Junoon 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 7th August 2013 Written Update

Lakhan says dt he can’t wait patiently,and listen to constant insult at da same time..He is Lakhan nd he can’t take it!Mishraji looks at him,and dn at Hudda,and dn both Hudda and Mishraji starts laughing…Lakhan is confused..Mishraji says Lakhan,you entered like a hero its true,but you ended up being zero..We both take Shalu’s insults and orders its true,but we r nt blind lyk u r…Da guy u think is Prithvi is not actually Prithvi,but Prithvi’s lookalike,Ishwar.Dt Prithvi has been missing for weeks..Wn Lakhan seems astonished,Mji laughs nd tells Hudda to bring Lakhan to reality…Lakhan,asks Hudda to confirm if it’s true,nd dn starts laughing loudly..Lakhan says dt so da woman,has md a fool out of me?!Dn I’ve another reason to tk revenge on her…Hudda nd Mji lukn serious…Lakhan goes on

saying dt he knows a secret of her..Dt he has seen da Ishwar guy tkn a necklace from da jungle,nd he had taken Shalu to da same place..Shalu ws lukn tense nd worried,nd ws tokn about da necklace nd a bangle…Lakhan says dt from dt woman’s expression I’m sure dt it must be sth big…Mji says dt years ago,Ishwar ws part of a huge robbery of crores of rupees..Lakhan asks crores of rupees?!!Dn Lakhan says dt In da fight among da 2 cats,we 3 monkies can get our bread…Lakhan givs his hand to join,in group against Shalu..The 3 join hands…
RK is sick in bed,and asks Meera wat ws da thing about Prithvi being called Ishwar..Meera tells RK not to think about such things,nd dt he shud only think about his own health..RK sd dt he is not concerned if ppl calls Prithvi Arjun or Ishwar..Dt he just dusnt want Meera to do anything dt will hurt her pride or put a black mark on her name..RK says dt he nd her dadi trusts Meera,like Meera trusts her Bhagwan.RK says he dusnt want to lose his daughter Meera in anyway,dt Meera shud always stay Meera..Nd dn Meera tells him not to worry too much..
Meera walking in her bedroom lost in thought,nd IP sitting on da sofa..Ishwar tells her dt shudnt she thank him for saving her self-respect nd pitaji’s health today?Dt he atleast deserves gratitude for dt…Meera says gratitude?!I even hate ur face..She strts sayn loudly wn Ishwar shushes her down..Ishwar says Y is she hurting her voice nd his ears by screaming so loudly…IP says dt he respects her so much,she shud respect him back atleast a little…Shalu is listening from outside…Meera again gets angry,nd says Respect?Just bcos u learned about Prithvi dus it mean u own da world?Do u think I’m ur servant?I’m ur playing doll?I cant speak,I dnt hv feelings?U act as if u own da world..I dnt have either respect or fear for u in my heart…Ishwar smiles nd says,Dt is exactly Y i am so crazy for u… Meera gets angry nd says More dan hatred I loathe you!Evn Shalu is betr dan u as she has sm reason sm cause for behaving da way she does..Ishwar gets up nd comes near Meera nd extends his hands as if to touch her,bt dusnt..Ishwar says..U,Meera..U r my only reason nd cause..I’m doing whatever I’m doing,just to get u…Nd I will get u,in my own condition..Nd no1 not Shalu,or u,urself will be able to stop me.Getting u is not only my aim now,it is now my Junoon…Meera covers her ear…Ishwar removes her hands nd tries to hold her close,as Meera tries to set herself free..Meera says dt she wnt ever let Ishwar tk control of her or her life..Ishwar pulls her close to him tight in a hug,nd says..U hv entered my lyf urself,but now can’t leave my lyf widout my permission..U can live,but u cannot die widout my permission…U cannot even leave dis house or take a step outside,widout my permission too…Samjhe?Nahi samjhe?!!
Shalu hears dis,nd sees Ishwar holding Meera close to him in a tight embrace,looks disturbed nd hurt,Sleepynd is about to leave wn Lakhan stops her…
Lakhan asks dt Y was she peeping wn she stopped him from doing just dt yesterday…Shalu looks angrily nd says it is her house nd she cn do anything she wants..Dn Lakhan says if she is hvn problem seeing dm,dn shud he get rid or 1,or 1 free wid da odr,nd FINISSS both of dm?Shalu stays quiet…
Lakhan has tkn Mji,nd Hudda into da jungle,nd says did was where he had seen Ishwar tk dt necklace from..Mji says years ago Ishwar hd done a robbery of worth 50 crore,maybe wid Shalu,nd dn due to sm fight wid Shalu,he had hidden away da money nd jewels smwhere..Lakhan is shocked hearing,its 50 crore worth treasure..Hudda says,he remembers da case where no1 found da robbbery money,so dis ws Ishwar nd gang’s work..?Mji says dtz Y Shalu nd Ishwar were such serious enemies..Dt he hd heard Shalu tokn on phone about dis to sm1 bt as soon as he got near,she hd stopd tokn bout it…
Lakhan points out 3 directions,nd tells dm each to search in 1 direction,as da treasure must still be in da jungle…Hudda tells Lakhan dt being a police he will go da direction Lakhan has chosen for himself..Lakhan lets him,nd wn Hudda nd Mji leaves,Lakhan says..Hudda with body u shud also hv brains..Dt da necklace ws not found in any of da 3 directions,bt da 4th one…Evry1 is searching for da treasure..Lakhan finds it…Dn decides to hide it away nd come back for it later…Mji nd Hudda not finding anything is lukn for Lakhan..Lakhan aftr hidind da treasure agn turns to leave wn he sees Hudda nd Mji standing behind him..Lakhan looks shocked…

Precap: RK in hospital,nd Meera wid him..2 ward boys wid masks enters da cabin wid a stretcher bed,nd Meera asks y dey r here,wn 1 of dm mks her unconscious wid chloroform.nd tks her away..RK wid oxygen mask screams in vain..Ishwar enters DB’s room angrily,nd asks her where she has kidnapped Meera and has kept her?Shalu looks shocked.

Update Credit to: TehsinaJFJ

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