junoon wala ishq -twinj epi 3

helllooo frnds i m really very happy dat u all liked it
n now result dat twiraj will marry or not
so tamam cmntes ko madde nazar rakht hue sana(aamu)ne ye faisla liya ki twiraj ki shadi……..
(to know dat dey will marry or not read d epi)

no more bak bak

epi 3

episode starts with kunj gets surprised to see dat electricity goes …but den thinks:who had done dis,means any1 else also want to stop d marriage…oops y i m thinking all dis.i hav to execute my plan…..run kunj run
n den he again start to run

here tw n uv r soo happy but den der happiness again turn into tears yes frnds electricity cmes
n now evry again gets again except twiraj n paditji again starts mantra n d pheras again starts
remember two pheras r left
tw (thinks):i hav to do smthing to stop d marriage but wat?
her thought cm to n end wen she sees smthing(want to see)
tw:aag aag

uv smirks
(yes frnds uv had put d cloth which dey r tied in fire dn dis to stop marriage)(how dare he put tw life in danger ……….huh)
tw (thinks):yes yes………hash yuvi had done smthing to stop d marriage but it is also temperory i hav to do smthing fast
and tw acts to fell unconcious at d same time mahi also acts to fall unconcious
(dono sis k dimag me ek hi idea……….wah)
evry gets shocked to see both d sis unconcious at d same time…but dey get more shock to see smthing else also(want to see…read further)
now d camera shows to whom dey sees n gets shocked.it is non other dan……our handsome hunk KUNJ…..kunj was standing at d main door fully injured (ghaayal….omg kisne mara ise jisne b mara use saja e ….i cant giv anypunishment without any proof)
here kunj sherwani is teared nthough his mouth blood is cming s sm1 has badly beaten him
sry for d short update yaar but i m very busy s ramadan is going on…n den school n tuitions test…hav to prepare so i can giv dis much length only if u want daily.plz wish me luck for my test

n u know i had lied to mah mder in ramzan (m feeling vry sad for dat)i had tell her dat i m playing game to frshen up my mind…actually my mind gets fresh seeing ur cmnts n for cmnts i hav to upload d epi..so plz i can giv dis much length bear me

n m vry happy dat u all liked it
n yaa d result is dat twiraj will not marry
sry for diappointing rahiverma,sayeeda,sameera,arundhati aka dremery sry but wat can i do d majority of twiraj to not get married as more
but very thanx f suggesting also

thank u u for supporting me even silent reader also thnku i had replied to all of dem who had cmntd
thanx to rashiverma,sayeeda,sameera,angita,,sidmin,shreya,sohi,mehek,zarmeen,lvly(shreya),fan,shatakshi,dreamer_arundhi,chehek,aashi,purnima,agarwal,zikra,riya,mannat
(sry if i had forget anyones name)
thank u so much for ur support yaar n keep supporting like dis only n hope u dont hav any problem with length of epi i cant giv anymore longer n yaa keep thinking how d marriage stop it will stop by hook or bu crook
(m vry budhdu na to open d suspense na?)
thank u for cmnting

loads of love
oooooooooooooooooo ruko kaha scroll down kar rahe ho
hey saby y r u not poting ur epi 11 of i m a devil of my angel..yaar waiting for dat
n too all d writers who not posting plz yaar itna mat tdpaoo or
n pali cm back soon from london n post d epi asap..missing too much yaar

by all u ye final hai haa

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  1. Mannat

    Damn again suspense …. pls post next one asap …. your suspense will make me for one day ??? ????? wel epi was amazing

    1. hey mannat first of all thanx for cmnting n sorry for d suspense n anoder sorry too bcoz i forget to write precap
      precap:twinj r shown in tw room n …….twiraj marriage ….stoped

  2. SidMin

    Thanks for not making Twiraj marry and hope they stop the marriage

    1. thanx sidmin for cmntng n d preap i forget to mention plz read from d repy i had to mannat

  3. Sayeeda

    Not to say sorry …I told na final decision depends on votes but still I’m happy that they will not marry ..love ur short nd cute epi

    1. hey sayu thanx for cmntng yaar
      n m haapy dat u liked d epin disppointd for stopping marrige

  4. Fan

    Lol everyone is trying to stop the marriage with their acts..super dimag..btw the epi was awesome…

    1. thanx for readng cmntng fan

  5. Angita

    Thanks twiraj for not marrying .both mahi and twinkle fainting together was funny.thanks for the update.happy ramzan.awesome episode.sorry yaar because of us you had to lie to your mother

    1. thanx angita for cmntng yaar n m glad dat u iked it
      n dont b sorry i m only at fault to lie to my mumma as i am addicted to u all

  6. Angita

    Thanks twiraj for not marrying .both mahi and twinkle fainting together was funny.thanks for the update.happy ramzan.awesome episode.

  7. Shatakshi

    Hey sana
    It was really Awesome
    Loved it??

    1. thanx shatakshi m glad dat u liked it

  8. It’s super bt highly suspense waiting fr next post

    1. thanx dolly n sry too i forget to giv precap sorry
      u can read precap from d reply of mannat

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    It was amazing as well as funny too…..
    Bt yr itta suspense…uffff….kuch toh batao aage ka…

    1. thanx purnima sry for d suspnse i forget to giv precap
      u can read preacap from mannats reply

  10. thanx all of u for cmnting n sorry i forget to write pecap so sorry

  11. Sameera

    Yep it’s fine final decision depends on u ??? wah superbb n cute epi
    Waiting for the next epi
    Plzz post it soon

    1. Aamu

      thanx sam

  12. Sry for late commenting…
    Epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it….
    Dono sis k dimag….?????
    Do cont asap

    1. Aamu

      its k zikra u r not late
      n thanks or cmntng

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome. …im also lying to my mom in Ramadan that im playing gmes while i m reading ffs here. .srry mom…what to do yaar…tum sab itne acche stories likhte hona to main apne aap ko rok nai sakti..keep writing. ..

    1. Aamu

      here d same i m addicted to d ff
      bdw thanx for cmntng

  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sanu aka amu dear its fine if its short but it was wonderful epi
    Ctd soon

    1. Aamu

      thank u so much dreamer….arundhati

  15. osm sana so finally twinkle n uvraj wont marry yes

    1. Aamu

      thanx baby

  16. Shreya098

    wonderful episode….glad to know that twiraj will not get married…
    and sorry as I am super late in commenting…

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