K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 45

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K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Suhani-What was that sound
Meghna-(hesitating) what? No no ma I don’t think there was a sound
Krishna-But I..
Suhani-Lets go
As the birla family enters the kitchen,glass plates were broken and the servant,Ramo,was shaking.
Suhani-(with concern) what happened
Ramo-Nothing,I thought that there was a snake but there wasn’t
Suhani-Are you sure there isn’t anything?
Ramo-Yes ma’
Meghna-See I told you there wasn’t anything,let’s go
Everyone left expect Krishna,she was standing still,observing the situation.
Krishna-Ramo kaka,is everything okay? If not then…
Ramo-no no
Krishna-If you don’t mind,can I ask something?
Ramo-Yes beta,trying to avoid the eye contact

Krishna-Is someone abusing you?
Ramo-no..no ofc not beta
Krishna-Okay but if there is anything,please ask for help
As Krishna leaves,a shadow is shown smiling
Figure-Woa,quite impressed.Now I am more into her
Suhani’s room
Suhani-Krishna,can i have a word with you?
Krishna-ofc aunty
Suhani-Krishna,I know how much you love Saiyyam but beta trust him once
Suhani-Krishna,I understand how you feel
Krishna-I love him aunty but everytime I see him with Meghna,I don’t know
Suhani-You know what Krishna,I am glad Saiyyam found you
A wide appears on Krishna’s face,she knew she had to give Saiyyam a chance.
-Night falls-
All women gathered,suhani and dadi smiles seeing all the newly married brides,every year birla family invites newly married brides to share their happiness with them.
Krishna was shown wearing a red sari which was chosen by none other than her husband.Krishna was waiting for saiyyam,but instead of Saiyyam,Meghna enters the scene
Meghna-Hello,I am Meghna “Saiyyam birla”,thanks all for coming,me and my husband will give away the goods together
When saiyyam entered the scene,Meghna ran to him and tugged her hand into his arm,all this time Saiyyam was staring at Krishna,she looked like a deep clam ocean before a storm.He knew he did wrong but he knew her better.Their eyes met,in the imperfect moment perfection was taking place.Krishna smiled at Saiyyam which made him clear up,his wife understood everything.Meghna dragged Saiyyam towards the goods and starting passing them out.
Women-The moon is visible
All women started doing the rituals,Krishna took her sari dupatta,which was net and looked at Saiyyam through it and then at the moon.Saiyyam took the pot of water and extended his hand towards Meghna when Krishna started coughing.
Saiyyam-(with concern) What happened Krishna?

Without leaving a second,Saiyyam quickly took the pot of water and made Krishna drank it.meghna stood shook.The water was for her but now Krishna has drinkin’ it
Suhani-here Meghna,drink some water
Meghna-(irritated) yes aunty
All the members went inside when the door bell rings
Krishna-I’ll get it
As Krishna opens the door,there stand a tall young man,about the same age of saiyyam,his eyes directly into Krishna’s
Abhimanyu-Never seen such a beauty upclose
Meghna-(runs and hugs him) Abhimanyu
Suhani-You know this man?
Meghna-Yes aunty,he’s my cousin
Dadi-I heard about your parents abhi,I want you to stay with us if that okay with suhani
Suhani-ofc not
Abhimanyu-Thank you aunty,(looking towards Krishna) plus who wants to leave the sight of sunlight,who has always been in the dark ??
Scene fades there……
Sorry for the late update guys but I’ll post very less these days

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    1. Hafsaaa

      Okay babe this was wrong

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow Hafsaa..terrific episode…I knew that Saiyyam will not forget krishna…hey I like this abhimanyu… Cool dialogues..and ur writing is fantastic…the way to keep suspense is awesome… I always admire ur writing talent and everyday…it gets better… I loved th episode a lot…
    And due to TU’s mistake ur ff is posted in yrkkh category..if u resubmit it they will fix the mistake..and anyways…ur episode was slaying like always…❤❤❤❤

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thanks a lot and yeah I saw that it got posted in the wrong section so I have resubmitted it♥️

  3. Shaani

    Nice.. Loved it… Plz unite kriyam ? I’m missing them I just hate this meghna… I think this abimanyu was that secret man who was with meghna… I think he loves Krishna… So he sent meghna to trap sayyam so kriyam will be separate n then abimanyu came to the scene… I’m just guessing… Idk for sure… Whatever it is… I hate this meghna to core yaar… How can she n why sayyam is this much silent… Why can’t he give the divorce to this chipkali meghna… This marriage was a mistake… Not a mistake actually it’s a ek dam shriyathra… How can sayyam stay soo calm…. Be a man yaar… Just come forward n fight for ur love… Investigate what happen… Omg I’m typing so much Na…
    Anyways I love ur story hafsaa… Plz keep writing… N don’t be sorry for being late… We can understand… Waiting for the next part…

    1. Hafsaaa

      Haha ? I know but Meghna is saiyyam’s best friend so it’s bit complicated to divorce in this situation and don’t worry the end was re unite kriyam again,thanks again shaani??

      1. Shaani

        But if I were Sayyam… I would have break all the tie with her yaar… She crossed all the limits…
        Anyways.. It’s ok dr… No problem…. I know at last kriyam will be united….

      2. Hafsaaa

        Let’s see what Saiyyam gonna do now ❤️

  4. Next epi uplod plz fast today and long

    1. Hafsaaa

      I’ll try ?

  5. Faaizah

    Amazing, amazing and just amazing, i just love the way you write and your story lines are so interesting, and so much suspense, cant wait for next upload

    1. Hafsaaa

      Aww thanks faaizah and please upload your ff as well?

  6. Plz upload the next oneeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

    1. Hafsaaa

      Let me atleast type baba❤️

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