K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 43

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K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Sorry for not updating,I was really busy.

Suhani-Kya? If Krishna is in the store room then who’s here?

Suhani went near the bride and jerked off her dupatta revealing Meghna.Saiyyam had anger in his eyes,more over he was a shamed.He pushed Meghna aside and ran towards the storeroom


-Store room-
Krishna was shown in a bridal dress,she had her head sliding to one side of a box filling with spider web and dust.She slowly opened her eyes and to witness saiyyam’s teary eyes.

Krishna-Saiyyam,what happened? What am I doing here.

Saiyyam-(moving closer however the shame could be felt in his voice) Krishna..

Krishna POV
I loved Saiyyam more than anything,I knew him but his voice,it was something I feared at the moment.His voice felt guilty,but guilty for what? He didn’t committed a crime or did he? I began pulling myself together,as I began to get up,a girl in a bridal wear caught my attention.My eyes widen as it revealed to be Meghna.No,this can’t be true,I must be dreaming.


Saiyyam-I can explain

Krishna-Please leave me alone Saiyyam,Please

Saiyyam-No,I wouldn’t I can’t

Saiyyam moved closer to Krishna with hope to console her but Meghna held his hand

Meghna-She needs time

Saiyyam-(while jerking off his hand) Who are you huh?

Krishna-Your wife,please Mr. & Mrs. Saiyyam leave

As Meghna and saiyyam left,Krishna broke down.The room filled with oceans of tears.Her wet eyes slowly closed as she kept her head on the cold,dusty floor of store room.

~Scene shifts~
Meghna was about to take a step in saiyyam’s room when saiyyam pulled her away.

Saiyyam-You can’t stay here

Meghna-But I am your wife Saiyyam.

Saiyyam-Oh please,we are going to a different room,I can’t see anyone expect Krishna in this room,sorry

Meghna and saiyyam headed towards to a different room.As Saiyyam enters the room,Meghna locks the door behind.

Saiyyam-You can sleep on the bed,I’ll sleep on the sofa


Saiyyam-Look Meghna,you’re my friend and I can’t accept you in any other relation and talking about husband and wife relation,I..I can only think of Krishna.I know you’re my best friend and I will treat you the best,but don’t expect anything else from me.

Saiyyam takes a pillow and lay down on the sofa.meghna lay down on the Meghna hoping to make her relation better while saiyyam couldn’t stop thinking about.He looked at Meghna,she was sleeping peacefully like nothing had ever happened.He got up,unlock the door,and headed towards the store room.
He slowly opened the door,”creaaak”,His heartbeat stopped when he saw his wife sleeping on the cold floor,a tear rolled down his face.He went near Krishna and took her in his warm,safe arms.He looked deep,inside Krishna’s brown eyes as he carried her to their room.He gently placed her down on their comforting bed and planted a kiss on her forehead.He sat beside the bed,near the table and stared at his wife,her eyes puffy and dull due to crying,he suddenly felt guilty for causing them.

Saiyyam-Krishna,I wish you could once listen to me,just once,I don’t know why you would this that I could even think about someone else expect you.I can’t even imagine anyone in the place of yours.This room,bed,person,soul and heart all belongs to you Krishna.

Meghna came from behind and stood by the door.She saw Saiyyam,she waited and waited for saiyyam to see that she was there too but all she saw,was saiyyam’s eyes jammed on Krishna.She left the room in anger.

Meghna-Why? I married Saiyyam but still,he can’t even look at me.His eyes are always searching for Krishna.I am modern and stylish,a girl prefect for saiyyam but no all he likes is this Krishna.Krishna is so bahanji type,I hate her so much,because of her Saiyyam never even looks at me,I won’t leave this Krishna,I’ll fight to make Saiyyam mine.

Krishna slowly opened her eyes,her vision was still blur,but Saiyyam was quite clear.All the scenes of yesterday cleared her mind,without a chance she pushed Saiyyam away,Which made Saiyyam wake up too.


Krishna-With what right am I staying this room and yo….

Saiyyam-(holding her shoulder) You’re my wife Krishna

Krishna-(jerking his hand) Then who’s Meghna?


Krishna-No Saiyyam,I have to leave

Saiyyam-(holding her hand) No Krishna,this room is yours,I am the one leaving

With that Saiyyam left the room.Krishna falls back on the bed with a bounce,her hair flew back as a tear rolled down her eye.She got her self together and went in the hall.preparations were happening,Suhani looked up at Krishna.

