K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 44

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K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
The shadow slowly fades as saiyyam knocks on the door,hearing the knock,Krishna quickly warped herself with her dupatta.
Saiyyam-It’s me Krishna
Saiyyam-Why you dresss…(understands the situation) oh sorry.
Krishna-(looking away) umm,Saiyyam?
Krishna-I can’t take this off
Saiyyam-Umm,you mean
Krishna-(interpreting) No no I mean..
Saiyyam goes near the door and locks it which makes Krishna more nervous,Saiyyam could understand her feelings without her saying it.He took one of Krishna’s dupatta and blinds it to his eyes,while Krishna smiles at his actions.He moves forward and extended his hand,he placed his hand on Krishna’s bare back as Krishna squeezes her eyes.A deep touch could be felt,somewhere which connected them.He unzips Krishna’s blouse and slides it down her arms.Afterwards he looks away cause he could sense Krishna’s hot body due to nervousness.Krishna dose the work afterward.
Saiyyam-(unfolding the blind) umm,so you are fasting
Krishna-Which right have you given me that I should fast for
Saiyyam-(holds her hand tightly) what’s your problem Krishna
Krishna-You’re hurting me
Saiyyam looks directly into Krishna’s eyes,the pain in them,he quickly let go of her hand and leaves the room in anger,Krishna moves towards the bathroom when her phone vibrates,she let go of her dirty clothes and picks up the phone.Her expressions wash,a cold,more like dead look could be visible on her face.She looked around and sallowed a large chuck of her saliva,struggling to flush.Krishna quickly deleted the message and threw her phone on the bed.Her whole body was shaking.

Scene shifts to hallway
Meghna was walking her way to kitchen when she bumps into someone,as she looks up her expression get a jump,a mixture of emotions would be witness.
A figure covered her mouth while she cries in pain.
Figure-(moving the hand) Ssshh
Meghna-(whispering) But what are you doing here
Figure-For almost the same reason you are here
Meghna-Have you met dadi,does she know you are here?
Figure-No not yet,but i got a great time pass here
Meghna-Move,I think some is coming
Figure-Where do I go?
Meghna-Just go in this rooommm

The figure hurries and hide under the bed in the room.Slowly the bathroom door opens and Krishna walks out.She moves her wet hair as she sits down on the chair near her dressing table,she threw the towel on the bed and position her self towards the mirror,She twist her hands as she moves them back to close the dori of her sari (FYI Krishna now wears sari too as well as Meghna) The figure continuously watches Krishna,a naughty smile appears on his face,suddenly a dupatta covers Krishna’s bare back,blocking the figure’s view
Saiyyam-Can you just close the door,God Krishna
Krishna-Woh,I forgot,again
Suhani-Krishnaa….meghnaa come here please
Krishna-I have to go,(Turing back around) sorry and thanks
Saiyyam-Pagal ladki

-Main room-
Suhani-You guys remember to wake up early tomorrow right?
Krishna-Ji ma
Meghna-For what?
Suhani-karva chauth
Meghna-Oh yeah,I remembered,but why is Krishna fasting?
Suhani-Meghna,that’s her business
Dadi-come on in (calling a man inside birla mansion)
Suhani-what is this for
Dadi-I decided to bring different types of saris for our Bahus
Suhani-But priya and yuvaan are not here right now,how?
Dadi-You sent it to her
Suhani-Oh yeah
The ladies gathered,all choosing what to wear,Meghna was all over the place deciding what to wear,all the ladies like usual were having hard time.
Suhani-Krishna,try this red sari,I’ll look good on you
Krishna took the offered sari but was more confused now cause she had 2 saris,one sari she chose and the other was chosen by suhani,she saw saiyyam’s reflection the glass table below.Saiyyam looked at her,the had a small yet passionate eyelock.Somewhat Krishna wanted Saiyyam to choose and no doubt he could say no.Krishna took both of the saris and pressed each to her chest.Saiyyam smiled when Krishna pressed the red sari against her chest.She knew.Suddenly their cute little moment of ruined by a crash from the kitchen
Suhani-We all are here then who’s in the kitchen?
Okay guys I reconsider and decided not to end this ff but cause of my exams I’ll do very less updates but my exams will end in few days so I’ll post more

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  1. Shaani

    That’s really a good news… Thankx for reconsidering.. Loved this part.. Waiting for the next part…? keep writing ???

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeah and thanks for reading ??

  2. Superb

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thank you shabnam?

  3. Nice episode

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow hafsaa I am crying due to happiness at ur news.. I have no problem if ur updates are less..but plz don’t stop…i was feeling so sad with ur news..but thank u sooo much for reconsidering…u can’t believe how much relieved I am… Truly I was soooo devastated…i just can’t find words hafsaa..actually I even describe how elated I am…coming back to the episode..there is not a single day where u don’t nail through ur work… I loved all the kriyam scenes and opening of a new suspense is even more thrilling…seriously ur ff is always amazing….but truly I am overjoyed at ur decision…thank uuuuuu so much bae…❤❤?

    1. Hafsaaa

      Haha I need to and thank you so much ♥️♥️

  5. Yayyyy

    1. Hafsaaa

      For what geeti???

      1. For keep writing the ff

  6. Thanks for reconsidering thanku so much and lovely update and awesome story line???

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thank you so much Anika ❤️?

  7. Loved it Dr…wanna know who is this shadow??

    1. Hafsaaa

      Suspense for now??

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