Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi targets Titu

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The Episode starts with Bhairavi saying you won’t be having anyone to tell the truth, its just my men here, you can prepare for children’s naming ceremony, Vandana and Pavitra are in the same room, they are staying together, its happening for the first time, Revati and Kashinath have an affair. Archie gets shocked. Bhairavi says that boy is their child, uncle got cheated, you can’t record our conversation, what did you think now, how will you go from Veer’s life, I think you will need my help even in this, you know that you got married because of fake Lord made by Titu, even my Lord is fake. She says your marriage is also fake, I will make this easy for you, my men will come as Lord and give death punishment to Titu, his mistake is that he has got you married to Veer, you can’t save him now. She goes. Archie tells everything to Dolly. She says if Bhairavi said she will give death punishment to Titu, it means that she knows about Titu. The goons take Titu.

Kunika prays in her room. Neeraj comes to call her. He says its not any ghost, there is a passage in wall. She asks him not to go anywhere, the curse is even there on her. He says I won’t sit quiet, we have to make our motive fulfilled. He asks her to come. He shows her the passage. She gets shocked. They hear some sound. He asks her to sit, he will go and see. She prays for him and worries. Archie and Dolly go out of palace to have a talk. Archie says maybe Titu is in Bhairavi’s clutches, he has failed Bhairavi’s plan. Dolly worries. Neeraj sees Rajguru with Bhairavi. He says I knew they are together. Bhairavi signs Rajguru. He goes. She goes to Neeraj and taunts him. He praises her and says I have come to get your darshan, I want to know if you love Veer or you are after something, I heard that there are many passages inside the walls, it opens up in every wall, that way takes us outside, your Lord got Sumer inside and outside the room from that passage, your men would be hearing everything and inform you via transmitter, did you hide the transmitter in the earring, kedar has sent me evidence against you, you did a mistake, he has sent the video and pic to me, he told me that he maybe not alive, this is your truth.

She says you could have shown this video to everyone, what do you want. He says I have come here to take my rights and property, we have same intentions. She says whatever you said is recorded in the video. She shows him the evidence against him and says now we have a video of each other now, you will know how dangerous I m and what I can do. Neeraj says I have a habit to play with dangers, I have illegitimate blood of royal family. Akshay greets Vandana and Pavitra. He asks are the babies fine. They tell him about Titu’s voice. He asks Titu is here? Vandana says yes, he was shouting for help, the sound ended. Pavitra asks how can the voices come here. He says I will go and check. Vandana asks him not to go, they have to protect the babies. He says fine, I m here, I will come if you call, I have to go and see how is Titu’s voice coming in this room.

Kashinath says I was getting Titu’s voice, he did wrong and got punished. Revati says I m afraid that many more people can come here to claim the property, go and guard outside. Archie prays for Titu’s life. She says maybe Titu is with Bhairavi’s goons, you have to show me that you are really there. Bhairavi’s goon calls her and tells the plan. Bhairavi says great, Rajguru would be calling everyone there on time. Rajguru tells everyone that Lord will come and punish evil Titu. Bhairavi comes. Dolly waits for Archie. Bhairavi says I begged Lord to forgive Titu, but Lord is very angry, he will kill Titu. Everyone sees smoke and Titu falling down the stairs. Archie comes there and gets shocked.

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