Junoon 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 27th March 2013 Written Update

1) Prithvi standing next to Meera who’s hurt and confused at his behavior. Akash’s buddy pulls out a gun and points at him. Prithvi sees him and launches himself at the goonda, but the shot is already taken, nobody is hit. Prithvi and goonda on a marathon race; goonda bhai aage aage, Prithvi peeche peeche , gunda wins hands down as he manages to run faster. Meanwhile, Akash manages to coax Miu into drinking bhang; poor Miu thinks it’s sweet milk. Akash is patting himself on the back……. Prithvi is out of the way and never coming back, so Miu is now his . Now it’s stage 2 of the plan. Miu starts feeling dizzy and Akash pretends to be concerned and says chalo, let’s take you inside.

2) Prithvi still following gunda (hum thak gaye, but these two guys ran for the first 10 minutes of the show). Anyway, finally Prithvi caught up to the guy and it’s in a remote area. Another 4-5 goondas join the group and they throw colors on Prithvi trying to blind him. One of them says that this’ll be the last holi for Prithvi, so enjoy (never understood why goondas talk so much, can’t they just start fighting right away, I guess it’s minimum courtesy to say hi first). The fight starts and dhishoom dhishoom is all we hear for some time.

3) Akash picks up Miu and puts her on his bed. She’s fast asleep with the effect of bhang and he tells her his dukh bhari kahani . I love you so much and hate to do what I’m about to do, but it’s got to be done. If we do our suhag raat now, then you’ll have no choice but to become mine. All’s fair in love and war etc. etc. He then partially removes her dupatta and put it on his face (sorry, I wasn’t clear if he wiped his tears, forehead in case of sweating or tried to smell her dupatta or something). Akash all set to do the evil, dirty act (I liked the action in this scene, good job by the actor ).

4) Prithvi has fought all the goonda’s in just 5 minutes and they are rolling on the ground like swatted flies . Next, we see him open the door to Akash’s bedroom calling his name. Thadang, Akash is missing and Prithvi sees Meera sleeping on Akash’s bed. He wonders what she’s doing there, puts her dupatta properly, picks her up and takes her to her room (one brings her and the other takes her away ). Poor Akash who’s hiding behind the curtains is grinding his teeth wondering how come his jabardast arrangements to get rid of Prithvi failed.

5) Prithvi tries to wake up Meera, but when that doesn’t work, picks up a glass of water sprinkle some, but the lock of hair grazing her cheek stops him and though he hesitates at first, his hands have a mind of their own and he gently brushes the hair away, gazes into her face once more (tu jahan main wahan song playing in the background). He sprinkles water on her face and tries to wake her up. Meera wakes up to see the most wonderful sight of Prithvi and she smiles. He asks her what she was doing in Akash’s room and she giggles saying she was of course waiting for him (Prithvi). Prithvi gets up to go and they have a tug of war when she’s trying to stop him. He refuses to sit with her. Meera says she has to put colors on him and takes two fistfulls. She sways, lands on him and almost blinds him with colors.

6) Some Romantic fun Stuff: Poor Prithvi’s rubbing his eyes and Meera makes him sit on the bed and says I’ll take it out and when he says WHAT, she says, not your eyes budhu, but the color in your eyes . She puts her hands on his face, forces his eyes open and blows; they are completely lost in each other . It’s then that she notices the colors on her dress and tells him that he finally did put colors on her; he gets all defensive and says it was a mistake . Meera cups his face and talks of love and he asks her if she drank bhang or something ( you got it dude). She giggles ‘Hum par tumhara pyar ka rang chada hain budhu’ and ‘Prithvi, tum ne naa mujhe apni pyar ki rang mein rang diya, happy holi.’ She continues to giggles he gets up to leave and since she’s holding on to his hand, she gets up too and the bhang affect makes her fall on him and when he’s trying to support her in his arms, puchaak, his forehead touches hers and her maang is filled with the color on his forehead (wah, wah, kya direction tha, I enjoyed this scene a lot). Guess what, Akash the invisible is watching them from behind curtains and all he can do is feel frustrated that the two that he wants to separate, are getting closer to each other.

Precap: Pappa Raj announces that since Akash is going to America, he might as well get married and muhurat is in two day’s time. Prithvi walks away watched by bua and Akash, who smirks. Meanwhile Bittu is with Miu asking if she had a dream or something about the wedding happening so soon. Meera who’s shy and smiling looks a bit shocked at what bittu just said.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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