Junoon 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 25th March 2013 Written Update

1) Akash on the phone with secretary Neelam asking her to get close to Prithvi and she agrees. Neelam all dressed to seduce Prithvi in a tight white skirt and pink top ….. she tries to sit close to him, talking oh so nicely, putting her hand on his shoulder and Prithvi gets more and more uncomfortable and wants to leave. Neelam tells him it’s a very important meeting and they cannot skip ; meanwhile some guy notices Neelam and he does know her from before. Neelam gets Prithvi juice with some pills mixed in and innocent Prithvi drinks it …….. Neelam sends SMS to Akash ‘THE JOB IS DONE’.

2) Akash in 7th heaven and calls Miu asking her innocently if she heard from Prithvi, he tried to reach him as well as Neelam, but their phones are not reachabale. It’s getting late and he’s worried. Just as expected, Miu says she’ll go with him to look for Prithvi. Akash ban gaya cheshire cat that got the cream Meera is very sure her Prithvi will never do anythign wrong, but

3) Akash and Miu at the hotel lobby and when asked, the receptionist tells them the couple took a room and it’s number 203. Open sesame and they find Neelam sitting on the bed and crying. Akash asks her what happened and when she starts off by saying Prithvi’s name, he goes off into the dramatic world denying that his brother can do any wrong, he’ll vouch for him etc. etc. The poor girl wants to continue and she asks him to let her speak and then comes out the whole dukh bhari story

4) Prithvi is lying down on the bed and as Neelam gets closer, he gains consciousness, realizes that she must have mixed something in his drink and gets really angry. He says he never hits a woman but he’s tempted to. Neelam is feeling bad and apologizes and tells him she did it for money (hai ram, why not tell him Akash asked her to do it?) . Prithvi leaves the room and enterwa the mehman who saw Neelam earlier; he’s Rohan, her ex-boyfriend who tries to take advantage of her. Enter Prithvi who saves her and Rohan ko mile itne saare punches.

5) All the drama that Akash created, the whole plan hi fail hui gawa. Neelam tells him she cannot do this, it was wrong of her, Prithvi is like a devata who saved her and OF COURSE SHE MADE HIM HER BHAIYYA because she doens’t have brothers Akash is grinding his teeth and Miu is so happy

6) The whole family by the pool side and dadi and the rest praying before the holi fire is lit. Dadi tells the young aryan a story about how some she devil (sorry, forgot the name) tried to brun Prahlad by sitting with him in the bonfire; she got burnt but Prahlad was saved by the lord (Yup, you’d better listen Akash, don’t try to burn Prithvi, for you may get burnt in the process ). Prithvi is asked to light the fire and he does. Something falls in Meera’s eyes and Prithvi is immediately concerned and tries to stand in between the fire and her. Meera too goes closer to him and tells him, like it or not you will put colors on me for holi. The whole family leaves, except Akash who of course hears Miu very clearly and vouches that he’ll be the one to put colors on her.

Precap: Meera in Pritvi’s room trying to put color on him and he says, don’t even think of it. She tells him she won’t listen to his wishes and is getting ready to apply holi ka rang.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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