Junoon 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 4th June 2013 Written Update

Prithvi drives the car while Shalu is engrossed in Prithvi’s thoughts. Prithvi breaks her trance and asks her which way shall he go to which Shalu says to take the left.Thunder and lightening are striking the sky. They come near a house and get down from the car. Prithvi looks suspiciously all sround and asks Shalu whether she is sure that Ishwar Pandey will come there. Rain starts falling and Shalu pretends that something has fallen in her eye and seeks Prithvi’s help. Meera is standing in the balcony watching the rain fall and thinks about Prithvi and the times spent with him. Something falls in her eyes and she calls out Prithvi’s name. The sketch of Prithvi gets drenched and she tries to wipe it dry and hugs the frame. Prithvi and Shalu enter the house and the latter shuts the door. Prithvi takes

a lantern to look for Pandey jee while Shalu eyes him lustfully. Prithvi inquires where Ishwar Pandey is and asks her to give a reply. Shalu replies that her silence indicates that she will get her love tonight. She tells Prithvi how Pandey jee brought her there and recounts to him the times they spent in the house. She asks Prithvi that if he does not mind can she get back in that attire and form in which Pandey jee used to like her. Prithvi anwers her to do whatever she feels right. The sound of Shalu’s anklets reminds him of Meera and her anklets. Shalu enters a room and shuts the door. Meera prays to God to keep Prithvi safe and sound as she feels a premonition of something bad happening to Prithvi. An LIC agent comes and wants to see Akash and Prithvi’s death certificates. Meera says that Prithvi is alive but Komal comes and tells the man to wait while she brings both of their death certificates. Meera clings to her stand about Prithvi being alive and the man says he will come the next day. Komal tells Meera that her false dreams and hopes will be shattered soon.

Shalu takes out a tape recorder and plays a romantic song. She asks Prithvi if he remembers the rain in the village and gives a detailed description of the same. The main door starts creaking due to the heavy rain and Prithvi tries to shut it. He says that he also likes the rain a lot. Shalu again starts narrating what she used to do during the rain. Both of them reacite a rustic rain poem. Shalu tells Prithvi that it did not seem that he too likes the rain. Prithvi also starts telling her how he used to enjoy the rain in his village. The door again creaks and he tries to close it. Shalu asks him about a particular group of tribal folks who used to dance in the rain.Their wives used to look very beautiful. She asks Prithvi if he has noticed them but Prithvi replies that to speak the truth he never noticed any woman properly except Meera. Shalu tells him that those women used to wear big ear-rings, neck-pieces and bindis. Shalu comes out of her room wearing a short pink revealing saree and adorned like a tribal woman. Prithvi looks at her, looks away and then again looks at her.

Precap: Shalu asks Prithvi how she is looking and that she used to dress up like this in front of Pandey jee. Meera shileds the flame of the puja lamp with her hands and says just as her and Prithvi’s love can never die she will never let this flame die.

Update Credit to: sue

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