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I am so sorry guys but I am really busy in my college. I missed writing this ff as much as you guys missed reading this ff (I hope you guys did miss this ff, right?). Please comment and show me how much you missed me. I was getting so less comments that I was sad and did not get any motivation to post. However, I thought I should at least give it a ending so I don;t have a burden to write this ff again. I am sorry if I am upsetting anyone but I am really sorry about this sudden end. Guys, I am reading other people’s ff and they are so good. And I feel like I am so bad at writing in front of your writing. So keep it up guys and now, I will stop my blabbering. This is a very long chapter and it took me 2 hours to write this, Please comment so that I know that I did this much hard work for a reason and that it was all worth it. Thank you guys!!!

The next morning, Swara woke up and realized that they were lying on the bed naked with just the blanket covering their body. Swara was in his arms and he was sleeping. She smiled and got up to take shower. She came out and saw Sanskar still sleeping. She went near him and tried to wake him up but it was no use. She thought of an idea. She put her wet hair on top of his face and suddenly he got up.
Sanskar: Swara, what is all this?
Swara: You told me that you are not going to wake up but I had to make you get up so I thought…
Saying this, she ran outside of the room. He smiled and got ready. The Gadodia family reached there and Swara was so happy to see all of them. She greeted all of them also her dad. Everyone was so surprised to see that especially Sumi and Shekher. Swara hugged Ragini and Sumi tightly. Sumi has tears but she controlled them. AP asked them all to join them for breakfast and everyone started having breakfast.

Swara decided to forgive her dad as she realized that life is too short to hold any grudges but she was just nervous to tell him that. Sanskar and Sumi understood her face but neither of them spoke as they thought she has to fight this battle of her on her own. Sanskar knew that this time will come but he did not imagine that it will come so soon and same with Sumi. Ragini, Sanskar and Laksh were having their own chitchat like friends whereas DP and Shekher were talking to each other. Sumi and AP were helping Swara serving the food but Swara was just lost. Sanskar and Sumi both stared at each other and asking each other to encourage Swara. They both knew Swara and they both did not want to say anything to her. Swara accidentally saw both of them eyeing each other and she whispered into Sumi’s ear something.
Swara: Maa, what you and Sanskar are planning against me?
Sumi: My son and me can plan anything. Why would we tell you anything to you? It’s our secret.
Swara looked at Sanskar who just turned his face quickly towards Ragini and Laksh pretending to pay attention to their talks. Swara just shook her head and continued serving.

When everyone finished their breakfast, they all moved to the living room to talk and enjoy. Swara brought tea for everybody and served to all of them. Sumi and Shekher were so happy to see Swara so responsible and working like a proper daughter-in-law. They all were enjoying and when Swara moved to the kitchen, Sanskar excused himself.
Ragini: Sanskar, she will be back in a bit. You should have some patience.
Laksh: Ragini, don’t you know that Sanskar was born without patience?

Everyone laughed while Sanskar gave death glare to both of them. Sanskar quickly ran from there and went to the kitchen. He saw Swara taking deep breaths and waiting by the stove. Sanskar went to her and back hugged her. Swara was startled seeing him in the kitchen and she totally forgot about her nervousness.
Swara: What the hell are you doing here, Sanskar? Anyone can come here? Leave me.
She was struggling to get free form his tight hold but Sanskar being Sanskar didn’t leave her for a single second. She turned to face him and he nuzzled his face in her neck.
Swara: Sanskar, please leave me.
Sanskar: I can’t stop myself to come near you when I know that now; nobody can stop me from loving you. After all, we are legally husband and wife.
Swara: We are but not right now. I am already very nervous and here, you are planning to give me a heart attack.
Sanskar: Oh really, what are you so nervous about?
He faced her and he knew what she was nervous about. But he just wanted to listen her point of view.
Swara: Actually… Sanskar… Actually, I was thinking that I should tell Shek… I mean dad that I am ready to give him a second chance.

