Junoon 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 1st April 2013 Written Update

1) Prithvi insists on protecting his brother and goes with Akash and Miu on their shopping trip. Akash is stuck with his own lies and has no choice but to agree. Prithvi and Meera stealing glances at each other in the rear view mirror and Akash cursing his brother’s luck. Miu’s mom showing Ram Dhari all the things she bought for her daughter’s wedding and asks him which piece of jewellery would suit Miu and he says, she should know better as she’s her mom.

Comments: I wonder why bittu is unable to realize how much her daughter loves Prithvi. True, she thinks Akash suits her daughter better, but why not stop to think just for one moment instead of rejecting and acting blind like she’s totally unaware of her daughter’s feelings?

3) Prithvi in the shop imagining his Meera in a beautiful dress that’s actually on a mannequin and Meera seems him admiring it. Akash brings his own choices and asks Miu to try it on. Meera tries the pink dress that Prithvi liked and Akash is shocked (why, she already made it clear she loves Prithvi, right?). She wants to buy that dress. She selects a sherwani and asks Akash how it is. Our pal’s all happy that she selected it for him, but na uh, she stuns him once again by asking how it’ll suit Prithvi Akash can netiher swallow nor spit, poor guy. . Miu thanks Akash for his help and says she knows he brought Prithvi shopping with him and he’ll do the same at the mandap too. Akash says all i’m doing is for you

4) The Mehendi ceremony starts next day. As soon as Prithvi comes, Meera smiles and the lady putting mehendi asks her if he’s the groom-to-be. Miu just smiles and asks her to do the mehendi and she’ll write the name herself . Akash asks Prithvi to put mehendi, but he refuses and says it’s only for the hone wala dulha (ab bhaiyya, tum hi toh ho dulha). Miu is not gonna leave him alone, she oh so accidentally falls on him tapaak karke and the mehendi goes pachki on his shirt.

5) Prithvi in his room thinking he’s unable to bear the thought of Meera belonging to another (finally, he admits . Ramdhari comes to him and says however strong Prithvi appears, he’s that weak too somewhere. He should learn to accept love and take that step forward. Prithvi says, I’ve never wanted nor known relationships and doesn’t know much about love. Ramdhari tells him, though Meera is a girl, she still put aside her shyness and told everyone that she thinks of Prithvi as her husband and admitted to Akash as much too. Now, it’s Prithvi’s turn to accept her love, instead of which he’s just standing and waiting for something to happen; faint heart never won a fair lady. If he doesn’t take the step now, he’ll feel that he didn’t do a good job in raising Prithvi (once more, once more, , Prithvi really needed to hear this).

6) Sangeet ceremony is going on. Prithvi joins all of them. Pappa Raj and rest of the family join the dancing group. Last, it’s Prithvi’s turn. The bold one that Meera is, she comes closer to Prithvi and shows him her mehendi filled hand. She wrote his name (I just love her for this). She makes sure he reads it by putting her palm right in front of his face. Prithvi is worried what’ll happen if anyone sees this. .

This round, the winner is neither Prithvi nor Akash, it is only Meera (Miu).

Precap: Meera telling Prithvi that his name will never be wiped out because it was decided by fate. Angry Akash wants to write Miu’s name in such a place where it can never be wiped out. Let’s see who wins this round.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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