Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 1st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer rushes to save Archie

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 1st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Archie asking the men to spare her life, she will tell them about Veer. The man doesn’t agree. She says Veer and I used to hangout at a dhaba, I can take you there. The man asks her to come. A lady comes in the palace and sees Kashinath talking to someone. Kashinath says just pray to Lord, its happening as we want. He stops the lady/principal. He says I felt you will come here.

She argues with everyone and calls Maharani. Maharani asks what are you saying. The lady Himangi says what’s happening here, people are disappearing, you aren’t investigating about it. Maharani asks her to not forget where she is standing. She scolds Himangi. She says its Kaal Bhairav’s punishment, Veer has run away so this is happening, I m trying to get him back. Himangi says

its just a coincidence, not a curse. The lights go off. Maharani asks her to mind her language. Himangi asks her not to link this with Lord. Kashinath asks Maharani to see the light there. They go to see Gauri. They see the lights in the room. They just see a diya in Gauri’s place. Himangi says maybe someone kidnapped Gauri and kept diya in her place. Rajmata says we all were standing there, we didn’t see anyone.

Maharani shouts on Himangi and asks her to leave. Himangi says its my duty to educate this village, this is not a curse, don’t encourage the blind belief, try to find the people who disappeared. Rajmata says we have to get Veer back soon. Archie thinks to get a chance to run. She prays to Lord. A dog comes. The men joke on inspector Sumer. The dog attacks on the men. Archie runs away and hides. The man look for her. She sees a lady arguing for the diya. Her son Dinesh asks her to leave the diya. The diya falls and breaks.

She slaps her son and says I have to go temple and ask pandit about it. Dinesh says I didn’t see any madam here. The people ask him and go. Veer looks for Archie. He calls her. He meets Archie’s friend. She says Archie is still in your village, she is there because of you. He says why doesn’t she listen to me, I told her that I will leave from there, she should leave too. She says she is just worried for you, she has seen Lali’s spirit, she said strange things that people are turning into diyas. He says what, I have to go to Kanakgadh right now.

Dinesh gives shelter to Archie and asks her not to worry, he will help her. The people in the village argue. Rajmata asks Vandana to have courage. The people get angry on the royal family. Maharanie asks the people to come and kill her. She sees Rajguru and thinks I understand Rajguru has provoked them to come here. Rajguru thinks its not the days when royal family scared the people, now people will rule here. She greets Rajguru. He says your anger is justified, Gauri was the link between us and Lord, now she has gone too, we have to get Veer. The man says even this royal family doesn’t know this. Rajguru says give me two days time, we will find Veer, maintain peace till then. The man says fine, we will go if you say. Maharani sees her family.

Akshay says a strange news has come, Veer is returning to Kanakgadh. Veer finds his car missing. He gets shocked seeing….

Update Credit to: Amena

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