Junoon 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 9th April 2013 Written Update
The show starts with Meera waiting under her veil waiting eagerly for Prithvi.He enters and reluctantly approaches her after closing the door.
He sits near her tries to hold her hand and lifts her veil.
Aakash is driving very roughly and is distracted as he’s only thinking about his old time with Meera.He has flashback of Meera and Prithvi marriage and says that Meera belongs to him only and no stranger can touch her.
He stops at a certain point in his way and sees a tree he drives purposely towards the tree and collides with it.His head is bleeding but is still happy to use it as an excuse to stop the couple nuptial night.

Akash calls on Meera phone and Prithvi goes to answer.He tells him about his accident and Prithvi runs to save him after announcing Meera about the accident.
She also goes along with him, while they are rushing towards the main door the dadi sees them and they tell her about Akash and the accident.
Prithvi and Meera find Akash unconscious and takes him to the hospital. All the Khannas’ family rush to see how is he.RK asks Meera about akash and what did the doc say.She says he’ll be fine and have faith in God.
JJB taunts Meera for being unauspicious for the Khanna family as first RK fell down the stairs and now akash met with an accident.Rk stops her…
Prithvi feels bad when JJB taunts Meera.
They meet Akash after her dressing and Prithvi and Meera stay with him through the night at the hospital(But before the doc said as he regains his conscious he can go home) The next morning the nurse gives Prithvi the prescriptions and asks him to buy the medicines.

The wardboy brings breakfast for Aakash and he acts as if he does not want to eat so Meera makes him eat with her hands and he keeps on giving big smiles.(Meera does not see him smiling??) he relaxes and closes his eyes. Prithvi brings the medicines and when Meera is moving something falls and both Prithvi and Meera bend down to pick it and they have an eyes lock right away akash opens his eyes and sees them. Prithvi asks Meera to calls the nurse and Meanwhile he asks about the accident to akash who says lots of false stuffs to Prithvi. The latter promises Aakash to be with him everytime(Babysitter) akash thinks no one will touch him and Prithvi will not be able to touch his Meera.

Prithvi and Meera are sitting on a bench in the hospital room and Akash wakes up to see Meera sleeping, lying her head on Prithvi shoulder, this furious him more.
akash in his room gets up from the bed and Meera walks in with a jar of water and searches for him.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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