Junoon 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Meera is talking to herself that “today if Prithvi you did not get hold of my hands then I’ll definitely hold hands with death” stares at the poison bottle & Sudha is watching Meera thinking about suicide & goes away in hurry while Meera is crying.

Scene 2

Ramdhari is worried about Prithvi & Meera’s relations & Sudha is also dilemma as what does Meera want.

Sudha asks Ramdhari that she’s really confused as Meera is not one bit happy about getting married & she has never seen her daughter so sad ever before she doesn’t understand what has happened to her.

Ramdhari tells Sudha that she’s not able to understand or she doesn’t wish to understand & tells her not to search for happiness for their daughter what makes her heart happy & calm think about that & for it don’t think from your brains but listen to Meera’s heart.

Sudha is in second thoughts.

Scene 3

Prithvi is also worried about what to do & pacing around his room gets fb of him saving Meera from dhaba goons while coming to Delhi & saving Meera from fire at the restaurant & carrying Meera in his arms on the day holi when she had bhaang & thinks about how concernly he told Meera after saving her from fire that he won’t let anything happen to her & talk to himself in his mind that why doesn’t Meera’s thoughts go away from his mind & why is he so worried about her when i have promised Sudha thakurayin that he’ll forget about Meera then why her thoughts lingers & for that needs to divert his mind to some work & goes out of his room.

Scene 4

Akaash asks a servant why haven’t they cleaned the house & why are the gifts are not wrapped yet & you know marriage is taking place & every thing should be ready before time.

Prithvi comes from behind & sees Akaash all aggitated & Prithvi asks will he do all the work by himself & that its his marriage & tells him to go take rest & he’ll make all arrangements so Akaash says he doesn’t want to go but Prithvi insists him.

Akaash smiles & goes away.

Scene 5

Prithvi sees a wooden box is not proper so he asks a servant to give him a hammer but servant offered his help but Prithvi says he’ll do it & takes the hammer.

While repairing the box he gets fb of Meera who gave him 24 hours to decide what to do & he didn’t decide then she’ll become Akaash’s wife & he won’t be able to do anything after the time passes & also thinks about the nightmare he has about Meera shooting herself from a gun & gets hurt by the hammer & looks here & there & fixes the nail in the box.

Scene 6

Sudha helps Meera get ready & Meera is really sad & lost in thoughts of Prithvi & she’s wearing pink lehenga which she had selected the day she went shopping with Prithvi & Akaash.

Sudha is making Meera wear all the earings & Meera is in deep thoughts & Sudha look at her & smile but notice Meera’s palms while making her wear bangles that Prithvi is imprinted on with mehendi.

The moment Sudha was about to ask about name imprinted suddenly Komal bua enters & tells Sudha that mom is calling her & asks her to come quick.

Sudha says nervously that she’s just coming & Komal tells Sudha that mom wants to discuss some thing very important & asks her to come soon & is waiting & Sudha leaves Meera’s hands & is very tensed & Komal holds Sudha’s hands & take her away.

Scene 7

Meera is talking in her mind that now only her faith on God can do any miracle but if today Prithvi did not take her as his wife in the mandap then i know what exactly to do.

Has a bottle of poison clenched in her fist.

Scene 8

Prithvi asking the servant to keep everything in the car & behind Akaash comes all ready & sees Prithvi doing all the work & arrangements & Akaash thinks in his mind that what does he do that Prithvi doesn’t come to the wedding & goes to Prithvi & asks him why hasn’t he got dressed up for the occasion & Prithvi replies that today he should dress up well coz its his marriage & if he’ll get ready first then who’ll do all the work & compliments Akaash that he’s looking good & also tells him that not to mind but he’ll come a little late.

Akaash says what are you saying Prithvi if you won’t how will the marriage take place.

Prithvi says not to worry as he’ll definitely come but after sometimes & there’s some stuff pending here so he’ll get it.

Akaash talks in his mind that why does he even need to come later anyway the moment you entered our lives done a huge mistake already.

Akaash asks but where are all other members as we are getting late.

Sudha brings Meera down stairs & Prithvi is spellbound looking at Meera (junoon theme song plays at the bg)

Meera sadly look at Prithvi & Akaash is also looking at Meera but notices Meera’s eyes are on Prithvi & gets jealous & Sudha too notice the tension between the trio.

Sudha asks Akaash to call his dad & the rest of family members as Meera is ready & that its time & they should make a move.

Akaash says okay.

Scene 9
Prithvi is trying to avoid eye contact with Meera & Sudha is too feeling awkward.

Scene 10

Rajeev is coughing in his room & is feeling unwell &Akaash asks him to come quickly as they are getting late but Rajeev complaints that he’s unwell & Akaash starts to raise his voice & asks Rajeev that who told him to dance on the day of sangeet ceremony & Rajeev gets up from his bed & is shocked to see Akaash talking thus way & Akaash says coz of him now they will get late.

Rajeev asks Akaash why is he talking this way is something bothering him.

Akaash says he was just worried about his health.

Rajeev says it is happy occasion & how could he stop himself from enjoying & asks Akaash not to get tensed as he’ll come later along with Prithvi & asks them to go.

Akaash say okay & leave.

Scene 11

Sudha asks Ramdhari to go first as she will come later but Ramdhari says its important for her to be with Meera coz she’s her mother after all.

Sudha replies that i am a mother that’s why i am telling you to go as a father he also needs to be beside his daughter & asks him to go.

Scene 12

Prithvi gets a fb when he had told Meera that if shred lives or dies he doesn’t care & infact she doesn’t exist for him.

But Prithvi says to himself that he does bother about Meera & every thing bothers him about Meera so suddenly Sudha comes from behind & asks him then why didn’t he tell Meera & that this is exactly what Meera wants to hear from him & he never told her neither did she let him say all this to Meera & it was her fault as she always hated him & thought if he’ll enter in Meera’s life then it will ruin her daughter’s life & to bring you together is only one power behind it that is ‘God’ & she was blaming him for Meera’s problems & always searched Meera’s happiness & never tried knowing what Meera’s heart wishes & is she happy with this marriage or not but the truth is he reside in Meera’s heart & before its too late go & stop this marriage & says to Prithvi that if he didn’t go all will get ruin & says a mother is pleading for her daughters happiness & folds her hands & ask him to leave.

Prithvi asks her not to plead he wanted to express his feelings but was tied down with promise he gave her & that now he won’t go to Akaash & Meera’s marriage.

Sudha says he took a promise of not going to a wedding but this is a calamity & it will ruin you & Meera & their love & above all the promises only one is big & its promise of ‘love’.

Sudha repeatedly asks Prithvi to go & stop the calamity to happen & asks why is he thinking so much & tells him Meera is still his wife & she still consider herself as his wife how can she marry Akaash & she knows Meera as she won’t ever marry any one else & if it happened she fears she might end her life.

Pleads Prithvi to stop Meera & Prithvi takes Sudha’s blessings & she says her blessings remain with him always & gives her the dress which he’s supposed to wear as Meera will like it.

Prithvi gets ready in a red dhoti & golden sherwani & Sudha compliments & Sudha asks him to rush but Rajeev stumbles & falls from the staircase & Prithvi & Sudha are shocked & run to help & screen freezes.

Sudha & Prithvi are in the hospital & Sudha asks Prithvi not to worry & go to the marriage venue & stop it & at the venue Meera is hopeful that Prithvi will come & Prithvi driving speedy to reach & pandit asks them to exchange garlands & Meera is about to put garland on Akaash.

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