Junooniyat Hai Yahi (Sort of short story) Part 4

Hey guys I am back with my fourth part sorry for delay as I was stuck in an issue…. and yes I read an article it was about Anu/nisha’s copy-paste work so I would like to be honest with you guys that I don’t know that this story has been written or not but this is my own creativity and I was planning to write this story from many days so if someone thinks that this kind of matter has already been uploaded then pls wait as the end of this story may differ….now lets start

Same evening
While everyone left for their respective homes two hidden lovers were trying to confess their feelings
Manik:umm….are we…friends?
Nandini(being a little happy):Umm…ya ofcourse why not we are
Nandini:ya why
Manik:I thought that you too hated me
Nandini:no…never I toh..(stopped thinking what she was going to say)
Manik(smiling as he got everything which was running in her mind):What complete it!
Nandini(blushing hard):No….nothing….i was just
Manik(coming forward):Yes what nandini come on speak up
Nandini’s heart skipped a beat and she too started moving back
Finally pinning Nandini to wall he spoke up:Nandini I don’t know how would you react after knowing the biggest truth of my life but I want you to know this that i….
Nandini:Yes manik speak
Manik:I Love You Nandini

Nandini couldn’t believe her ears that what they had heard and she immediately k
Nandini(breathing heavily):I love you too Manik
Bg song:Humnava
Hey Humnava mujhe apna bana le
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
Kab se main dar dar phir raha
Musaafir dil ko panaah de
Tu awaargi ko meri aaj thehra de
Ho sake toh thoda pyaar jataa de
Sookhi padi iss dil ki zameen ko bhiga de
Murjhaayi si shaakh pe dil ki
Phool khilte hain kyun
Baat gulon ki zikr mehak ka
Acha lagta hai kyun
Un rango se tune milaaya
Jinse kabhi main mill na paaya
Dil karta hai tera shukriya
Phir se bahaare tu laa de
Dil ka soona banjar mehka de

Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de
hmm.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
Waise toh mausam guzre hain
Zindagi mein kayi
Par ab naa jaane kyun mujhe wo
Lag rahe hain haseen
Tere aane par jaana maine
Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main
Jeene lagaa hoon main ab ye fizaayein
Chehre ko chhooti hawaayein
Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
O.. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

And they both spent their whole night in eachother’s embrace
Next Morning
This time the sir came first so nobody could warmup but two people were able to seek glance of eachother
Sir:Alright today we’ll start with a new lesson….and they danced on a new song
Sir:so is this clear
All:yes sir

Sir: good come raglak lets star with you guys today come on
Raglak:Ya sir
And they exchanged a glance of each other and then started dancing
(Bg song:Fitoor)

Zindagi ne ki hai kaisi sazishein
Poori hui dil ki woh farmaishe
Maangi dua ek, tujh takk ja pahunchi
Parvardigara, parvardigara
Kaise sunni thune meri khamoshi
Oh parvar digara
He held her waist tightly as if assuring to always be with her
Yeh fitoor mera laya mujhko hai tere kareeb
Yeh fitoor mera rehmat teri
Yeh fitoor mera maine badla re mera naseeb
Yeh fitoor mera chahat teri
Oh parvardigara, parvardigara

Dheeme dheeme jal rahi thi khwaishein
Dil mein dabbi
Ghut rahin farmaishein
Banke dhuan woh
Tujh takk jaa pahunchi
Parvardigara (parvardigara)
Deewaangi ki hadd maine nochi, O parvardigara
She responded his every move with passion, trust and loads of love

And they finished the song fully engrossed in each other
Sir:Superb you guys make it easier for me to teach good keep it up
And then all the couples danced and now its swasan’s turn
Sanskar:Ready baby
Swara:Stop calling me that idiot
Sanskar:Then you tell me what should I call you
Swara: Please stay away from me why don’t you get it at once I am not made for all tjis
Sanskar:Soon you’ll be baby have patience

And she looked at sanskar and saw trust,loyalty and love for herself in his eyes….in short they had a sweet eyelock
And they too danced with the same passion and love this time swara couldn’t take her eyes off sanskar and he too was busy staring her….
The song finished with the love birds engrossed in each other
Sir:Brilliant….we’ll star with a new lesson tomorrow…good evening

Sanskar:Actually I wanted to ask you that are you free tomorrow evening after the class
Swara(without thinking much):Yup…but why?
Sanskar:Wo actually I wanted you to come with me for a date….so will you?
Swara’s pov
I don’t understand why is this happening to me.Now should I go or not….no I should not go….b ut then he’ll be behind me I think I should go I will not tell him the truth but will clear out everything with him…yes say yes swara.
Swara:Yes…I’ll come….even I wanted to talk to you and now I think its important to clear out everything between us so what time?
Sanskar:a…aftervthe class just be ready and come to the near by park ok!
Swara:Ok bye

So here you go and now sorry this episode was written long back but could not upload…registration problem now everything is set so will upload next soon bbye love u loads

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