K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 46

K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Suhani-chalo,it’s getting late now

Meghna-Krishna,can you please take abhimanyu to his room,I have to take off this heavy jewelry you know

Dadi-Yes,Meghna is absolutely right

All the other members headed towards their rooms while Krishna lead abhimanyu to his room

Abhimanyu-So….Are you single?


Abhimanyu-I’m just joking,it was getting boring so I wanted to start a conversation


Abhimanyu-(pointing towards Krishna’s room) is this my room?

Krishna-No that’s mine,yours is over there

Abhimanyu-(thinking:Don’t worry,I’ll be ours)

Krishna-(walking in the room) Here

Abhimanyu-Thank you so much

As Krishna turned around to head towards her room,her dupatta got stuck into abhimanyu’s watch which made both of them fall together on the bed.Krishna was on top of abhimanyu,song plays in the background.

Krishna-(breaking the eyelock) I think I should I leave


Krishna-(cutting him off) Good night

-Saighna room- (Saiyyam + Meghna)
Meghna-Don’t you think Krishna should have a thought about second marriage?

Meghna-I mean,there’s more for her

Saiyyam-Why does she need anyone else when I am already here

Meghna-(prefectly adjusting her hand in saiyyam’s shoulder) but Saiyyam,you can’t be with two people at the same time

Saiyyam-Meghna,don’t worry I know who I want to be with

And with that face to face statement Saiyyam left the room leaving Meghna fuming behind.Krishna woke up from her sleep in the middle of the night cause of thirsty throat,she looked around for H2O but fortunately it wasn’t there.

Krishna-(rubbing her eyes) why can’t things be at their actual place?

Krishna got up and headed towards the kitchen.All the lights were turned off and she didn’t bothered to even touch them cause she didn’t wanted to disturb anyone’s sleep.When she reached halfway,she felt like someone was following her but who can follow her in her own house.He ignored the fact and started walking again,but this time she took longer steps than usual.She felt a heavy pull to her right arm as it swings along her,she almost screamed but a hand covered her mouth and pinned her to the wall

Saiyyam-ssshh,Krishna it’s me Saiyyam


Saiyyam-(removing his hand) oh sorry

Krishna-Saiyyam what are you doing here?

Saiyyam-What are yoou doing here,you should be sleeping right now

Krishna-Woh,I was thirsty

Saiyyam-For what?

Krishna-(hitting on his chest) Saiyyam

Saiyyam-(offering her a glass of water) here

Krishna-(after drinking) thank you

Saiyyam-I am sorry

Krishna-For what Saiyyam?

Saiyyam-For what I have done

Krishna-It wasn’t your fault Saiyyam

Saiyyam-(cup her face) no Krishna its all my fault,you trusted me

Krishna-(a tear rolled down her face) Saiyyam I trust you more than myself

Saiyyam kissed Krishna’s forehead and hugged her tight….they both melted into each other’s arms..Saiyyam took Krishna’s into his arms and headed towards Krishna’s aka “actual kriyam room”….Saiyyam gently placed Krishna on the bed..

Saiyyam-Krishna,you need to sleep now

Saiyyam left the room as Meghna watches kriyam getting separated….

All the members came to breakfast,Meghna sat on the left side of Saiyyam while Krishna sat on the right,abhimanyu sat on the left of Krishna…suddenly Krishna choked on something..

Abhimanyu and saiyyam-Krishna!!!

Abhimanynu-Take this Krishna

Abhimanyu makes him drink water while saiyyam pats on Krishna’s back

Saiyyam-Krishna,are you okay?

Meghna-(irritated) how can she ever be not okay

With that Meghna left the table storming followed by abhimanyu

Abhimanyu-What happened?

Meghna-What’s everyone’s problem?

Abhimanyu-What do you mean?

Meghna-First saiyyam,always near Krishna trying his all best to protect her and now you too

Abhimanyu-You know why I want Krishna

Meghna-Don’t lie to me,in this taking revenge,you have also fallen for Krishna

Abhimanyu-I don’t know yaar but there’s something in her

Meghna-god,why can’t any guy fall for me

Abhimanyu-Saiyyam did,didn’t he?

Meghna-I don’t think so,even in his sleep,all he says is “Krishna”,like she can’t even leave him in his sleep.

Abhimanyu-(holding her shoulder) if he doesn’t love you,then make him

Meghna-What do you mean?

