JUNOON – PART – 34, Meeting New People!!!

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Part 34:-Meeting New People!!!

Meera’s POV:
I entered the hall where Arjun told me to come for his so called party, I am sure he is upto something, all the lights were off, darkness filled the room as I walked further, I expected to have some light in some corner of the room, might be I was early to the hall, he told he had friends here, he might have gone out with someone…I consoled myself as I continued walking.
It was still dark.
“Bhoo…”Someone jumped in front of me while I closed my eyes, not in fear but in confusion, I heard someone laugh, I opened my eyes. The lights were on now.
“Meera, right??”A girl standing in front of me asked smiling while I nodded confused.
“Shivanya…Arjun’s friend, I think he must have told you about me, I am his best friend…”She continued speaking while I looked at her with confusion.
“Now done with your surprises, I told you Alisha that I did not tell Meera about you…”I heard Arjun’s voice from back who came out from…I think a hiding place.
“How bad Arjun, I am your best friend and she the Love of your life, you told neither of us about each other…”The girl, Shivanya went to Arjun with a pout, I was still confused.
“I didn’t got time…” Arjun replied plainly looking at me as if somewhere I was at fault in all this.
“Wow…you didn’t got time to tell her about me…Ok but to tell me about her? You both had a Love Marriage and you…you didn’t even tell me…” Shivanya said glaring angrily at Arjun,I realized I wasn’t the only one to shout on him, I felt sad I wasn’t.
“Stop it now Shivanya, see how uncomfortable Meera Bhabhi is getting…”Said a boy coming out of another hiding place, Ok sorry…I meant a whole lot of 15-20 people coming out, one boy out of them speaking.
“But Rithik…”
“Shivanya…”He hugged Shivanya from side with a smile, Shivanya already seemed to stop in her words, she was blushing at this sudden hug.
“By the way, I am Rithik Bhabhi…Arjun’s collage friend and so is Shivanya and infact all of us…” Rithik, the boy said with a smiling face while he left Shivanya, I smiled at him and all others.
“You all live here??”I was confused.
“No Meera, They are my collage friends, I studied in Delhi, Our marriage happened in such a hurry,I couldn’t tell them about it so called them all here for a party…”Arjun said coming towards me as he hugged me from side smiling, I tried to get free while smiling to all of them.
“Liar…”I whispered looking into his eyes remembering that he told me he had friends here, he winked , still smiling….Ugh…this smile is irritating.
“ Ok so Meera, I’ll introduce you to all these Nautanki’s one by one…”Shivanya said coming towards me smiling while she looked at Arjun raising her eyebrows.
“What??” Arjun smiled.
“Atleast leave her now…” She laughed while Arjun left me acting as if embarrassed, I don’t really know whats gonna happen next, all my plans for today night… broken.
Shivanya held my hand as she took me around the hall making me meet all friends of Arjun, they were all so excited on meeting me as if I did a miracle by making Arjun so calledly fall for me , I was tired of fakely smiling to all of them and their words but the thought that all of them gathered here only to meet me was sufficient to make me continue this.
Some time in the party passed like this.

Arjun’s POV:
I was standing near the bar counter now as Shivanya came to me slipping in from Meera.
“Arjun, I am still angry with you and you are here drinking…You know I hate someone drinking and why did you called Mohit, Rakesh and all those Morons here, you know they are not good people…”She said staring at me as I was about to take a sip, I kept down the glass.
“Shivanya, they are my friends, How could I not call them?? And why to worry, they know you…Karate Champ…”I smiled.
“But Meera doesn’t…She is so innocent, so sweet…I can imagine it from a few minutes of conversation and they…you know them better than me…”
“First of all, cut the misconception, she is no innocent girl…she is a danger game…she threw me out of room on our first night and…”I stopped in my words realizing I was going to disclose my secret to her, our secret to her.
“Wow…Typical Husband-Wife haan…But why she did this…”Shivanya laughed.
“Don’t ask, I can’t tell you…”
“You and your secrets but chalo…won’t interfere , you both are husband-wife…so leave it…but tell me everything else…How everything started…”Shivanya beamed with excitement.
Now I need to tell her all that fake story, I am ready.

Meera’s POV:
Damn, even Shivanya left me alone with almost no one I knew, What to do , I was moving around confused as someone tapped by back, I turned .
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