Junoon 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 26th March 2013 Written Update

The show starts with RK and JJB all happy as holi is being celebrated.meera comes with a plate of colours and applied to them Rk going to apply colour on Meera who says she has a promise then she’ll play holi.Dadi also applies and wishes holi to them and Meera signals her no.Dadi tells to call Prithvi.
Prithvi is irritated with the drums noises and he closes the windows.as he arrives at the door Meera appears with her plate of colours he looks away.

Prithvi does not let Meera applies colour to him and she returns back telling that Dadi is calling for him.
Akash sees prithvi and fakes having threatening phone calls.Prithvi also is trapped in his game.
sanjana wants to apply colour she refuses Sanjana feels bad.
akash tries to apply colour on Meera and says since last seven yrs he’s doing so, meera says everything change this year as she’s the wife of Prithvi and all wives want their hubbies to apply the first colour Akash gets angry and gives a weirdy expressions but still Meera does not understand.
Akash says in his mind that he’ll apply colours on Meera for her whole life that she’ll forget Prithvi.

Prithvi arrives and Asks akash what is the matter and says he hates colours.aakash says they are threatening him as they want to usurp the plot of land he bought in his name.Prithvi says that he’s concerns for him and RK praises bioth his sons.
Aakash thinks that all and everything he has has been shared between him and Prithvi.
RK begins to dance and Prithvi slowly moves towards Meera,who’s smiling and he puts his hand on her shoulder.

Prithvi moves away and Meera feels sad she keeps continuously looking at him.
akash looks at them with his evil look and signals his man planted among the lots.
Akash spikes the drinks but while he’s giving it a swirl Prithvi sees him.Dadi wants to apply colours to Prithvi he says he does not like colours.Once again Prithvi and Meera continuously keep looking at each other.
Akash man is with a revolver Prithvi sees him

PRECAP.Prithvi in a fight with Akash men who says that it is Prithvi last Holi.
Akash takes unconscious Meera in a room and trying to get close to her so that she can belong to him for ever

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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