K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 42

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K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•
Two strong arms pulled Krishna as the car rushes by.
Saiyyam-Krishna!!! Can’t you see,what if something had happened to you?
Krishna-Saiyyam I wa…
Saiyyam-(holding her cheeks) Please Krishna,I can’t let anything happen to you.Did you got hurt anywhere?
Krishna-How can I? You’re Always of there for me
Meghna-I think Krishna needs rest,you can carry me instead
Yuvaani-(coming from behind) What say Saiyyam?
Krishna looks down in disappointment,I wanted to stop Saiyyam but why would she? Meghna wasn’t doing anything wrong.Meghna moved towards Saiyyam with hope,but she forgot one thing,which was karma.She stepped forward but tripped over a rock causing her ankle to twist
Saiyyam-Are you okay?
Meghna-Not really.
Yuvaani-Looks like Krishna is only for saiyyam (smiling)
Saiyyam-Right Mrs. Saiyyam?
Saiyyam moved towards Krishna and took her in his arms.Saiyyam took steps with his beloved wife in his arms.The heat of the sun was sweating down saiyyam’s face.Krishna took her dupatta and covered it over her and saiyyam.

Krishna POV
As we moved further,salty drops invade his eyes.The way it highlights the contour of muscle reminds me of what a powerhouse he is.The pain was clearly visible on his oval face.He didn’t had to prove anything,His actions proved everything.As we reached the top of the temple,he gently place me down on the red-tiled floor.
Suhani-You guys made it,but where’s yuvaani and Meghna?
Saiyyam-Woah,Meghna’s ankle twisted so yuvaani took her home
Suhani-Oh,go head,take blessing from elders
Kriyam took blessings from preachers and dadi
Dadi-I have a thought,why not you and Krishna get married again
Saiyyam-No need of that dadi
Dadi-Saiyyam,please I want to see your marriage,it’s gonna be simply
Suhani-Dadi is right
Saiyyam-Okay ma
Scene shifts to dadi’s room
Meghna-But dadi?
Dadi-Just flow with me and I’ll be easier

-Kriyam room-
Krishna-I am so excited for our marriage Saiyyam
Saiyyam-Really or something else
Krishna-What do you mean??
Saiyyam-(pulling her closer) Our wedding night?
Krishna-(hitting on his chest in a playful way) Saiyyam!!
Saiyyam-I am excited too,I want to see your smile on our wedding day,I don’t believe in all rituals, I believe in you
Krishna-(hugging him) Saiyyam
Saiyyam hugged her back as the scene fades…
Preparations for kriyam marriage started in the birla house,Suhani and yuvaani were shown doing the food arrangements while yuvaan’s job was to manage decorations.
Suhani-Yuvaan,you’re still here,go fast and get Saiyyam ready..
Yuvaan-Yes ma
Meghna-(to dadi) Are you sure about this?
Dadi-For sure
-Yuvaan’s room-
Saiyyam-Bhai,do I look okay?
Saiyyam was dressed in a maroon sherwani,his black hair flipped back as he turned around to take a last look at himself before he headed towards the hall.

-Kriyam room-
Krishna’s hair were tied in a soft bun,with help of rose.She was dressed in a red and gold outfit.
Dadi-Not yet.
Priya-Huh? What’s more?
Dadi-Krishna,it’s our family ritual to cover your face
Priya-(covering her face) oh that’s not too hard
-Wedding place-(don’t know what it’s called)
Pandit-Call the bride please
Priya brought the bride as our groom was mesmerized by her beauty even though her face was covered.Soon the rituals happened,filling the forehead with sindoor,and other.
Pandit-The wedding has came to its end,I pronounces you both husband an..
Kaka(servant)-Saiyyam baba!!!!
Saiyyam-What happened
Kaka(servant)-Krishna bhabhi is unconscious in the store room..
The scene freezes there.

Krishna-How could you Saiyyam?
Krishna-Please leave

:As you guys know that ssel will be going off air on May 21st which means no more kriyam,this news broke my heart into pieces,but they will always remain in my heart.???? I tried but didn’t got time to write all day,sorry for the late update,another news will be coming soon:????

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  1. Intersting twist pls dont seprate kriyam next post soon

  2. Next upload plz today epi last part confusion preacp confusion

    1. Hafsaaa

      Sorry for the confusion ????

  3. Oh so sayyam married meghna?But yeah I’m also heartbroken?that it’s going off air?but what a show it was✌Well done to the main leads?and yeah coming to your ff it’s amazing?

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeah my favorite show? Gonna miss it a lot,but a bye is just the beginning to the next hello ?

  4. Shaani

    Omg… When I was read that first Half… I understood what is gonna happen.. Oh god… ?? ? ? I have nothing to say Dr…
    Waiting for the next part ?

  5. Nice episode

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thanks ❤️

  6. Dinu

    Oh no!!!?? I knew dis would happen. Plz don’t separate kriyam. Ugh! Dis megna.I just hate her??? nw Krishna will misunderstand sayyam. Poor sayyam. Feeling bad 4 him☹?? yeah dr I also heard yesterday dat ssel going off air.feeling so sad.nw no more kriyam????? hw I wish karan n shrishti get a main couple of a other show. Bt it will never happen. Plz post d nxt epi soon dr.nw only dis ffs can cure our hearts☹☹ bye tc

    1. Hafsaaa

      Aww ikr no more kriyam soon ??

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    Now thats a twist suspense girl…wow Hafsaa u nailed the episode..well I pretty well know its that witch Meghna in Krishna’s place…but anyways…can’t wait to see what happens next..u rocked it…and yeah I felt devasting at the SSEL going off air news…mean no more kriyam…i want to cry…?

    1. Hafsaaa

      Yeah.We never got actual kriyam scenes so I am bit sad.Never got the proper kriyam lovestory ?? Thanks ☝️??

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