Junoon 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 7th June 2013 Written Update

Shalu tells Prithvi that she has no words to thank Prithvi enough for risking his life to save her but Prithvi says that he did everything for Meea, not for Shalu. Once he finds Pandey jee, he will start his life anew with Meera. Shalu is stunned and saddened. She thinks that this means Prithvi does not even feel any compassion for me, let alone love. He is counting seconds to be with Meera and finding Pandey jee is also all about Meera. Meanwhile, Prithvi tries to call Mishra jee. Shalu picks up a gun and aims at Prithvi from behind and shoots. Prithvi is shocked and turns back but realizes that she killed a goon. She tells Prithvi that they should go back home. Prithvi suggests to wait inside as the goons may still lurk outside and launch an attack on them but Shalu says that she has to go and that she will drive the car. Prithvi and Shalu get into the car and the latter drives. Prithvi thinks that Shalu is disturbed for not being able to find Pandey jee. Shalu recollects the moments when Prithvi claimed about loving only Meera. Prithvi asks her to stop the car and gets down. He tells her to shift so that he can drive. Prithvi tells her that when she herself told him to have patience in love then why is she losing patience now when she has waited for so long for her husband. He tells her to have a little more faith and vows to unite her with Pandey jee. He says that he is also waiting patiently to be united with Meera. Shalu gets irked and tells him to stop chanting Meera’s name all the time. He is not doing any favour to her by not meeting Meera and asks her to go ahead and call her. Prithvi gets angry and retorts back that she has no right to speak like this about Meera. He makes it clear that he is helping Shalu as she helped her. But if he wanted he could get out of jail himself but he did not as he did not want to put Meera into trouble. He tells Shalu to remember always that Prithvi can never be influenced by fear or force, whatever he does he does it out of his own free will. Shalu apologises to him saying that she is upset because of Pandey jee and asks him to drive. Prithvi looks at her angrily.

Next day, Mishra jee tries to call Shalu and Prithvi but their phones are unreachable. Chachi jee gets worried as they have not yet returned but Mishra jee fumes at her for helping Shalu in the plan. Suddenly they hear the sound of car brakes. Meera is worried for the huge amount of electricity bills unpaid for 2 months and other bills. Komal again taunts her, hands her all the bills and asks her to pay them as she is so concerned for the family. Mishra jee rebukes his men for not being able to find Shalu on time. Chachi jee brings food for them but Mishra jee chides her. She tells him that Shalu is not opening the door of her room and Mishra jee tells her to find out what has happened. Shalu is crying inside her room thinking about Prithvi and his love for Meera. Prithvi cleans a wound in his hand and applies an ointment. He is reminded of the moment when Meera nursed his wound. He bandages his wound and resolves to find Pandey jee to be with Meera forever. Meera looks at all the bills and calculates the amount. She counts the money that she has got but still a lot of money is required. Meera decides that she has to pay the bills somehow but she cannot disturb Rajiv as he is unwell. While Mishra jee is fuming at his men, Prithvi comes to speak to him. Prithvi tells him that he wants to know something about Pandey jee but Mishra jee says that he has told him earlier also that he need not know anything about him. This makes Prithvi angry and he holds Mishra jee’s collar. Mishra jee’s men raise their laathis to hit Prithvi but he threateningly signals them to stop. Prithvi tells Mishra jee that he will definitely get to learn about Pandey jee somehow but why is he stopping him from the same. He threatens Mishra jee to tell him about Pandey jee, else all will not be well for him. Shalu is still weeping when Chachi jee knocks the door and she opens it. Chachi jee says she has brought kheer for her but Shalu is still in tears. Chachi jee tells her to cry to vent out her sadness. Shalu asks Chachi jee is she that bad that Prithvi does not care a bit about her. Chachi jee replies that she is the most beautiful peson, both externally as well as internally. Shalu asks him why Prithvi never looks lovingly at her. Prithvi tells Mishra jee that he is always against Pandey jee and that he is a betrayer. Mishra jee tells him to leave his collar and agrees to tell him about Pandey jee. Prithvi wants to know everything related to him.

Precap: Shalu tells Chachi jee that she has to learn everything about Meera, that what is so special about her. She calls up an informer and tells him that she has got a good job for him.

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