Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer rescues Anuj

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The Episode starts with the saint saying I rescue you always when Bhairavi informs me, she is my old friend, whenever you and Veer got attacked, Bhairavi used to alert me and ask me to save you. He removes the knife from Bhairavi’s body. He reminds Veer how Bhairavi has sent him to save Veer aways. He says Bhairavi has told me that Archie will be attacked, I couldn’t reach there on time, I succeeded to save her. Veer says I don’t believe this, she has always tried to kill us. Archie asks saint how can this happen. Saint says this is Kalyug, you don’t know it, Bhairavi has thrown the knife close to you so that you can get free from there, Bhairavi has called me there, the truth is Bhairavi is helpless. Bhairavi gets up and says she works for Bhagwan. Veer scolds her.

Bhairavi says this isn’t real Lord, but a human, who is playing with everyone’s lives, there is a person behind the mask, nobody knows that person. Archie asks did you use to talk to this Bhagwan. Bhairavi says yes, I have done all this on his saying. Veer asks why, did you kill Yash and Kedar. She says no, I can’t take anyone’s life, I try to save everyone, but I didn’t succeed to save them. Archie asks why are you helpless. Bhairavi says my younger brother is captive, I was a psychiatrist, I used to treat patients, this Bhagwan stepped in my life and ruined everything, he has kidnapped my brother and asked me to do as he tells me, I m trying to save my brother and you all. She faints. They look on shocked. Saint treats Bhairavi. Veer asks Archie do you think she is saying the truth. Archie says don’t know, saint is saying the same about her. Bhairavi asks for water. Veer helps her. She gets a message. He checks her phone and sees her brother captive. Bhairavi cries for Anuj. Bhagwan threatens her and says you failed to kill Veer. Veer says so this is your brother. She says they will kill Anuj.

She attacks Veer. Archie comes there and stops her. Bhairavi cries and throws the stick. She says I don’t want to kill anyone, but Anuj… Veer says I won’t let anything happen to your brother. Archie asks how. Veer applies some blood marks on his kurta. He asks Archie to click his pic and send to that fake Bhagwan. Archie clicks the pic and sends. Veer asks about the reply. Archie says he is asking for Veer’s dead body as evidence. Veer says I will message him to send his men and pick my body. Bhairavi says our truth will be known. Veer says nothing will happen to your brother, I need time to find him. Archie calls Titu. Titu asks how are you. Veer says I want your help, trace this number fast. Vandana says Veer’s phone isn’t connecting.

Rajmata says how can they go without telling anyone. Neeraj taunts and thinks Veer won’t be coming back, he will be dying. Rajmata asks Veer where is he. She asks is everything fine. Veer says I took Archie to eye doctor, she will be able to see soon. Rajmata says its really good, come back soon. Veer asks Archie to take Bhairavi to palace. Bhairavi asks him to save Anuj. He asks her not to worry. Archie asks how will you go alone. He says trust me, I will manage. He sends Archie and Bhairavi home. He calls Akshay and asks him to reach at the address soon with Kashinath. Akshay says fine, but what’s the matter. Veer says just come, I will tell you. Neeraj thinks I have to find out where are they going. Veer takes Akshay and Kashinath in the car. He asks Titu about the address. Titu tells him about the old godown in the jungle. The man says even Veer has died by Lali’s curse, get his dead body here and ask everyone to get ready.

Veer reaches the place by getting instructions from Titu. He asks Akshay and Kashinath to come. Kashinath gets scared. Akshay gets ahead. Bhairavi wishes her brother is safe. Archie asks her not to worry, Veer will get him safely. She prays for Veer. Veer says we have reached the godown, it means that man is inside. Kashinath says we are hurrying, we don’t know how many people are inside. Akshay agrees. Veer says we have to rush inside and stay alert, a boy’s life is in danger, we have to save him. They get inside and get shocked seeing Anuj. Veer asks Anuj is he fine. He calls Bhairavi. He says we got your brother, he is fine. Bhairavi cries and says I m worried for you, you don’t know Bhagwan, he is very dangerous, now he won’t leave anyone of us, he will kill everyone, you protect yourself and your family. Veer hears some sound and looks there. They all see someone like Kaal Bhairav. Anuj hugs Veer. Veer looks on daringly.

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