K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• |PART FOURTY|

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K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

Krishna shifts her direction and walks towards the door,she adjusted her dupatta as she opens the door.A girl,about 5’6,in a modern yellow dress,long black curled hair,stood.She push Krishna aside as she walks in.

Meghna-Saiyyam? Saiyyam?

As meghna’s voice echoes around the birla mansion,Saiyyam and all the family members entered the scene.


Meghna let go of her hand-bag and run towards saiyyam.She hugged Saiyyam tightly which saiyyam also responded to.

Meghna-I miss you so much

Saiyyam-Me too,but how come you came without informing us?

Meghna-You mean in can’t come here?

Saiyyam-No no,I didn’t mean that.I meant to say that if you had told us that you were gonna come then we would have done something to welcome you

Meghna-Oh Saiyyam,you don’t have to do anything.I got you

She held saiyyam’s hand and melted her’s into his.Krishna felt uncomfortable seeing this.

Meghna-(while looking towards Krishna) What is this Saiyyam,we were best friends and could have been life partners

Saiyyam-We could have been but when I saw Krishna I forgot everything

{Meghna thinking:No one can forget me}

Meghna-(holding saiyyam’s hand and dragging it) Lets go to your room,I have so much to tell you,(looking towards Krishna) and Krishna can you please get us some snack.

-Kriyam room-
Krishna entered the room with a tray of chips.Meghna and saiyyam were remembering their childhood.

Meghna-Remember how when yuvaani and me used to do a fake marriage,I would always be your wife.

Saiyyam-Oh I still remember

Meghna-(Looking up) Oh look Krishna’s here.Krishna,you forgot the drinks

Krishna-I’ll bring them

Somewhat Krishna didn’t wanted to leave Meghna and saiyyam alone.Suddenly Meghna’s phone rings and she walks out the room.Krishna was about to leave when saiyyam held her hand.

Saiyyam-Where are you going?

Krishna-To get the drinks

Saiyyam-You don’t have to do that,we got servants for that.

Krishna-(while jerking off his hand) Acha,now you remembered that we had servants.Wait how did you get even remembered that you had a wife,you were too interested in Meghna

Saiyyam-(pulling Krishna closer) Ooo toh meri biwi jealous ho rahi hai?

Krishna-No,of course not


Saiyyam moved a piece of Krishna’s hair and held her cheeks

Krishna-(pushing Saiyyam) What are you doing saiyyam,what if someone saw us

Saiyyam-But you’re my wife and everyone knows that.Hey,I don’t mind kissing someone else maybe me

Krishna quickly placed a kiss on saiyyam’s cheek

Krishna-What did you say?

Saiyyam-If you will kiss me every time I say someone else’s name than…

Krishna-(hitting on his chest) besharam

Saiyyam-I can’t wait for tonight

Krishna-Saiyyam,please don’t say things like this aloud

Saiyyam-Like what?

Krishna-Our date

Saiyyam-Now I didn’t say anything,you were the one

Krishna-(hitting on his chest again) Saiyyam!!!

Meghna was listening to all their conversation

{Meghna thinking:Saiyyam and Krishna’s date? ??)

Night hits where Krishna is shown wearing her black net sari,her fair stomach is Visible and her long brown hair are fallen back her back.Saiyyam enters the room and looks towards his hot looking wife.Krishna blushes as saiyyam locks the door.He slowly moves closer to her until Krishna’s back is against the wall.

Saiyyam-I can’t even have words to describe how beautiful you look

Krishna blushes as her fair cheeks were slowly turning into a pinkish shade

Saiyyam-Krishna,please don’t smile like that or else i can’t control my self


Saiyyam moves closer to Krishna,he takes both of Krishna’s hands and stick them against the wall.Krishna closes her eyes as saiyyam bends down and removes the net dupatta of her sari.He kisses her stomach and moves his way up wards.Krishna squeezes her eyes as she feels saiyyam’s touch.Saiyyam moves closer to saiyyam’s lips,he could feel her hot breath.He leans forward to Krishna’s lips and was about to kiss her when there was aloud sound of a vase and then..


The screen freezes on shocked Saiyyam and Krishna.

Dadi and Meghna’s new plan awaits …..

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  1. Shit the meghna year….. Someone always interrupt between kriyam romance

    1. Hafsaaa

      Hehe everytime???

  2. Nice ep.

  3. Awesome episode dear
    Loving it

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thanks dwidha ♥️♥️

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Oh god that Meghna is a witch… Interrupting our love birds at such an important moment….but I just loved all the kriyam scenes. Hope Saiyyam doesn’t fall into meghna’s and puri dadi’s trap…and as always fantastic episode….

  5. Please post the next one

    1. Hafsaaa

      It’s submitted

  6. Shaani

    Aree.. First it was ram.. N now.. This meghna… Oh god…
    Anyways nice episode dr… Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Hafsaaa


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