Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer suspects foul play

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer crying for Maharani. The lights go off. Veer shouts who has done this, come out if you dare to face me. Rajmata says maybe Lord… Veer says its not any Bhagwan, someone is doing this. Akshay asks Kashinath to check the lights. Archi says Veer’s voice has stopped. She goes to see Veer. She sees Bhairavi possessed by Maharani. Maharani drags Veer and says you have to die, then Yash and you will come back. Archie asks Bhairavi to stop. Bhairavi says don’t come mum and son, I m doing this for his betterment, he has to die.

She pushes Archie. She says you have to die Veer, I have also come back. She sees the sword to kill Veer. Archie stops her. Bhairavi holds her neck and pushes her back. Archie faints down. Veer gets conscious and says Archie. He wakes up and sees Maharani in Bhairavi’s body. Bhairavi says you have to die and strikes. He holds the sword and pushes her. Bhairavi gets hurt and falls down. She still stays in Maharani’s control. She says you have to die, then everyone will die. Everyone comes there and gets shocked seeing Bhairavi. Bhairavi falls down and dies. Kunika says this was Maharani’s voice. Rajguru asks how can any man do this, Bhairavi is possessed. Veer says no, someone has hypnotized Bhairavi and my mum, I will find that man. Everyone mourn for Maharani’s death.

Kunika says I have seen Bhagwan’s message, we shall leave from here. Neeraj says I won’t run away, I will rule here, there is someone coming in my way. She says we shall leave, come with me. He says this was just a drama, someone is still trying to play his game. Revati worries for her son. Kashinath says if we run away, Lord can get angry on us, its better we go and apologize to Lord, we will tell them that Jai doesn’t belong to this family. They cry for Jai. She says but Jai is part of this family, our lives are in danger, its fine if you come with me, but I will go with Jai. Rajmata says this curse will come in any way and kill us. Pavitra says we can’t sit like this, if we know this curse, we can do something. Rajmata says we are trying since 150 years. Vandana says there is a solution to this. Pavitra says I m ready to do something, tell me, what’s the solution.

Rajmata says just the daughters of this family can do this, there is a locked room in this palace, the chest is present there and it contains the solution, just the daughter of this family can open it. Vandana says no one else can open it. Rajmata says the daughters of this family have died too. Pavitra gets shocked. Vandana says everyone has hopes with my daughter, I m also scared for her, she has to open the chest and get us rid of this curse. Pavitra apologizes. Vandana says Rajguru is right about the curse, wait for the day when my daughter grows up and makes us rid of this curse. They go. Pavitra says I can’t wait, I m not belonging to this family, I will know what’s the solution. Veer says Maharani just wanted to kill me and Yash, she didn’t wish to kill anyone else, it means someone else is doing this, he is killing everyone and tagging it as Lord’s curse.

Kashinath looks on. Archie says Bhuri was possessed with Kaal Bhairav, she said Lord has killed Yash, but we know Maharani has done this. Rajguru hears them. Veer says it means Bhuri was doing a drama, I don’t think she was involved with mum, she has done this drama many times, we have to see if anyone is making her do this, lets go and ask her. They leave. Bhuri learns the matters from Sharad. She says Lord is doing all this, I believe so. She asks him to sit, she will get tea for him. Sharad says I had tea, I don’t want it. Veer and Archie come there to meet Bhuri. Sharad says she went to get tea. They see Bhuri missing. Archie asks did she run away. Veer says no, I think someone has kidnapped her. Someone ties up Bhuri to kill her. The man sharpens the knife. She gets shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena.

  2. Ooshi

    Who the hell is this. Very much curious. Is it Rajguru. It can’t be Yash or Kedar na? Kedar was actually died in the arms of Veer and Yash too. Then who is this?

  3. Thanks Amena for the update!!

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