Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Archana returns to the palace

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumer dreaming of Kaal Bhairav and waking up. Constable Bindal shows him the video of dog. Sumer asks him to show video again. He says the shirt is different, I was kidnapped and sent back to the Rajmahal room, I didn’t become the dog, its some big mystery, the answer is inside tha Rajmahal. Veer gets Kedar’s body home and cries. Everyone gets shocked. Rajmata cries. Veer says Dadi, Kedar could have got saved if you didn’t delay in saying his truth, you did wrong. Bhairavi says Kedar was cursed, he had to die, royal family children can’t get saved from the curse, just I can show you the right path to get saved from the curse. Veer gets angry and slaps her. He says Kedar told me your truth, its all recorded in this phone. He checks the video and just see a

trishul. Bhairavi denies it and asks him where is the evidence. Titu says the pic isn’t of Bhairavi. Veer says how can this happen. She says I told you, doubting me is like doubting Lord, but you didn’t listen to me, you failed in the task as well.

Veer cries. Rajmata comes to him. He says I m upset with you, everyone is hiding things from me. Rajmata says Kedar’s body is sent to his mum for final rites. He asks what will I tell his mum when I face her, I couldn’t become a good friend and brother, I have to get Archie back. Rajmata says if you want her back, you have to get help from Bhairavi, its proved that she is Lord’s daughter, like Lali, just go to Bhairavi. Revati comes to stab Bhairavi. Bhairavi senses this and asks her why is she coming with a knife. Revati asks how did you know if you were seeing the other side. Bhairavi says I m Lord’s daughter.

Revati makes excuses. Bhairavi fools her and tells about her Divya powers. She says I know Rajmata is upset and crying that Kedar has died because of her mistake. She asks Revati to come and see. Revati gets shocked seeing Rajmata crying. Bhairavi asks Revati to think of saving her son’s secret, her son isn’t the royal blood. Veer wishes he meets Archie. He sees Archie calling him for help. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. She asks him to come fast and save her. He wakes up from the dream. He looks around and worries. He comes to Bhairavi.

He says you are eager to marry me, I knew you will come, don’t doubt on me, else Lord can get angry, Archie can’t come back ever. He says I m wrong, I did mistake, nothing should happen to Archie. She says you didn’t do the task given by Lord. He says don’t punish Archie, I agree that you are Lord’s daughter, you helped me in getting Kedar, help me in finding Archie, please. She says I will pray to Lord and see, maybe Lord gives you a solution, Lord is angry, you have to get punished, you have to choose two people, who are at fault and responsible for Kedar’s death, you have slap them five times. Veer says I won’t slap anyone. She says but you said you can do anything, remember if you do any mistake, Archie won’t come back.

Rajmata asks Veer to punish her, she did a crime, she could have saved Kedar, forget our relations and beat me. Veer cries and says I can’t raise hand on you. Archie comes there. They all get shocked. Archie runs and hugs Veer. Everyone gets glad. Archie says Lord has passed you in test, so he has sent me back to you. She sees Bhairavi…. and sits down to thank her. She says Lord has told me that you are his daughter, you are Lord for me, bless me, you have given me this life. Veer looks on shocked.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How could this happen??
    Koi story to btao.

  2. Prameela Balan

    What a lot of crap ? People turning into Dogs ? Good Grief how naive can educated people get ?

    What curse ? A whole lot of crap is being shown. The First Kaal Bhairav was also a crap show. Now we hv this KB 2

    When will Indian Channels show good stuff ?

  3. Ooshi

    Yaak yaak yaak iss se zyada ghatya kuch hoskta tha?
    English translation
    Yaak yaak yaak could anything be more cheap/disgusting than this.

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena.

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