Just like that, we became shrenal — kunal and surbhi in nyc+michmichi feelings

The plane landed in nyc. Two people came out. One with long hair and a beard and another in a short blue dress.

Yes both surbhi and kunal.

Surbhi: finally we are in New York. Now we will sort you out.

Kunal: you really hate me.

Surbhi: yes I do. More than anything else!

She goes and kunal follows her running.


Shrenu’s house:

Shrenu woke up feeling tired. She slowly stood up and checked her phone. She checked the news and it said:


Shrenu: he didn’t marry bharati. Wow!

She keeps her phone aside and goes to the bathroom as she felt something about to come….

Later on that day:

A doctor was checking shrenu and her baby.

Doctor: miss parikh, what I suggest is that have a lot of fresh air, then you won’t feel queasy and child will be healthy.

Shrenu: ok thank you.

The doctor leaves and shrenu founds her pink coat. Then she goes out of her house:


Kunal and surbhi were showing everyone shrenu’s picture.

Surbhi: hello sir, you seen this girl?

Man: no.

Kunal: got some information??

Surbhi: no……this is all your fault!!!!

Kunal: How is this….. oh!

Surbhi: EXACTLY!

As kunal was trying to find shrenu, a girl in a pink coat and blue jeans entered the park. Her long curly hair in a ponytail. Yes our shrenu.

You know the feeling of love?

The sky changes colour.

Music plays in the wind.

Hair flies in the air.

Also known as michmichmi feeling.





Mainu ishq tera lae dooba
Haan ishq tera lae dooba (x2)

Aisa kyun hota hai
Tere jaane ke baad
Lagta hai haathon mein
Reh gaye tere haath

Tu shaamil hai mere
Hansne mein, rone mein
Hai kya koyi kami
Mere paagal hone mein

shrenu in mind: why does the sky seem orange?

Kunal in mind: what’s that music?

Also butterflies in stomach.

Shrenu felt something tickling in her stomach. She thought her child was up to something in the womb. She keeps her hand on it and says: oh baby, Mama Ko Maat parrshaan karo.

The tickling sound was still there. Kunal also felt it.

Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

Har dafa wahi
Jaadu hota hai tu jo mile
Ho… sab sanwar jaata hai
Yaara andar mere…

Ik lamhe mein kitni
Yaadein ban jaati hain
Main itna hansti hoon
Aankhen bhar aati hai

Mainu ishq tera le dooba
Haan ishq tera le dooba (x2)

Their hair flew deeply in the air even though it wasn’t windy.

Kunal in mind: this feeling…..

Shrenu in mind: why do I feel that…..

Both in mind: he/she is here.

Precap: stuck in a taxi together

Sorry for the most boriest chapter in history.

So who gets stuck In the taxi together?

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