Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer learns Kedar’s truth

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kedar saying I shall catch this dog and take him to palace, everyone should know the truth, Bhairavi isn’t Lord’s daughter. He asks the dog to stop. The dog runs. Kedar says I can’t catch him, I will make a video to show everyone. He makes a video. He gets shocked seeing Lali’s spirit. He sees the woman smoking and says is this woman also a fraud like Bhairavi. Veer meets the accountant. The man tells him about his dad sending money to someone for six years, then Maharani stopped these transactions. Veer asks for account holder.

The man says Kunika, this is her address, this account has closed. Veer thinks mum has lied to me, maybe this is dad’s second wife. Rajguru looks on and says Veer got that woman’s address, what next, fine. He goes. Kedar

sees that lady. Veer calls Kedar and asks where are you. Kedar says I m in jungle, I m finding Archie. Veer says you won’t get her there, I have to find two people about whom Bhairavi told me, I can save them and find Archie, how long will you break my trust, listen to me. Kedar tries to say. The network goes. Kedar tries to get network. He sees Bhairavi with that woman. He says these links are connected, Lali’s spirit and Bhairavi are together, they have disappeared Archie. He follows them. He records their video and hides. Bhairavi senses someone. Veer is on the way and goes to some village.

Kashinath says we can’t keep Jai in pujaghar, everyone will doubt on us, I will protect Jai. Revati says we will keep him in pujaghar, he can get saved here. She takes Jai there and asks him to stay back, Lord will protect her. Sharad and Pavitra come there. Sharad asks Maharani to hide Pavitra in pujaghar, since she is having Yash’s child in her womb, its Yash’s crime, Yash had raped her. They all get shocked.

Maharani asks what nonsense, my son can’t do this. Sharad argues with her and says the people here didn’t leave doing crimes. Maharani scolds him. Pavitra says Sharad is saying this about Yash. She tells them that Yash had raped her and hidden her in the chamber, he wanted to get a child from her to see if the child will get cursed. Maharani asks what nonsense, Akshay Kashinath throw her out. Pavitra cries and asks Maharani to think about the child. Maharani says I won’t fall in this drama. Akshay sees Vandana. He drags Pavitra out. Vandana cries. Veer goes to meet Kunika. The man says Maharani has sold this house to me, it was earlier on Maharaj Pratap’s name. Veer says I m Pratap’s son, do you know about Kunika. The old man says Kunika was thrown out of here, why did you come here, Maharani had insulted her. Veer asks what. The old man says go and ask your mum, Maharani kicked Kunika out, she left with her children, Maharani sold house to him. Veer asks do you know about Kunika. The old man says villagers didn’t see her. Veer leaves.

Vandana calls Veer and tells about Pavitra. He gets shocked and cries. He says I m coming. Veer gets Pavitra home. He says Vandana has decided to support Pavitra, she will be given equal rights and status as bahu of this family. He asks Vandana to take Pavitra to pujaghar and take care of her. He argues with Maharani. He says Akshay told you about Yash’s crime, even then you made Pavitra leave, you did the same which you did with Kunika, you didn’t let any help reach Kunika, there is still chance to rectify your mistake. He asks about Kunika and her children. Maharani says I don’t know. Veer says you know but you don’t want to say. Rajmata says Maharani doesn’t know it, Kunika came to meet me. Veer says I want someone to tell the truth to me, I want to know about them. Rajmata tells him that one child of Kunika is working for Rajmahal. Veer asks who. Rajmata says Kedar. They all get shocked. Rajmata says Kedar is your stepbrother, his younger brother lives with Kunika. Veer says Kedar is also a heir of this family, my stepbrother….. He cries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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