Suhani-Krishna,you are still my bahu after the happenings of yesterday.Beta,it’s up to you if you want to fast today


Suhani-Beta,I am forcing you,now go change

As Krishna began leaving,Meghna and dadi came in the scene

Meghna-Dadi,I can’t decide what to wear tomorrow

Dadi-Oh Meghna wear anything,you will look good as usual

Hearing this made Krishna more uncomfortable,she decided to go back to her room and change.She enters the room and went near her wardrobe,chose a sari,she slowly opened her blouse,a figure was shown watching her…..

New twist…?

[According to previous comments and my schedule,I might end this ff at episode 50,and I won’t write any other ff either so it’s gonna be a final bye]

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  1. Nice episode
    Waiting for next

    1. Hafsaaa

      On its way ❤️

  2. Next upload but long plz 50 only upload hoga na to plz long story

  3. ohh no only 7 more epi..pls dont stop writing…i want you to come up with another ff..pls pls pls

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thanks and I can’t come up with another one ya?? Sorry

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Okay hafsaa…i am totally dead after hearing the new…firstly u are going to finish this and secondly a final bye!!! I was reading this during the que in universal studies and I think i am going to cry out loud…u can’t do this…i love ur ff and ur fantastic writing…moreover I don’t want to lose a friend like u….Ur news is giving me a heart attack….plz reconsider..?
    And the episode was awesome as always…all the emotions were so nicely described…but I can’t say anything more becoz ur news about leaving is making me sad toooo much…??

    1. Hafsaaa

      Aww don’t cry babe,there’s more ?? Thanks for commenting,and you got me emotional,yikes trying not to cry.There’s a bit hope that I might not end this ff but 50 sounds like a good stop.I can’t write any other ff,sorry.Moreover I am losing in my own writing and babe I am professional so my writing is nothing.And final goodbye will soon♥️ Don’t be disappointed but I am thinking to leave tellyupdates as well.Let’s see how my schedule goes,I got more than school to manage..ILYT???

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Don’t leave telly updates….??

    2. Hafsaaa

      Ya I can’t leave just one part,it’s either whole or nun ??

  5. Ahhh plz don’t stop writing?I loved your writing?and this episode was so heartbreaking one?poor krishna?that meghna?and well done❤it was very well written?

    1. Hafsaaa

      I’ll try not to ? Thanks for the support✔️


    Oh no please reconsider! I dont know what I’m going to do without an ff like yours!!! First the show is ending and now this ff, not all my sources of calmness and happiness can be ending!! And such a good friend… please reconsider ?

    And this episode was so perfectly sad and beautifully described… my heart broke when he lifted krishna gently and took her to her room and made her sleep…. just like my heart broke when i heard the news of you leaving… x

    1. Hafsaaa

      Seriously you’ll gonna make me cry,glad to know that my ff is a source of happiness for you,I’ll try to reconsider.Hearts don’t break that easily,word choice ?? Thanks again,means a lot ❤️

  7. Please don’t stop keep writing! It’s really good

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thank you so much jano,really means alot?

  8. Shaani

    Why r u stop writing… Idk why but I suggest u to start another story… Becoz we love ur writing style… N ideas… Plz consider about stop writing.. Plz don’t stop… Come up with another story…
    Coming to this episode… Lovely.. I hate Meghana.. I am waiting n excited to see what will happen … Plz update soon…

    1. Hafsaaa

      Well,I don’t want to start another chapter,where i am not even ready to hold the pen.Hehe Meghna is just a simple girl,but overloved ?☝️

  9. Noooooooo Hafsa’s you are not ending this story….I won’t let you

  10. No please don’t end this ff

    1. Hafsaaa

      Babe I’ll try to reconsider it?

  11. Dinu

    Noooooo ?????????? plz plz plz don’t end dis ff.plz reconsider ur decision. I love ur ff sooo much. We r already heartbroken hearing d nws of ssel ending. On top of dat u r also stopping ur ff n don’t even strt any nw ff.plz dr if u don’t want 2 strt nw ff it’s k at least plz don’t end dis .??????? btw 2dy epi was so emotional n heartbreaking. Feeling sad 4 kriyam. Plz post d nxt epi soon. Byee tc. I request u once again plz continue d ff.

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