Junoon 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 20th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Akaash gives Meera water &
Meera asks Akaash why Prithvi didn’t come after calling her on the terrace & why did he do this to her & Meera says that she needs to talk to Prithvi right now,but Akaash stops her by saying that she is weak & if she fell or fainted then & commands her to rest & keep quiet & not move & that he will talk to Prithvi & make him understand.

Scene 2

Prithvi gets flashback of terrace scene & Ramdhari comes & sees Prithvi crying & Prithvi says he is unable to understand complications of relationships but he can stare at his death with his eyes open wide but cannot see tears of his emotions in his eyes coz he feels love & emotions make a person weak & he doesn’t want to become a weak person.

Ramdhari says to Prithvi that he can understand his dilemma about relationships & also tells Prithvi that emotions make a person weak on the other hand emotions also give a person the strength to bare the heart aches & makes it more strong.

Prithvi says he always only thought with his brains & never listened to his heart & he is too hot headed to understand all this but his helpless hearts & emotions have taken over his brains & that he is not intelligent enough like his daata & asks Ramdhari to give him advice how to escape his relationships & emotions.

Ramdhari smiles & says “there is only 1 way to live life is to live it with compassion & other ways are only to escape from reality & many years ago Rajeev (Prithvi’s father) chose the other way to escape & ended up hurting you & still it hurts you & many years ago i also took the other way to escape & took up on the torture of living without Meera & Sudha all these years & asks Prithvi not to take that way to run away from relationships & its better you accept it & things might shape up better in future & you can face all difficulties with courage” & asks Prithvi if he had his medicines or not?.

Prithvi gives excuses & Ramdhari asks Prithvi to take care of himself & asks if he is sure that boy was the one who attacked him?

Akaash is standing behind & eavesdropping on them.

Prithvi sees Akaash & doesn’t reply to ramdhari’s question.

Akaash tells Prithvi that he needs to talk to him & ramdhari excuses himself saying he’ll come later & leave.

Scene 3

Akaash asks Prithvi what’s all this happening & he is unable to understand & inspite of all members live in this house he is facing difficulties & who ever attacked him soon he will kill him.

Prithvi asks Akaash not to worry about him.

Akaash says he knows he is not worried about his head injury but heart injury because he what he wanted to confess his feelings to Meera but she broke his heart.

Prithvi says Akaash not to talk about it.

Akaash insists Prithvi to let him say what he wants to say & continues saying that Prithvi was about to confess his feelings to Meera but Meera what to say to her & tells him that Meera is really kiddish & immature she has no idea what love is about & she is confused about whom she loves & says but he will make Meera understand that Prithvi is her true love & she should only love Prithvi.

Akaash grins & says “question remaining about me, is that i will never come in between you both & from when you told me about your feelings i had started considering Meera as your love & this engagement means nothing to me & i will right now call off this engagement & will remove & throw the engagement ring which should be in his brothers fingers & killing his brothers feelings he cannot go ahead & marry Meera”.

Akaash then tries to remove the ring from his finger but it doesn’t come of so says if the ring won’t come off he will cut his finger & goes to cut dramatically but Prithvi stops him & asks what’s he trying to do & says he does not need anything in life through sympathy or charity & that he has no problem with his & Meera’s engagement & has problem with charity & sympathy & left overs & now love & storms away.

Scene 4

Akaash looks at his ring & removes easily comes off & evily smiles.

Scene 5

Meera is tensed & waiting for Akaash to hear about Prithvi & finally Akaash comes & Meera asks if he spoke to Prithvi & he met him & what did he say?.

Akaash replies he tried to make Prithvi understand & infact he also told Prithvi that she loves him & even pleaded him but Prithvi wasn’t ready to listen & he didn’t speak to him properly.

Meera asks Akaash what has happened to Prithvi all of a sudden & asks her to wait as she will go & talk to Prithvi herself.

Akaash tries to stop Meera but Meera says Prithvi will only listen to her & runs, & Akaash is tensed.

Scene 6

Prithvi is on the terrace & sitting near pool side sadly thinking how Meera said to Akaash that she only loved him & she can’t be anyone else’s love.

Meera comes crying & Prithvi doesn’t look at her & starts to go but Meera holds Prithvi’s hand but Prithvi free’s himself & Meera asks Prithvi what has happened off late that he is behaving rudely with her & says some time earlier he wished to talk to her & also sent a letter & called her on the terrace but why did he do this to her & what mistake has she committed & pleads Prithvi to tell her why is he angry & asks Prithvi to say something that some time before his eyes had love for her suddenly his eyes are not ready to even look at her & keeps pleading to say something.

Again Prithvi free’s himself from Meera’s hands & storms away leaving Meera crying on the terrace.

Scene 7

Prithvi talks to himself that Meera is asking him all those questions & she’s not able to see what she is doing when she loved Akaash then why did she pretend to love him & he will not see himself being a subject of joke hereafter & will not fall for her drama.

Scene 8

Meera is crying & asks God why all this is happening Prithvi who was coming so close to her why suddenly has gone far away what should she do & asks God to show her a way out & sees a broken pearl piece & picks it up & notice that Prithvi had a pearl necklace & then she realises that Prithvi might have overheard her confessing love to Akaash & misunderstood & says she will have to clear Prithvi’s misunderstanding right now & goes.

Scene 9

Akaash is thinking why has Meera not come back & that he should go & check on her & just then Meera comes walking downstairs & tells Akaash that now she knows why Prithvi is behaving this way & tell Akaash the entire story of how Prithvi misunderstood Meera confessing Akaash but actually she thought its Prithvi & now she will clear Prithvi’s misunderstandings & then all will become alright.

Akaash is worried & Meera asks Akaash to come with her so things are more clear.

Precap:-Prithvi asks Meera what does she wants as she made a joke out of him is understood
But when she loves Akaash why doesn’t she accept Akaash & why is she creating rift between two brothers & why is she playing with others feelings & asks if its her character this way.

Meera asks Prithvi that its enough & she has listen to his rubbish talks & what does he think of himself.

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