Junoon 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Sudha try calling Meera but Akaash hits Sudha with his walking crutches & she bleeding profusely & she gets blurred visioned & tries to see Akaash & asks “who is it?” but she faints &

Scene 2

Meera was crying & she hugs Prithvi & pleading him to just one last time forgive her mistake as she will never repeat it again.

Rajeev & Dadi gets emotional but sister Sanjana, Kiran & Komal bua are least interested in their matters & Meera cries & asks Prithvi to forgive her & Prithvi instead asks Meera to forgive him as he hurt her very much he knows he’s short tempered but he did not treat her the way he promised & he has realised that a small lie cannot break trust & love & they hug & Rajeev & Dadi are happy to see all okay between them.

Scene 3

Akaash after hitting Sudha tells her that after such bad fall also she didn’t die so he had to hit her & then too she’s still unconscious & also he says she got her daughter married to that Prithvi coz she loves Meera but forgot about his feelings for Meera that he loves her & so he earlier too wanted to kill her as she had got suspicion on him so he has not choice but to clear his way as she was coming between his plans.

Scene 4

Prithvi sits in the car & Meera keeps her hand & asks Prithvi to promise her that even if she makes biggest mistake he will never hurt himself the way he did & he assures her he promises & Meera checks her phone that she has 14 missed calls from Sudha.

Scene 5

Akaash is really happy that he has eradicated one threat from his way to reach Meera & suddenly Prithvi, Meera & other members come & they felt that something is wrong as Sudha was trying to contact them & Meera calls out Sudha & Akaash to open the door but there was no response.

Inside the house Akaash finds a way to escape behind the staircase as no see he’s there & Prithvi kicks the door open & Meera shouts ‘bittu’ & runs to see what happened to her & Rajeev urgently calls the doctor to reach home as he’ll be ashamed to face Ramdhari if something happened to Sudha.

Prithvi also asks Sudha how she got hurt & Sudha sees Akaash on the main entrance & she tries to tell Akaash’s truth to Meera & Prithvi & Akaash is scares if Sudha opens her mouth & blabber his truth then it will not be good for him & he hides under the staircase.

Prithvi ask Sudha that tell him but Sudha just collapses but doctor checks her & Rajeev is really sad that how will he tell Ramdhari & how Sudha is in this condition.

Akaash comes & acts as though he’s really sad but thinking in his mind that inspite of hitting Sudha so badly she’s still alive & if she did not die he won’t be able to achieve his goal.

Doctor is checking & Meera prays that nothing should happen to her mother but doctor declares that Sudha is no more.

Meera cries.

Scene 6

Its last ritual times & Ramdhari arrives & is shocked to see Sudha’s photo frame has garland (Hindu ritual dead persons photo frame has a garland) Meera runs & hugs her father & says look father what has happened & why did Sudha leave her behind & she just wished to stay with her husband & just when everything was fine she’s no more & its not fair & runs to her room.

Scene 7

Ramdhari is very devastated to see Sudha is no more & Prithvi tells Ramdhari that Sudha died the truth can’t be changed but if he found that some one is behind killing Sudha he will hunt him down & not spare him his life.

Akaash is so happy & hearing all mourning & crying for Sudha’s demise & smiles thinking that now no one will ever know he’s behind Sudha’s sudden demise & especially Prithvi will never ever guess what planning against him.


Akaash console Meera but she asks where was he when Sudha was in this state & Akaash replies that he had gone to office for urgent work.

so just then an employee comes & informs one of his client has come to meet his as he not coming to office since few days.

Meera is shocked to know Akaash is lying.

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