Junoon 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 8th April 2013 Written Update

1) Episode started off with Miu suddenly realizing that Akash is missing and Prithvi too wonders where he is. Akash is shown getting out of his SUV and screaming in pain (pain of losing Miu I mean). Next, he’s brings some wooden sticks, piles them up and lights a fire. Miu, you got married to the man you love, now, it’s my turn to marry you (shame to shame). He takes out her photograph kachhaaang from inside his sherwani (wow, banda is totally prepared I tell you) and starts going around the fire. The mantras are playing in BG and he is doing the saath phere uttering his vows or never leaving her, he loves her above all, will always take care of her and never leave her (this new method of getting married is something that i just lobhed sooo much )

2) Prithvi and Miu at the house ready to enter. Kiran (Akash’s mom) is very upset and she blames Miu for playing games with them, getting engaged to Akash and almost got married to him and then she did her tamasha. She broke the family’s trust. Miu apologizes for not telling the truth earlier. She tells them Akash was the one who brought her here so that she and Prithvi can get closer to each other. Infact he was the one who helped them a lot. Kiran is still not agreerable and blames her husband. Pappa tries to convince her that he too was in the dark until Sudha ji told him. If the marraige had happened, it would have been a disaster considering Miu loves Prithvi.

3) Dadi too tries her best to convince Kiran, when Akash makes his grand entrance and takes Dadi’s side. He comes into the house by separating Miu and Prithvi (clear indicator he’ll cause big trouble for them ). He tells all that he wanted Prithvi and Miu to get married (though mann hi mann mein he’s cursing Prithvi ), but maiyya still unhappy. Dadi gives aarti and asks Miu to step in right foot first. Dadi calls to the others for making further arrangements (yooohoooo ). Prithvi and Miu both thank Akash for his support. Without him none of this would have been possible. Prithvi says he came with the feeling of hatred but Akash changed him with his love (just you wait Prithvi until you see his true colors). He hugs Akash and says though he’s the big brother Akash proved that he has a bigger heart (yeah right). Meanwhile, dadi calls out to Miu and she looks at Prithvi as though for approval, sees his slight nod and goes smiling (I just loved this little touch )

4) Next rasm, bride and groom need to search for the ring that’s in milk. Dadi tells Miu and Prithvi that whoever loses will listen to the other all their lives . Prithvi and Meera silently challenge each other, he by touching his mooch and she by raising her chin slightly . Dadi is pretty certain Meera will win and this lamba pehelwan will listen to her all his life (so true, I can easily see this happening). Pappa takes Prithvi’s side and Sudha ji’s on her daughter’s side. When Ramdhari is asked to support Prithvi, he says it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s actually LOVE THAT WON (hear, hear ). Akash is burning with jealousy and all kinds of negative feelings inside because he lost the woman he loves a lot; it’s not so easy to accept such a defeat.

5) Hmmm, of course it’s Meera who wins and she raises her brows slightly at Prithvi and smiles; he’s miffed. . Dadi tells Prithvi he’ll be her ghulam. Miu gives him worried looks thinking he’s upset, which he is initially, but then he looks at her, has a tiny smile and says ‘MANZOOR HAIN’ (wah bhaiyya, here’s a smart one who knows his place). Dadi asks for the kangan to be brought; Prithvi and Meera stand up and keep looking at each other as though trying to make themselves believe this is all true. Kangan are brought and Prithvi puts them on on Meera and the love birds continue to give each other loving looks . Poor Akash is almost in tears (my heart went out to him) .

6) Akash is burining in the hell called jealousy. He vows that he’ll not let Prithvi get close to Miu and will make sure their relationship never moves further and Prithvi will never be his Miu’s husband. There’s a huge difference between Prithvi and Akash just like earth and sky (zameen aur aasman ka farq) and this difference is what he’ll use to separate them.

Precap: Akash deliberately hits his SUV against a tree and is hurt. Prithvi is lifting Meera’s ghunghat when he gets a phone call; he picks it up and it’s Akash telling him he’s been in an accident.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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