Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra saves the kids

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 15th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with some men hijacking the school bus. She threaten to burn the bus. He kicks the driver down and drives. The kids get scared. The kid gets shivling and sits praying. Rahul asks did you see them. Gauri says no, none from them. Namrata says all kids went inside the school, where are those two kids. Yashpal comes. Gauri asks did you call police. Yashpal says maybe the kids are in the school bus which got hijacked, we should go there. Gauir says shivlings will go to temple, not into police custody. Rahul asks her to sit in the car. Thakur gets free and goes out. Kid prays. The goon says Lord won’t come to save you. The kid says Lord will come to save us, Lord can come in any avatar, even in bad people’s avatar. Rudra follows Latika. He hits the school bus by his lorry. The goon shoots at him. Rudra hits the bus again. The bus reaches the end of the cliff and leans. Rudra jumps to catch the bus and pulls it back. The bus rests the tyre on the ground. Rahul opens the emergency exit.

The kids get down. Latika helps the kids. Goon holds Rudra and says save us. Rudra hangs to the door. The bus falls down the cliff. Rudra comes up the cliff. Latika takes shivling from the kids’ bags. She keeps shivlings in her bag and leaves. Rudra sees her and shouts stop. Rudra runs to his lorry and follows her. Rahul and everyone reach there. Gauri sees the kids and asks about shivling. The kid says yes, we had it, but its not there now, maybe it disappeared. Rahul says no, someone took it. They see Rudra leaving. Namrata says maybe he took the shivling. The kid says no, he saved our lives. Yashpal says what, then why is he after us, today we will not leave him. He follows Rudra.

Thakur throws water on Lakhan and asks him to get up. Lakhan sees Thakur and says Daata…. He falls down. Thakur asks him to wake up. Lakhan says I m fine, I will get up. Thakur helps him and asks him to come. They leave. Latika leaves her bike. Rudra sees her bike. He sees Rahul and Yashpal following. He drives ahead. Latika leaves in au auto. She reaches the bus stop. She boards the bus. Yashpal says how did the lorry disappear. Rahul says its an illusion, someone has tricked us, Shambu did this, Rudra would be working with Shambu, how can lorry disappear. Gauri turns and sees Shambu behind. She doesn’t tell Rahul. She greets Shambu. Shambu blesses her and smiles. He goes away.
Thakur asks Lakhan to leave and not worry for him. Lakhan asks how can I go. He gets stuck in window. He asks Thakur to come after him. Namrata hears him and checks place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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