Junoon 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 4th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Prithvi and Sudha leaving for the marriage venue and Rajeev who’s coming downstairs slipped and falls down.Prithvi and Sudha rush to help him and he’s taken to the hospital.
Prithvi tells the Doc to take care of his father, and sudha gets to know Prithvi goodness. Prithvi says to Sudha nothing will happen to Rajeev.
Meanwhile at the marriage venue the preparation for the marriage to begin is going on full swing.
Ramdhari, dadi and Meera are tense the latter is keeps on looking at the entry while akash is happy for succeeding.

Meera is still waiting,Dadi asks Akash about Prithvi he says he must be arriving. the tension is growing at both the venue and the hospital Prithvi keeps on thinking about Meera.
The priest calls the to be wed couple and slowly Akash gets up and in his evil thought says to Meera to keep waiting as Prithvi will never come.
He slowly tends his hand to Meera saying Prithvi must be coming and they slowly go to the canopy.
The doc tells Prithvi and Sudha that rajeev is fine he fell down due to weakness he can go home.The marriage begins with the exchange of garlands and Ramdhari tries to call Sudha and Rajeev but it is unreachable.
Sudha tells Prithvi to leave for the venue.

He rushes at maximum speed and is driving very fast with lots of tensions regrets and having flashback of him and Meera at the village to the the city.
the marriage begins but Meera keeps on looking at the entry and the bottle of poison in her hands.
Rajeev wants to get back to attend the marriage and Sudha tells him about Meera being in love with Prithvi and not akash.
He says if ever he would have known about it this marriage would never reached at this point.

Prithvi finally arrives at the venue screaming Meera. The marriage is already stopped and he asks everyone where’s his Meera. Dadi says he’s late he falls on his knees and sees the bottle of poison lying.He picks it and continues to ask about Meera whereabout.
He goes to Akash and asks him Kiran gives a full of hate look to Prithvi. Ramdhari puts his hand on Prithvi and he turns to see his Datta who tells him what indeed happened.
He tells him that Meera keeps looking at the venue and when the priest asked to get up for the pheres she was very reluctant though Kiran and JJB asked her to go for it.She said she cannot marry akash loudly.

Meera is coming out from the canopy and opens the bottle of poison..

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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