Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Brahmanand misleads Veer

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The Episode starts with Veer getting angry and saying I m Kaal Bhairav, why are you troubling them. Brahmanand says nothing, the people are free. Veer gives pics of Archie and others, and asks did you see them. Brahmanand asks who are they. Veer says they are sinners, they have hidden my idol, they will be punished, where will I find them. Brahmanand says I don’t know, I didn’t see them, maybe they are hiding in the nearby village. He asks the goon to keep an eye on Veer and not anger him, he is finding his family, tell me if he meets them or gets the idol, he doesn’t remember anything. Archie and everyone on the way. Archie says someone is informing everything to Brahmanand. Kashinath says we have thrown phones as well, how does he know it. Vandana says he knows it by something you have. Thakur says don’t believe her, she is lying. Vandana asks why will I lie now, you all have my child, we are given rings by royal family, Brahmanand has hidden a chip in it, he can track us by that.

They check their rings and see the tracker chips. Kashinath goes to break the rings. Archie stops him. She says its no use to break them, we can use the rings to mislead Brahmanand. She takes the rings. Akshay gets a busy and says you all can go to Kashi in this bus. Archie asks Akshay to throw the rings away, so that Brahmanand gets somewhere else, till then they will go Kashi and purify the idol. Vandana says let me meet my daughter once. Akshay says baby is fine. Vandana says Archie, try to understand, trust me, I m ready to come with you, give me my child once. Revati says you will always backstab us. They all leave in the bus. Akshay keeps the rings. He goes to some truck. He asks where is this truck going. The driver tells about the trucks going different ways. Akshay says I have to send someone, thanks. He puts the rings in different trucks. He leaves from there.

At the police station, Inspector tries to call Archie and others. He says why is their phones off, how shall I find them, I didn’t get anyone. Constable says we got this baba there. Inspector says he was there with them. Baba says Lord will take people where they want. Inspector asks about Archie and others. He asks constables to beat the Baba and find out the truth. He says Archie has used me to get the idol, I will not leave her. Vandana and everyone are on the way. She thinks Dada ji was using me, he taught me to gain powers from idol, until they are sleeping, I have a chance, once I get powers, I will make them fall down the cliff in this bus. Some cars follow the truck and stop it on the way. Brahmanand tells the driver that he can be his friend or death. He says let us check the truck, some people are hiding inside. The driver says there is no one inside, you can check. Goon gets the ring inside the truck and says there is no one inside, we got this ring. Brahmanand says so they learnt how we got their news, its fine, its tough to find them, but they will reach Kashi, until Veer is with them, puja can’t complete, the last chapter will be written with their blood on the ghats of Ganga in Kashi.

The doctor tells Yashpal about Veer’s accident in childhood, he had a surgery and someone fed him chemicals, so it seems like he has a split personality. Yashpal says we know all this. Doctor says the illness will get severe with time, his real personality can end completely, he can lose his memory. Baba says fool, you have read many books, but not Gita, whenever Adharm spreads in the world, Lord will come in any avatar and end evil, Lord comes in Veer and punishes the sinners. Inspector asks where is your Lord now.

Baba says Lord will come in any avatar, you will also meet him soon. Inspector says beat this baba, he knows about Veer, make him accept the truth, I want the idol and those people. Vandana tries to get free. She meditates and gains powers from the idol. Brahmanand says Vandana will try to gain powers from the idol, she doesn’t know that I taught her different things, I m not with her, someone else will get her powers, we have to find her soon. Vandana thinks how to find if I got this idol or not, shall I test on this driver. She asks driver to stop the bus. He doesn’t listen. She thinks how can this happen. The bus stops. Vandana thinks it means I got the idol powers. Everyone wakes up. Driver says some man is standing in the middle of the road. Archie and everyone see Veer.

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