Junoon 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 5th April 2013 Written Update

1) Episode started off with Prithvi asking Akash where Meera is and Ramdhari explains what happened…..FB…. Miu says she doesn’t want to get married to Akash. Kiran ji (Akash’s mom) and bua ask her what tamasha she’s doing. She explains how Akash already knew that she cannot live without Prithvi and loves only him and that’s when they decided on a fake marriage just to change Prithvi’s mind. Whether Prithvi loves her or not, wants her or not, she doesn’t care anymore, she cannot marry Akash. Frustrated Akash throws down his dupatta (sehra is already gone). Miu takes a few steps away from the mandap and opens the poison bottle and before people can react, she tries to take poison . Bauji gives her one thappad and asks if she realizes what she’s doing. How can she even think of taking her life; she should have more faith in her love….he knows that Prithvi will come surely.

2) FB done….. Meera’s chanchan is heard and she’s seen coming out of nowhere (where was she all this time? ). Prithvi is extremely happy to see her and tries to hold her when she pushes him away and asks him what does he want now, whether she’s there or not how does it matter to him. Prithvi says farak padta hain, bahut farak padta hain. If something had happened to her? He hugs her tightly and apologizes ……..he says every time she tried to get close to him, he pushed her away (agreed ), every time she said she loves him, he rejected (agreed ), when she tried to prove her innocence he continued to doubt her (agreed ) and when she said it openly that she loves him in front of all, he didn’t do a thing (agreed ).

3) Prithvi says, Please forgive me Meera, I won’t run away from the truth anymore and the truth is ILU and cannot live without you . Maiyya (Kiran ji) is upset, Akash grinding his teeth and feeling frustrated, Ramdhari and Dadi are extremely happy and have tears in their eyes. Prithvi sees the poison bottle on the ground and the gravity of the situation hits him; he could have lost her. He tells Meera if something happened to her, he’d have given up his life too (Saans mein teri song in BG). Meera rushes to hug him. Akash is so jealous and almost has tears in his eyes (I felt really sorry for him for the first time ) Prithvi and Meera continue to hug for quite some time (they are literally chipkaofied to each other like gum and paper) while all are watching.

4) Sudha ji and pappa Raj arrive and pappa asks Miu why she didn’t tell him about her love before (very good question). He says Akash and Prithvi are the same to him and if his eldest son gets married first, all the more better. This is like driving a knife through Akash who already lost ; he leaves the place. Sudha ji is happy to see her daughter smiling and says it’s time to get married. Now the sehra on Akash is used by Prithvi and the dupatta that he dropped earlier is used to tie the knot (my sympathy for Akash went up another two notches, he lost the girl, sehra and also his dupatta, what else does prithvi want?). Just as Akash was tyring to look at Meera by pushing the front part of sehra (hope I’m write in assuming this is part of sehra), Prithvi does the same today (just to reassure her, it’s not Akash but Prithvi that she’s marrying). The marriage ceremony is done with the saath phere, maang mein sindoor and mangal sutra.

5) Prithvi and Meera take aashirvad of all the elders, but maiyya refuses to bless them . Just as they are walking out of the mandap, Miu asks where is Akash (poor guy, nobody bothered about him until now, sympathy went up few more notches). Oh, BTW, we do see chotu saab (buaji’s son) right next to Miu and Prithvi, but the sister is still missing though.

Precap: Akash in front of lit firewood, holding Miu’s photograph saying he’ll never leave her alone and will follow her wherever she goes. Yikes, another obsessed lover . But we heard the consummation is going to be interrupted with a phone call . Let’s wait and see what happens.

Update Credit to:chitmanas

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