Junoon 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Prithvi walks to da front door,and calls out Meera…Meera calls him to come to eat..Prithvi says he has brought sm1..Prithvi moves away nd its Ishwar..Meera is shcked nd scared..Prithvi says he was amazed,to meet him,nd dt is y maybe she got confused..Dis is his new frnd nd hr husband Ishwar..Prithvi says y he is standing between,husband nd wife,nd moves away..Ishwar goes to hug Meera but she moves away shoutn he isnt hr husband…Prithvi is shockd at her behaviour,nd asks her ,Nd whispers in her ears dt now da thorn between dm is also removed,so wats da problem,nd Meera moves awa..Prithvi asks Y she is behavn lyk dis…Meera says u dnt kno him,he is not Prithvi..Prithvi gets more angry at Meera..RK nd dadi comes running nd is shocked at da exchange..Ishwar starts coughing nd Prithvi exclaims at Meera

Y isnt she givn him water?Wn Meera dusnt move Prithvi himslf runs to get water..Meera asks him y he is doing dis actn nd y is he here.She warns him to leave b4 Prithvi’s memory cums bck or else h wnt be alive.Ishwar chuckles nd says,wat is his fault wn Prithvi himself wants to giv him his place in dis house nd her lyf…RK warns him to stay away 4m deir lyf..Ishwar teases him by caln hm Pitaji nd says hs own beta is guvn him his place…Prithvi returns..Meera tells Prithvi,U dnt know wat u’ve done!Wat kind of trouble u hv brought Prithvi!Prithvi gets angry..Wn Ishwar fakes to be askn forgiveness,nd kneels down on his feet,nd begs her for forgiveness..Meera screams at him to stop dis actn!Prithvi is angry..Meera says wat is da proof dt u r my husband?Prithvi asks how can she ask hr own husband 4 proof?Ishwar shows Mithvi’s marriage pic to evry1..Nd dn he says to Meera dt he has another proof nd shows her a pic..Meera refuses to look,bt IP urges her on…Meera looks finally nd is shocked to see a pic of her father held at gunpoint..Meera looks at Ishwar wid a scared look..Prithvi luks at da exchange frowning…Ishwar dn forcefully hugs her,nd whispers dt Data,is nt in Baragaon,nd his captive..Nd evry breath she tries to kip him away,Data’s lyf will decrease..Ishwar warns her not to tell any1 about it till he returns..Nd dn leaves..Prithvi runs aftr him,nd stops him askn Y he is leavn..Ishwaar replies how cn he stay wn his wife dusnt beliv him…

Meera runs awy to her room,nd Prithvi runs behind her into hr room,nd asks her Y did she misbehave wid her husband..Meera says he is being fooled,dt it’s he who is Prithvi..Prithvi says,Y is she adamant on 4cin him to be Prithvi wn her own husband is dere?!She shud b ashamed of herself!Prithvi says,I dnt kno anythng!I brought ur husband to u,nw as soon as da Pandit is well I’ll leave dis mad house..Meera cries to herself,nd says,How will I mk u undrstnd Prithvi?How do I mk u recall?

IP drinkn nd praisn himselfat his own cleverness at fooling stupid Prithvi..Lakhan says he hd a ques..Wn IP gets angry,Lakhan says no he hd a ques 4 hmslf..Dn Lakhan asks hmslf how IP hd fooled Prithvi..Ishwar says,he dusnt hv to question in a roundabout way..Ishwar tels Lakhan dt he acted to be attacked while Prithvi saved him as his nature..Dn Prithvi had asked him who he was,shocked at da exact face as his..Ishwar had replied he is Prithvi..Dn Ishwar laughs nd says Lakhan,Now da stupid Prithvi will listen to whatever he says..Nd Prithvi will himslf soon 1 day unite me wid his wife,nd place in my arms,My Meera…Lakhan says Yes nd u’ll hug her tight!Ishwar luks irritated,nd Tells Lakhan dt he has a job for him..Lakhan asks wat,nd gets slapped for it..Lakhan has an enraged look on his face…Dn Lakhan says he is ready to do wat he is askd…

Prithvi wid Panditji..Prithvi asks Pandit if he is alright nd if da medicines r working…Dt dey shud get out of dis house soon..Pandit says he still needs tym to recover..Meera comes in wid tea..Pandit tks his glass smiling at her..Meera offers tea to Prithvi who instantly snaps at her,And says,Y dusnt she offer dis tea,to her husband?Y is she after him…Prithvi says He dusnt know who he is,but he is not Prithvi!Dt she shud nt try to mk him Prithvi!

Precap: Meera is standing on da railing at da roof,nd Prithvi calls her askn wat she is doing?!Meera says,If she can’t be his she wnt be an1′s.Dt he is her lyf,nd if he now forces her to be wid sm1 else,she dusnt hv any reason to be alive..Coz her lyf begins nd ends wid him!Meera steps forward to jump from da roof..Prithvi lukn scared nd shocked…

Update Credit to: TehsinaJFJ

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