Junoon 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 8th March 2013 Written Update

part 1
everyone at the dining table..khanna announces that they are gonna get a big clothes order from a US delegation.. he plans to invite them home.. khanna’s wife says that he should invite them home and they will serve an indian meal to them and impress them for the deal.. prithvi smirks..
aksh asks prithvi to join in the project.. and asks him to join in the meeting.. khanna asks meera to join in too as in future she will need to help akash in business..prithvi is jealous and stares at meera
mrs.khanna says that y are they involving prithvi in the meeting… but dadi says that its a good idea and its better he involves and starts his involvement in business.. dadi says that they have shifted prithvi from guest room to another room.. he needs to feel like a family member..khanna and aksh leave and ask prithvi to join in making the presentation

meera is getting prithvi;s clothes arranged in his new room.. prithvi enters and protests.. but meera says that she is helping him in shifting and sorts out his dirty clothes and sends them to laundry..
she then gives him a suit and asks him to wear it for the meeting..prithvi says that she reminds him of his teacher who always used to order him.. but he left the school and hanged the teacher in the street.so better meera stops ordering him..he refuses to wear the suit.. meera asks him to cool down by meditation and wear the suit or whatever he wants..

meera and prithvi move at the same time and end up clashing into each other.junoon bg
prithvi moves bacck and miu;s hair stuck in his arm..he removes andd moves again..again her hair gets stuck..eye lock again….

in the hall
akash and khanna ready for the meeting..prithvi and miu join.. aksh trying to explain everythibg to prithvi.. the delegates come and welcomed.. they stare at prithvi..aksh about to start the meeting.. prithvi says that first they need to eat and brings a plate full of samosas and starts eating alone.. every1 is shocked.. the delegates ask who is he.. akash gets up and introduces him as prithvi khanna.. and says that he will join the project as he is the elder son in the house

part 2

aksh starts presentation.. miu’s dress zip is open one of the guys is staring at her prithvi adjusts his chair and opens a huge fils to block his view.. anyways deal is donethey proceed for dinner.. miu and mrs.khanna are serving food.. prithvi is restless and miu’s dress zip is open..one of the guys still eyeing miu .. prithvi gets up and starts walking behind her to cover her ..

part 3

one of the delegates ask khanna for a help as they want a land to set up a factory and the land they have seen belongs to some farmers.. prithvi gets furious..prithvi gives him properly.. he gives him a rwality check about the farmers that the crores they will earn out of that factory will leave many farmers begging for a living .. he says that he will make sure they dont get the land.

prithvi gets meera to a room and tells her that her zip is open.. meers tries to fix it but her hand is unable to reach.. prithvi pulls her into his arms and fixes it.khanna’s sister sees everything and smirks

Update Credit to: namratavyas

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