Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Brahmanand kills Shivanand

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Brahmanand and everyone waking up. Brahmanand finds everyone on the road. He shouts that baba took the idol. Vandana taunts him. Brahmanand says he is my cousin Shivanand, he wanted to immerse that idol in Ganga so that no one gets the idol powers, he would have taken the idol to Ganga ghat, come we have to stop him. She asks for her child. He says my man is taking care of your child, you have to pass the powers to me, only then you will get the powers. Rajmata cries and says Akshay lost his life because of us. A car passes. They ask for lift. Archie thinks of Akshay and cries. She says so many sacrifices can’t go waste, show us some way please. Archie sees the sky thundering. She sees baba taking the idol and doing its puja at some place. Thakur asks a man to give them lift. Archie says we have to go to Varanasi. The man says I will drop you to bus stop. Archie says I got the hint from Lord that idol is in Varanasi, please come fast.

Inspector is also on the way. The man tells him that maybe the idol and the water’s chemicals combine and help the people. Inspector says many people died for that idol, I won’t let this happen now. Baba says my puja will be completed, I will immerse you in Ganga, so that your entire power spreads in the world, and no human gets it, free the royal family from the curse. Pandit says you asked me to get five beggars, here they are. Baba goes to give them food. Brahmanand says I want your life in charity. He stabs Shivanand baba and says the idol is mine.

Baba says my puja got complete, now I can immerse this idol, I have given you my life. He runs to the idol. He takes the idol. The goons run after him. Brahmanand stabs him many times and snatches the idol. He says good won’t win here, see I m taking my idol, you go to your Lord. He leaves with his goons. Baba apologizes to Lord and prays that Brahmanand’s ego gets ruined. He dies. Archie and everyone come there to find the place. Inspector also comes there and looks for them. Brahmanand shows the pics to Veer, and says they all are sinners, they have snatched the idol and tried to run away, Lord will punish them, you are feeling sleepy now, sleep. Veer sleeps.

Thakur shows the board. Archie says it means we have come on the right place. Vandana cries and does puja. She asks Brahmanand to keep goons away from her baby. He asks her to do as he told her. Archie and everyone come there. Revati says we should stop him from taking powers. Thakur says I will stop him. Brahmanand sees them coming. He sends his goon. The goon removes the gangajal locket from Veer’s neck. Veer gets into Rudra avatar. He rushes and attacks Thakur and Kashinath. Brahmanand says no one can stop our puja except Kaal Bhairav. He asks Vandana to complete rituals and bless him, if she wants to free her child from all this. He gains the idol powers. Archie asks Veer to stop, they are using them. Vandana faints. Brahmanand says you gave me all your powers, great, see how weak you fell, you will be weak all life. He takes a knife and stabs Vandana. He asks the goon to throw the baby in the river. Vandana cries. Brahmanand laughs and gets proud of himself. Veer looks at him.

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