Sanskar: That’s great! I knew that your mind would come to right place at some point of time.
Swara: What? You are such a monkey. I hate you.
Sanskar started laughing but Swara can’t stop staring at him. He made her life so pretty and filled her life with so much happiness. He caught her staring at him and pecked her lips. She was shocked and punched his stomach to which he said “ouch.”

Sanskar: Are you mad or what? You can’t just go around and punch your husband like a punching bad?
Swara: Oh really, then how should I punch you?
Sanskar: You shouldn’t punch me at all.
Swara: Ok, I won’t punch you at all from now. I would just kick you.
Sanskar: What?
They both laughed and Sanskar just hugged her. Swara hugged him a little tight worried what she will face after forgiving her dad.
Swara: No one will stare at me when I forgive him, right?
Sanskar: What?
Swara: Yeah, I hate when people stare at you like you did something big.
Sanskar: You know you are crazy, right?
Swara: I know. Sanskar, I am scared.
Sanskar just hugged her more close and told her that whatever she will decide, he will be always with her.
Swara: Ok, then let’s go and get it over with.
Sanskar: After you, Jhansi ki Rani!

They both went outside and saw the Gadodia family leaving. Ragini hugged her and said good-bye. She hugged all of them except Shekher but he was used to it so he didn’t feel that bad. She was just eying Sanskar to which he was encouraging her to go to him and tell him good-bye and forgive him.
She hesitantly went up to Shekher to which he was shocked. She suddenly hugged him and started sobbing. Shekher did not know what to do except to just stand there and hug her back. Sumi also started crying and everyone in the hall was so happy. Sumi and Shekher just stared at each other seeing their family complete. Sanskar just went to Sumi and side hugged her. She just muttered thank you to him to which he just wiped her tears. DP and AP were proud of their children and Ragini and Laksh just smiled seeing everything.
Swara: Now never leave us, Dad.
Shekher just tightened the hug and said: Never.

They both broke the hug and he wiped her tears and she smiled. After this entire emotional scene, they left their home truly happy. DP and AP blessed her and assured her that she did the right thing. She nodded and they left to their home. Laksh also went to his friends’ house. Swara and Sanskar stared at each other lovingly when Sanskar broke this eye lock and asked her to accompany him to their room. Swara was so confused but she followed him anyway. When they both reached the room, he handed her an envelope and asked her to open it. She opened it and Sanskar was just waiting for her reaction but nothing gave away. She just looked at him so happy and just hugged him.

Swara: We are actually going to Paris?
Sanskar: Yes, we are. I want to spend sometime alone with you away from all these responsibilities.
Swara: I am so excited.
Sanskar: Now you cannot just leave me on the bed giving me an excuse of the family. I will not let you leave the bed the whole week.
Swara blushed and said, “I love you so much, Sanskar.”
Sanskar: I know and I love you more.
Swara just smiled and hugged him: And also, thank you so much. If you were not there, I would never be able to do what I did just few minutes ago. It feels like I have finally dropped such a heavy weight from my shoulders.
Sanskar: I am always there for you if you don’t even need me.
Swara: I would always need you.

They both looked at each other lovingly. Sanskar held her waist and pulled her closer. He bent down, his lips against her cheek, brushing it lightly – and still that light touch sent shivers through her nerves, and shivers that made her whole body tremble. He bent back her head across his arm and kissed her, softly at first, and then with a swift gradation of intensity that made her cling to him as the only solid thing in a dizzy swaying world. His insistent mouth was parting her shaking lips, sensing wild tremors along her nerves; evoking her sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. He is everywhere up her back and over her arms and suddenly he is kissing her harder, deeper, with a fervent urgent need. She knotted her fists in his shirt, pulling him harder against her, He groaned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circled her, gathering her against him, and they fell on the bed, tangled together, still kissing.


Please comment and tell me how you liked this chapter and also tell me if you guys need an epilogue. It will take some time to write the epilogue but I will surely write it if there are enough comments on this chapter…. 🙂

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