Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Akshay saves the royal family

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 2nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Brahmanand asking Vandana to do the puja, since idol is finally in front of her. She says yes, just tell me the procedure. He asks her to do the jaap and then get the powers. He says you can use the herbs and make me young again. She agrees. She starts the puja. Everyone is caught up in the fire. Rajmata asks what will we do now. Revati shouts for help. Kashinath asks her to get back. Thakur says Brahmanand shouldn’t win at any cost, he shouldn’t get the idol powers, he is fooling Vandana also, he will make Vandana do the puja to snatch her powers, he will get all powers, we have to stop him. The glass breaks. They get worried and rush to get saved. Vandana does the puja. Brahmanand thinks when Vandana complete the jaap, I will get all the powers. He gets Sharad’s call. He says I told you not to call me, what, fine, she did good, they had to die, who ignited the fire, Sharad. Vandana says I had ignited fire, your man is Akshay, not Sharad. He says I have sent Sharad with you. She asks what, Akshay came to me, my child is with him. He scolds her. He says you don’t deserve Lali’s powers, we will see Akshay later, continue the puja. She says my child is with them.

He says nothing will happen to child, continue the jaap. She cries and prays. Revati asks Archie to use her powers. Archie says I don’t know using it. Kashinath says we couldn’t fail the evil. Archie says no, I m sure Lord will help us. She prays. It starts raining inside the room. The fire gets blown off. Akshay breaks the door and gets in. Akshay asks them to come with him fast. Akshay takes them. They get saved. Rajmata says thank God Akshay reached there on right time. Akshay says sorry, I was always there to help the royal family, I joined the enemy to keep idol in my sight. Archie says Brahmanand and Vandana will get powers soon. He says I have a way, I have Vandana’s child. Vandana thinks of Archie and Akshay, they can harm her child. She thinks to leave. She takes the idol and leaves. Brahmanand asks what are you doing. She says I have to get my child, let me go. He says you can’t leave puja midway and go, it will affect us badly. He falls down and gets electric shock. He screams. She leaves. He gets up and says you can’t run away Vandana, I will get all the powers. Vandana calls Akshay and asks him to return her child. She cries. Archie takes the phone and asks her to get the idol to them.

She says we all are alive, come to us with idol, we are not like you to kill anyone innocent, Brahmanand will snatch your powers, he is cheating you, he will kill you too. Vandana asks what are you saying. Archie says you still have time, we will purify the idol and place it in Kanakgadh. Vandana asks where do I need to come. Archie asks her to meet on the way to Kashi. Vandana agrees. Neeraj is inside the car. He smiles. Archie and Akshay wait for Vandana. Vandana comes there. She gets caught. Revati gets the idol. Vandana says I m ready to come with you to Kashi, leave me, give me my child. Archie says we can not trust you, come with us. Brahmanand comes there with his goons. They all hide. His goons look for them. Goon says we didn’t find anyone. Brahmanand shouts Vandana, Archana, come out, you can’t snatch the idol. Vandana thinks he really wants the idol. Thakur says maybe he got fine by some puja. Archie asks how does he know about our location always. Goons catch some villagers. He threatens to kill villagers. Veer comes there. Everyone looks on. Veer gets in his Rudra avatar and goes to Brahmanand.

Akshay says this bus will take you to Kashi, call me if you need help. Goons stop the bus. Inspector says Archie cheated me. Baba says you are a fool, Lord will come in any avatar and end the sin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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