just great. Its climax – beautiful is the word. I will recommend u all please see it and/or read update. I wish they make a sequel of Mahakumbh too (life ok channel has been renamed as star bharat)

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