Just hold my hand (RagSan OS)

Hello dear readers,today I’m here with a a RagSan Oneshot well its not a proper oneshot because it’s too short but still… hope you like it  .

Just hold my hand 



Don’t talk to me.
You don’t have a brain .
You stupid brainless girl.
Eww… get away from me

“Nooo”. Ragini shouted and woke up from her sleep.

Once again she heard same voices in her sleep. These nightmares haunted her almost every night. These were not just her nightmares but these were the actual things people always told her when she was a kid. Her life was normal now but these nightmares haunted her still. She cried at how people treated her when she was kid and she couldn’t help but think that one day love of her life, her husband , Sanskar will also hate her.

She was shaking and breathing very fast.

“Ragini.. are you okay?”. Sanskar came running from balcony when he heard his Ragini screaming.

He knew she had those nightmares again . He sat beside her and started rubbing her back to calm her down.
She tried not to break down again but tears escaped from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks .

“I am not worth living Sanskar , I don’t have any right to be happy”. She said crying.

“Ragini , love, listen.. you’re the most beautiful and amazing person I have ever seen, and you have all right to be happy”. Sanskar said wiping her tears.

“No… all those people are right, I should not live…. everyone hates me … even you’ll hate me after sometime”. Ragini said ,her breathing got even more faster.

“Everyone loves you Ragini, I can never hate you , don’t listen to all those people… No one hates you … I love you”. Sanskar said taking her hands into his .

“But..”. Ragini looked in sanskar’s eyes and said.

“Shh.. nothing will happen, everything will be alright. , just go to sleep or you will fall sick”. Sanskar said wrapping his arms around her .
Ragini’s head was resting on his chest.  She was still scared from the nightmare.

“You won’t hate me like everyone na?”. She asked sanskar with fear filled in her voice.

“No.. I love you, and I will always do , I will always be there for you..”. Sanskar said hugging her even tighter .
She was still breathing very fastly

He knew she got scared , he knew this was what doctor called a problem but for him it wasn’t a problem, Ragini was not a problem, he knew she would stop getting these nightmares one day , she didn’t needed treatment, she only needed love and care.

“Now go to sleep , you need proper sleep love”. Sanskar said pulling back from hug to adjust the pillows .

“No I won’t ,they will … they will come again if I sleep”. She said .

“Nothing will happen, you’ll be alright, we will be alright.” Sanskar said calming her down.

“Nothing will happen na? “. She asked sanskar again.

“Hmm.. nothing will happen..just hold my hand and go to sleep” . Sanskar said forwarding his hand .

She took his hand and held it close to her chest. Sanskar leaned forward to kiss her forehead. And then she closed her eyes , She felt really safe when he was around her .
She held his hand tightly. And Sanskar  sat there watching Ragini with fond as she went back to her sleep.


Well I know this oneshot is really bad and stupid so I won’t feel bad if you tell that you didn’t liked it. So give me honest opinions.
one night I just thought how comfortable a  person will feel if someone is there with them when they wake up at midnight due to   nightmares , because I know  Nightmares are really scary and they are even worse if you have experienced those things in reality as a kid and then I wrote this.

If you liked it then please like and comment.
And tell me on which couple should I write next OS ?


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    Why she’s scared? u should show her past.

    1. Riyaditi

      Thanks… I mentioned it that she was treated badly when she was a kid that’s why she get those dreams

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      Thanks and yes its too short ?

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    Simply superb dr. The way sanskar cares for ragini is just awesome. Next os also only on RAGSAN and big one?

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