K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta• Episode 41

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K.R.I.Y.A.M •BeNaam Rishta•

Saiyyam-What was that?

Krishna-Lets go and check

Saiyyam-But our romance…

Krishna-really Saiyyam?

Saiyyam-I am just kidding,lets go

When kriyam and the rest of the family came in the main hall.Meghna quickly ran and hugged Saiyyam.Saiyyam hugged her back,to comfort her.

Saiyyam-What happened?

Meghna-Sai..saiyyam I saw someone


Meghna-I don’t know

Krishna-You might be dreaming


Saiyyam-Come on,lets go Meghna

Meghna-Saiyyam,can you at least drop me by my room?


Saiyyam gave Meghna a shoulder and took Meghna to her room.He slowly placed her down and covered her with a blanket.

Meghna-(holding her hand) Don’t leave me

Saiyyam-You need to sleep now,good night

Meghna-Good night

-Kriyam room-
Saiyyam entered the room while Krishna was pacing back and forth in tension.

Krishna-Is Meghna okay now?

Saiyyam-She is,not me (smirking)

Krishna-I am sleepy now

Saiyyam-Really Krishna ?

Krishna took something from her wardrobe and headed towards the restroom

Saiyyam-Where are you going?

Krishna-I need to change,I can’t sleep in this

Saiyyam-Wait I am coming too


Saiyyam-I can’t sleep in this either

Krishna-Wait,I need to change first

Saiyyam-(dragging her in the restroom) We are changing together


The scene fades as the scene takes place in Meghna’s room

Dadi-What was that?

Meghna-Just a plan

Dadi-To do what?

Meghna-To stop Krishna’s and saiyyam’s closeness

Dadi-You thought that worked?

Meghna-I don’t know

Dadi-Think something bigger,it would help more

Meghna-But what?

Dadi-I know

Saiyyam wakes up to witness that the sunlight was distracting his wife’s peaceful sleep.Saiyyam took his hand and perfectly adjusted in between the Sun rays and Krishna’s face,which made Krishna’s squeeze her eyes.Saiyyam leaned closer to Krishna’s face and kissed her right eye,then left.Krishna smiled at her husband’s cuteness,she pulled his shirt and gently placed a kiss on his lips.Saiyyam’s eyes widen at the shocked situation,unexpected actions like these made by Krishna always made him fall for her harder.Saiyyam held her cheek and responded back.

Meghna-Saiyyamm!!! (Knocking on the door)

Krishna-(pushing him away) Saiyyam

Saiyyam-(Moving closer to her) Please Krishna don’t expect from me to open the door,I get few chances with you like these



Saiyyam got up and pulled down his shirt while Krishna smiles slyly.

Meghna-Saiyyam what took you so long???

Yuvaani-(coming from behind) Because now he’s married,he needs time to romance
with his wife ?


Yuvaani-I know ??

Meghna-I don’t care,Saiyyam guesss what??

Yuvaani-Today dadi decided to the couple ritual,where couples carry their wives up the mandir,you wants you and Krishna to come

Krishna-Of course we will

After yuvaani and Meghna left,Krishna headed towards her wardrobe to chose the
Clothes of the day.

Saiyyam-Waah,you’re so excited to come in my arms ?


Meghna-Me and saiyyam need to get some things from the market,why don’t you do with priya bhabi


Time pass,Krishna was waiting for saiyyam outside the mandir,while Meghna and saiyyam got off the car and headed towards mandir

{Krishna thinking:Where are you Saiyyam?}


Krishna turns around and BOOOM

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  1. Krishna??

  2. Superrrr

  3. Nice episode
    Eagerly waiting for next
    Plz update asap

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thanks ????

  4. A great fanfic so far. It’s my first comment on any fanfic and I am reading your fanfic from the beginning and it’s really good.

    1. Hafsaaa

      Thank you so much for commenting.??

  5. Oh god! wht happened 2 krishna???? plz post d nxt epi ASAP.u r making us desperate????loved 2dy epi & kriyam romance. He hee bye tc dr

    1. Hafsaaa

      Next one will be soon??

  6. Next upload plz very short & very let updates

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    I guess that witch will act that her leg is hurt and Saiyyam will carry her to the mandir….anyways, terrific episode…our Saiyyam is so naughty….loved the kriyam scenes….i hope u can have less work……and can have free time to update…best of luck with ur studies…

    1. Hafsaaa

      Gotta focus on studies more now.Too much to manage with help of 2 hands,leg and a brain.Trying to find free time on hope to write my thoughts yet time is playing games these days.Thanks for supporting and commenting..CLOCK IS TICKING❤️

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        I hope u will be able to excel in ur studies but plz don’t end this ff just yet… I will die if this ff is ended…i love ur writing a lot….and its great…great..great…so plz reconsider..?

      2. Hafsaaa

        I know but it’s more than studies,my schedule is busy and I do short updates which people don’t like,I try to update everyday but it just doesn’t work plus I am drepressed right now beause ssel will go off air in a month? So there’s no point of my ff to continue.I’ll rethink about it though?

  8. Shaani

    Omg…? what happened… ❔ waiting for the next episode… This meghna n dadi.. Oh god.. N yuvaani well said?

    1. Hafsaaa

      Nothing much though thanks ?

      1. Shaani

        Hy don’t end ur ff ok… It doesn’t matter about the length… It’s ok to be short…. N we r humans… N I know how much hard it to write a lengthy parts.. So don’t worry about length… N why will u think that there is no point of continue ur ff..come on yaar .. It’s a ff.. U can upload it thought it is off air…

  9. Fantabulous episode. The romance was just awesome. It was truly a very romantic one.
    I think krishna will turn to see sayyam carrying meghna up the stairs of the mandir or something that way. Anyways my guesses are always wronged so am eagerly waiting for the next..

    1. Hafsaaa

      Hehe no ways,there’s no wrong or right? Thanks again shivani,it really means alot♥️♥️??

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