Abhimanyu-Don’t worry I have a plan.This plan will get both of us what we want


Suhani-Krishna,you should rest now,you have been working for hours

Krishna-Aunty,just few more minutes

Suhani-Krishna,I care about both of you and you both need sleep.I don’t know how

Saiyyam gonna handle this situation.

Krishna-(smiling) aunty,Saiyyam is my strength and I love both are them

Suhani-I love all three of you (smiling too) come on now,go to sleep

Krishna headed towards her room for rest,when someone called her from behind


Krishna-Kya huwa? Anything important?

Abhimanyu-Nothing much,can you please give this to Meghna for me



Krishna-haha okay

Abhimanyu gave Krishna something and left for rest.Krishna headed towards Meghan’s room in hope to see Saiyyam.When she got there,her eyes widen,she was stood frozen to witness such a situation…..
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  1. ohhhh that meghna and abhhi?huh?but krishna trust on sayyam??and best of luck for your exams?

    1. Hafsaaa

      Well I doubt about the trust part and thanks again zani???

  2. Hi I’m really very sorry yaar. I didn’t find time to read ur ff’s since a long time because of my exams I’ll be busy till may 15 th .so hope u understand and one more thing I have read all ur previous episodes very nice but 44 th episode is little confusing.i’ll try to read and comment if I find time.till then bye tc and do good ur exams too

    1. Hafsaaa

      Good luck for your exams as well ?

  3. Loved the episode Hassan ur ff is my fav witty dialogue n yeah kriyam trust on each other has been depicted really well the villains make the story much more exciting and ur suspense kills me man!????‍???❤️?

    1. Sorry it’s *hafsa ~

    2. Hafsaaa

      It’s okay?

    3. Hafsaaa

      Thank you so much Maria ???

  4. Loved the episode Hafsa ur ff is my fav witty dialogue n yeah kriyam trust on each other has been depicted really well the villains make the story much more exciting and ur suspense kills me man!????‍???❤️?

    1. Hafsaaa

      You don’t know how much as a writer your support means❤️

  5. Shaani

    Loved it.. Very happy fo see Krishna believing sayyam… But precap… What did Krishna saw… Sayyam n meghna in a intimate position or something… Omg I’m damn excited to read the next episode… Waiting for the next one..plz upload soon..
    Good luck for ur exams…study welll…?

    1. Hafsaaa

      I haven’t wrote the next one yet cause of the exams pressure but I’ll try to type it out tomorrow and thanks again shaani?

  6. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow Hafsaa today’s episode was really good… Hey I like Meghna’s character and Abhimanyu seems pretty cool… Well villains are always cool… But the way u are introducing them needs talent girl…. When I read ur episodes I can experience the writing… All the dialogues and scenes makes me feel that I am watching a movie written by an excellent writer… U have really good hands at writing… Each of ur tracks are so interesting and different.. I was laughing at Meghna’s dialogues with Abhimanyu… Especially the why does everyone love krishna part… It was such an funny dialogue… U know what… I look forward to ur ff everyday becoz ur writing is my crush…. And bae u are doing amazing… Hope u rock ur exams just like u slay ur episodes…??

    1. Hafsaaa

      Haha me and writing ? They have the worst chesmitry,I really suck at writting man so no? And thank you so much annie ♥️ Plus yeah need to slay those exams ??

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      If u look back Hafsaa.. And read ur ff..u will understand that u truly write really good.. And u will understand ur talent..and I am sure u will ace ur exams… Anyways.. Have u noticed the fight comments between kriyammates and Yuvanians… Its really getting worse than yesterday… I thought to write an fearured analysis to calm both groups down but Than I backed down becoz I don’t want to get bashed or cause more fights over it… Feeling really sad at everyone’s comments.. SSEL is going to end soon… Instead of enjoying it together the fans are bashing on each other… Anyways.. Can’t wait for ur next update…

    3. Hafsaaa

      Well most of the fans are just upset but we have to understand that end is not always the end,maybe it’s the beginning to a new start? Fans need to chill,if it gets hot then call me,I’ll bring some ice ?

  7. Aye bae you stayed it

  8. I love u hafsaa di..u r an amazing writer..I like Abhi ‘s character…the dialogue meghna said was superb .keep writing.. can’t wait to read the next chap

    1. Hafsaaa

      Love you too isha♥️ And thank you so much

  9. Loved the episode!!❤When are you posting the next episode?

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      I’ll post it soon

  10. Upload the next episode please !! It’s too long that you haven’t uploaded any episodes

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    2. Same! Have too many exams to deal with! Anyways can’t wait for the next part! Make sure it’s much longer as you didn’t post for a long time!!

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