Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Archie tricks Bhairavi

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The Episode starts with Archie thanking Bhairavi and others who have prayed for her. Veer cries. Archie says Veer, your belief and love got me here. She says Kaal Bhaira was angry, he pushed me down the cliff, I heard people who have prayed for me, then he tod me about Bhairavi, he told me that if we obey her, then curse can get over. Veer thanks Bhairavi. He says Bhairavi is also Kaal Bhairav’s daughter, according to my promise, I m ready to marry Bhairavi. Archie gets shocked. Veer says this marriage will happen in a royal way. He says Archie, Lord doesn’t wish us to marry, so our Swayamvar failed, I have to follow the way shown by Bhairavi to save the village, support me if possible. Archie says I m with you, our love isn’t imp than many lies, our love isn’t selfish, I m with

you in saving your family, what if I didn’t become your wife, I will become your friend. He asks Rajguru to find his marriage mahurat after Kedar’s final rites are done. Rajguru agrees. Archie sees Veer and cries. She goes with her friends.

Kashinath worries for his son Jai. Revati scolds him and says Jai is my son, don’t say this, Bhairavi has learnt the secret, does Bhairavi have any Divya powers, she knows all the secrets, which just Lord knows, is she really Lord. Sharad says Bhairavi is Lali’s reincarnation, Bhairavi saved Archie. Rajmata gets dry fruits for Pavitra. Pavitra asks can Bhairavi help us and make us rid of this curse. Rajmata says I feel she is Lord’s daughter. Archie says she isn’t Lord’s daughter, she is a fraud, she is cheating everyone, Kedar has told the truth, Bhairavi has come here with a plan. There are many people involved in this plan, until I find out the truth, I will agree to Bhairavi. Dolly asks what has happened with you, what’s this wound. Archie says I was really with real Kaal Bhairav, not the fake one, who has hit me with trishul, Veer and me were following Lali’s spirit, some human who was 15 feet tall and took Kaal Bhairav’s spirit came there and attacked me, he wasn’t Lord, Lord doesn’t kill anyone, he has saved me.

Archie falls on the leaves. Sadhu sees her and prays. Some light falls on Archie. Sadhu removes the trishul and applies medicine paste to her. He takes care of Archie. She wakes up after two days. She says Kaal Bhairav has attacked me, there were scary people with him. He says wrong, Lord has saved you, you are alive because of Kaal Bhairav, he comes to protect the innocent, I get signs of his coming, I run to get his visit, I had laid leaves here and you got saved, you know this when Veer was tied up at the tree. Archie says if Kaal has come to save Veer, who has attacked me and Veer. He says you think that 15 feet creature is Lord, Lord is like a bright light, he is seen in sky or within us, you should have devotion to see him. She asks where are you going, stop.

He says I have to wait for Kaal Bhairav’s next sign. He goes. She thinks Kaal Bhairav saved me and sent Sadhu, someone fraud i taking people’s lives. FB ends. Archie says I asked Sadhu why isn’t Lord punishing the evil. FB shows Sadhu saying once the evil doers’ sin pot gets filled, they will be punished by Lord. She thanks him. He says promise me you will just obey the Lord, your deeds will decide if Lord is with you or not. FB ends. Archie says this is going on since 150 years, its a plan, people are killing others. Dolly asks why didn’t you tell Veer. Archie says I would have met end like Kedar, Veer also believes Bhairavi, I went to Veer and heard Bhairavi misleading him about Kedar’s death, its a big conspiracy, I have to find out the truth, we have to stop Veer and Bhairavi’s marriage first, those people tried to make me out of the way. Dolly asks can you do this alone. Archie says you guys are with me. Titu agrees. She says promise me, until we get truth out, we won’t sit in peace. They join hands.

Vandana and Pavitra get scared and run inside the palace. Rajmata asks what happened.

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