Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer figures out the fraud

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer defending himself. Sharad insults him and blames him for killing Bhuri. He says we villagers will kill you. Rajguru and Archie stop Veer. He asks Veer to come with them, else villagers will not leave him. Veer says I didn’t kill Bhuri, I won’t run. Archie asks him to understand, the people won’t stop. She takes Veer home. She says I know you didn’t kill Bhuri, but why did she sign towards you, maybe she was signing towards someone else, who else was there. Veer says maybe this can happen, we could have find out who did this. Archie shows the coat button given by Bhuri. She says everyone who died did something wrong. He says you mean Lord has done this. She says yes, Lord is around, I always feel he is showing us the way. He says I will catch that person myself. He gives her the button and goes.

He thinks of Bhuri. He says who was around me, Sharad, he was making everyone against me, no she didn’t sign towards him, Akshay, Kashinath, Rajguru and Revati were around me, I didn’t call them here, what were they doing there. He comes to meet Revati. He questions her about visit to temple. She says I went to give chadava on Jai’s behalf. Veer says fine and goes. He calls Kashinath for a talk. He says whatever happened in temple yesterday, how did you reach at the temple. Kashinath says I got a call from unknown man that your life is in danger, so I have come there. Veer says fine, you may go. Akshay comes. Veer asks how did you reach the temple when I didn’t tell you. Akshay says I got a call from unknown man that learnt that your life is in danger, what happened.

Veer thinks Kashinath and his answer is same, strange, as if they are together. He thinks Rajguru doesn’t wear pant shirt, it means Bhuri was signing towards Akshay or Kashinath. Pavitra goes to stab Vandana’s baby. She stops and cries. She goes. She says there would be some way. Sharad and others come inside the palace in anger and want Veer. Pavitra looks on. Kashinath and Akshay stop them. Sharad says Veer has killed Bhuri, we will kill them. Akshay says you are not doing right. Veer shoots in air and says you think I have killed Bhuri, fine then I will kill you all, I didn’t take anyone’s life till date, if anyone of you attack me, I will kill you, if you dare, then come ahead. He says I will find the real culprit, you can come and kill me. He throws the gun. He says if you trust me, give me some time, just leave from here until I find the real culprit.

Kashinath picks the gun. Veer says I didn’t do anything wrong, so I m not scared, I will find the culprit soon. He goes. Pavitra says I have to talk to you. He asks what happened. She says I have lied to you, I have went to that locked room and then I have seen… She tells everything to him. She says I can’t take anyone’s life for my son’s sake. Veer says its good you told this to me, there is no curse, there can’t be any solution, come we will go and check the room, nothing will happen. Vandana hears them and gets shocked. Veer asks servant to run and get the keys of locked room. He asks Pavitra how did she go in. She says lock opened on its own, and door locked on its own after I went in. Veer says I will break it, I will see who puts the new lock here. He breaks the lock. She asks him not to go in, and feels scared. He says nothing will happen, come. They enter the room. The door gets locked. He knocks and asks who is outside. He sees the lights getting on. Vandana and Rajmata come there.

Vandana says Veer and Pavitra went inside the room, I can see light inside. Rajmata asks did they go in. Pavitra shows the chest to Veer. She says its the same chest, Rajmata said this has the solution for curse. Veer says get back. Rajmata tries to open the lock. She says this key isn’t working. Veer opens the chest. A trishul flies in air to kill the person opening it. Veer gets away and says this chest is empty, it means someone had put the arrow in it to kill the person opening it. Pavitra asks who is doing this, what does he want. They see the beheaded ancestors.

Pavitra says they have come back, come. Veer says no, I will expose them today. He angrily goes to beat them and realizes its just light. They get shocked. He kicks the hologram machine and says it means these people were fake. Pavitra says it means it was all fake. Veer says its all a lie, you saw the images and then heard the sound, maybe that person is inside this room and can see us now. A door opens and trishul flies. Veer gets shocked. Pavitra sees some man running and tells him that someone is there. Veer and Pavitra follow the man. Veer says we lost him. Veer checks the place and says it means Archie was right, there are secret ways in this room. He hears someone and says there is someone here. He finds some women captive. He gets shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Thriller with Gautam much interesting

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena.

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