Junoon 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 1st March 2013 Written Update

episode starts with akash’s decision to give 70% property share to prithvi .. mr khanna praises aksh for his selflessness.. prithvi feels uncomfortable.. khanna’s sister comes and tells that their mother will come back from piligrimage tomorrow and that khanna needs to tell her about their new son.. khanna says prithvi not to worry and he will make sure that everyone accepts him.. but prithvi says that he doesnt want anyone’s acceptance.. he wants only property share and tells them to keep papers ready

in prithvi’s room
prithvi is talking to himself that from what the father and son is made up of.. miu enters and tells that they are made of love.. and they love prithvi but he doesnt want to see or accept.. she tells him that his eyes are full of want for love..
prithvi asks miu to leave and he says that soon the house is gonna be in his name and if she eats his head too much.. he will throw her out of the house.. she tells him that she knows that prithvi has no love for money.. he is doing all this for some other reason
she asks prithvi to behave himself when dadi comes..finally they argue and end up in eye lock.. then prithvi says that ok he will behave in front of dadi.. miu is happy and leaves..
she runs out and come back into the room again and dashes prithvi and eye lock again..
prithvi asks miu that y do they always clash with each other.. miu says that cos they are always walking in opposite direction.. when they will walk in same direction together they will not clash
miu thanks prithvi for saving her life and to listen to her.. he asks her to leave and closes the room door..
prithvi feels something.. he hold his heart and asks what shappening to him.. y his heart is beating so fast

prithvi finds miu’s earring in his kurta.. he remembers when they bumped..
miu in her room dancing in happiness..akash enters and asks wat happened.. she tells him that she is sure prithvi is in love with her..akash tells her that he can understand the feeling cos he was in love with her too. miu feels guilty.. but he tells her that he will make sure prithvi marries her and he will remain her best friend forever.. miu is happy and hugs akash.. prithvi sees this.. prithvi totally jealous .. he keeps her earring on nearby table and leaves… miu and aksh is stunned

prithvi goes back to room and remembers the hug and is very angry and jealous..he becomes aggresive and starts hitting a knife on the table between his fingers.. miu enters and sks him to stop but he doesnt.. finlly she puts her hand on his hand and he stops.. miu asks him what is his problem.. y is he unhappy.. everyone loves him..he asks her to go and have happy life with akash and not bother about him ..

precap.. akash tells miu that prithvi is jealous.. by the marriage date this jealousy will totally change him.. they have to continue with the plan..

Update Credit to: namratavyas

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