Junoon 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 5th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Shalu wears a medieval kind of choli & saree which was more revealing than concealing (pink & tells Prithvi this is the way she used to dress up for Ishwar(husband).

Prithvi goes in a rage & starts checking if some one is trying to come & attack Shalu but he finds no one & tells Shalu maybe it was just his hallucination of his.

Scene 2

Shalu tries to attract Prithvi’s attention but Prithvi just looks away for safety as Shalu keeps seducing Prithvi saying that why doesn’t he stop worrying about other issues & compliment how beautiful she’s looking & when ever she dressed this way she used to pose like model & Ishwar use to like it & Prithvi slowly moves closer to Shalu.

Scene 3

Meera is praying to God that her faith that Prithvi is alive never fade & also prays to God he protect Prithvi from the company he’s got stuck in.

Scene 4

Prithvi suddenly pushes Shalu & run outside & shoots someone & comes back inside & Shalu asks why did he push her & why did he run outside.

Prithvi says coz he saw someone & shot him & shows the blood as an proof that she’s not safe here & staying here is not a good idea.

Shalu gets upset & says in her mind that game hasn’t even started yet & Prithvi is suggesting we leave but i will not give up that easily.

Prithvi asks to make a move but Shalu says to wait for some time she needs to change the dress.

Prithvi agrees & waits.

Scene 5

Meera is shown lighting a diya in the name of Prithvi for safety & prays for his long life & that she’ll never let it blow till there re-union happen.

Scene 6

Shalu says to herself locking herself to change that she’ll confuse & manipulate Prithvi in a way that he’ll have no other choice but to spend time with her.

Shalu opens a cupboard & pull out some glasses which fall & crashes on the floor & Prithvi gets alert & asks panicky way that is she alright? So Shalu very calmly says nothing happened its just glasses broken & she’s safe.

Prithvi asks Shalu to be careful as she could get hurt by pieces of glasses.

Scene 5

Shalu changes her clothes & knowingly she steps on the broken glass & start to bleed & shouts & Prithvi runs & tries to push break the room door & aims the pistol thinking someone is attacking Shalu but finds out that Shalu has got hurt.
Prithvi asks why didn’t she wear footwear when she knew she could get hurt.

Shalu replies coz she was changing clothes so she forgot to wear footwear.

Prithvi says he’ll be back.

Scene 6

Prithvi like a helpful person went into the kitchen & prepared a home remedie medicine mixture of water+turmeric.

Shalu is just taken aback as she has not seen such a caring man & Prithvi warns her that it will pain a lot so try to bare it.

Shalu says it will not pain coz he’s taking care of her so much & Prithvi feels a bit uneasy.

Scene 7

Prithvi suggest Shalu that there broken pieces of glasses & she should go take rest in another room so asks her to walk but Shalu try her cheap trick & doesn’t walk properly shouts in pain so Prithvi asks her if she’d mind if he help her to reach the other room so Shalu says ok whatever he thinks is right.

Prithvi carry Shalu & Meera is protecting her diya from the thundering weather & breeze.

Scene 8

Prithvi help Shalu & tells her that there’s a bit of glass piece stuck & he has to remove it & says it will pain but again Shalu says it won’t coz he cares so much for her that he changed his plan to go from here.

Prithvi takes out the piece & Shalu shouts in pain.

Prithvi then asks that he’s still not been able to understand you & that he need to know all about her that how come a village girl like her got into marrying a gangster.

Shalu is nervously sits.

Precap: Prithvi asks directly that is she really been threatened or she’s just staging some lie & did she on purpose hurt herself.
Shalu confesses… Tomorrow episode it will b revealed what confession Shalu did infront of Prithvi. :

Update Credit to: abd

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