Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 8th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Archie fights Brahmanand

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The Episode starts with Brahmanand asking all the villagers to worship him and keep him happy, he will be giving them a life. The people chant his name. Archie says he has hypnotized all the villagers, how will we stop him. Akshay tells her about Kasturi hiran tale. He says the deer runs to find Kasturi in the jungle, unaware that the fragrance is coming from himself, even you have the powers like Vandana, you don’t need any help, you can snatch powers from Brahmanand and take it within. Kashi says we don’t know what puja and mantras he had chanted to get powers. Archie asks how do I know. Akshay says you already have the knowledge in you, you have to just it out by the power of devotion.

Brahmanand asks the people to get those who are standing against him. The people catch Veer. Brahmanand says you think you will fool me, my goon lied to me, I know everything, I was waiting to get the villagers in my control, now they will kill you. He asks Archie and her group to come out. Veer asks Archie not to come out, and not worry for him. Brahmanand asks villagers to kill him. Archie shouts stop and comes out. Brahmanand says we will start this game with you Rajmata. Veer shouts on him. Brahmanand says don’t cry Rajmata, I won’t kill you, I will kill Veer. Archie starts praying. She closes eyes and visualizes Lali’s worship. She chants the same mantras like Lali. Brahmanand threatens Veer and then goes to threaten others. Brahmanand says just I m the Lord here, what mantras are you chanting. The wind blows. The idol shines.

Archie gains her powers and also snatches powers from Brahmanand. He goes to stab Archie and stops. She opens her eyes and holds his neck. She throws him far. Veer catches Brahmanand and says I won’t leave you. Archie asks Brahmanand to look at his state, he wanted to get powers, being Lali’s heir, but Lali has shown her the way to snatch his powers, Lali doesn’t want a sinner to get his powers. Veer says I will take revenge on you. Yashpal comes and stops Veer. He asks Veer not to break the laws, he is forgiven for old crimes, as he was mentally ill. Archie asks Veer to leave Brahmanand. Veer leaves him. Yashpal arrests Brahmanand. Veer hugs Archie. Yashpal says sorry, but I have to arrest you all. Archie says I understand, you can arrest me, but give me some time to purify the idol and place it in Kanakgadh temple, else the curse on royal family won’t end. Veer says she is right. Archie says I promise, once puja happens, I will surrender to you. Yashpal says I don’t believe in all this, Veer’s illness didn’t get fine by Ganga water, its proved that Ganga has some special elements, this is not the time to talk about this, I will give you one week time.

They thank Yashpal. Everyone prays to idol. Archie says we should take the idol for purifying, Neeraj comes there and chants Kaal Bhairav. Archie and Veer smile seeing him. Archie and everyone take the idol to Ganga ghat and pray, while making an apology for breaking the rules of Kaal Bhairav. Veer prays that the family gets free of the old curse. Archie says bless us, so that we don’t make any mistake. They impress the idol in waters. Akshay says its Shuddikaran got completed, now we can take it to temple, the family will be free from the curse. Rajmata says now we can return to Kanakgadh. Brahmanand is on the way with police. He acts to get an attack.

Yashpal checks him. Brahmanand takes his gun and points at him. Yashpal says don’t be mad, return me the gun. Brahmanand threatens him and gets free. He says I just have to go to Archie, she snatched my powers, she made me weak, I will not let her end the curse, I will destroy the idol and the curse will never end. Yashpal says don’t be foolish, police will be here to find you. Brahmanand says I don’t have much time, I will destroy the idol and royal family until police comes. Veer and Archie take the idol to Kanakgadh. It starts thundering. Veer asks what happened, you look worried. Archie says yes, I feel something wrong is going to happen. He says everything got fine. She says yes, but we should be careful. He asks her to call Yashpal and ask is everything fine. Yashpal says yes, I just got Brahmanand to police station, you go to Kanakgadh. She thanks him. Archie tells Veer that everything is fine. Brahmanand hits and faints Yashpal. He says tonight is the last night for the royal family.

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