Junoon 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 6th June 2013 Written Update

Prithvi takes out a glass piece from db’s leg. He asks if he can ask a question and when she says ok, he asks “I have not understood you, how did a straight forward simple village girl become the partner of a mafia don?”

Surprised, she responds that “I was a simple, clear hearted girl. But when I was kidnapped and brought here, Ij taught me to live differently and taught me many things.”
He pulls out a glass piece at which she shouts in pain. Then she asks if he really wanted to know about her or was it to distract her attention away from the pain. He says its not possible that this glass have gone so deep accidentally. Angered he ask “Did you not put this glass in your feet yourself?” She doesn’t know hat to say.
At the police station Hudda is working and when asked by Chaudhary why he has not gone home, Hudda says this is the time to work. So chaudhary says ki then they should have dinner first so the mind works better and brings his tiffin and shares it with Hudda.

As he is eating he gets a call where her gets the news that db and that guy (referring to Prithvi) are definitely in Ij’s old haveli in purani Delhi and that the rival gang – alahavat gang – are planning to finish her definitely. So he asks chaudhary if he has seen a figh of the snake and mongoose and today will be something like this. But there is oneshortcoming and thats Meera maidumji.
Meera is still in front of god praying. RK looks at her that her faith makes him feel proud of her and have faith in her belief. As he turns to go jjb stops him and tells him tell her what you came to say. Rk stops her from saying anything else and tells Meera to rest.

Prithvi is waiting for her answer, so she decides to tell him her ‘dil ki baat’. She says – I did not expect you to ask me something like this,why would I hurt myself and how could you think that.” Prithvi gets up upset, so she continues that if her isj was there he wouldn’t leave her like that and he would carry her everywhere in his arms. SHe then stands up and pretends to fall again.

Ok hate saying this – But Prithvi catches her again [with his arms around her – not just hold her shoulder to stop her from falling on him ] and just then the power goes off… He tells her stay here and not to move till he is back. He takes the gun and goes in he darkness where he sees the shadow of a man. Hearing the footsteps he shoots the man, who falls from god knows where – looked like the upper level, but this looked to be a single level house. Then he hears sounds in the room he left db in and finds it locked so, he breaks the door and goes in to find her missing. He hears glass break and we see armed men enter the house. Shalu is hiding in the kitchn and calls him. She tells him she became aware of them and went to hide. He then places her behind him and shoots at those people as they move thru the house. A shot gets his hand as the gun flies out from his hand.
Mishrain is worried and her phones calls are not connecteing to either db or Prithvi. Mishra comes there and she tells him that she is worried as last time too in that place something like that happened and db was attacked.

Mishra tells her “why worry now, you should have thought of this before making any stupid plans and warns that if anything happens to his bahuriya – hum se bura koi nahi hoga” and walks away.
Prithvi n Db go out of the house into the rain and land in a hay thatch hut (( Ab yeh kahaan se aaya )) where they hide together and she stares at his face happy that they r so close and mentally wants him to stay like that with her..

He keeps looking around if someone is coming while she gazes at him leaning in his arm thats supporting her . {{ Can someone tell me why the b***** hell was Mithvi’s guitar bg music playing for that ???? }} {{ mera bat chahiye}} As a bullet flies nearby she shouts out and he covers her mouth with his hand and shakes his head to tell her to be quiet. But the goon hears that and sticks his hand with a gun between them. [Thank you] Prithvi jumps up fights n shoots a few of them and throws them to the ground while db admires the view .

Pre cap: He tells db that she taught him to be patient and he kept a stone in his heart and controlled his pagalpan for Meera who he is dying to meet. Angered db shouts at him to stop taking Meera’s name all the time . Prithvi angrily retorts that no one can stop him from talking to or meeting his wife.

At the bungla Prithvi asks Mishra to tell him about isj. Mishra tells him he need not worry about him. Prihvi grabs his collar and asks why does he always stop him. He will get to the bottom f this issue.

Update Credit to: diwani

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